Embroidering Windbreakers + Getting Designs Digitized on Etsy | SEWING REPORT

Embroidering Windbreakers + Getting Designs Digitized on Etsy | SEWING REPORT

hello welcome I’m Jen with the Sewing
Report this channel is all about sewing crafts and DIY projects and recently I
did an embroidery project that turned out pretty well but also had some
challenges yes I am referring to the elusive windbreaker because here in
Florida we don’t really have much of the mood for winter coats or parkas this is
a gift that I did for a friend of ours obviously his name is Marty so I wanted
to walk you through the steps I took to get this windbreaker all embroidered up
here now I have been getting quite a few questions about embroidery and
digitizing so I wanted to also take a few moments to answer some of those
questions first of all you need to have specifically digitizing software for
embroidery you can’t directly take like images from like Adobe Illustrator or a
picture and just import those directly into your embroidery machine you have to
use software that can there is software that you can take a picture and it’ll
turn it into an embroidery design but it has to really be specified for stitching
out that design and not just a picture that does require embroidery software
there are quite a few different types I’ve been using a very basic free
version because I don’t really do a lot of I don’t plan to do a lot of
digitizing myself so yes if you do want to get a logo done or a picture or some
sort of graphic design you do have to specifically have embroidery software
that has those capabilities or you can do what I’ve done which is to find
someone an Etsy that does digitizing I don’t really want to drop the money for
software at this point because I just don’t really plan on doing a lot of that
every once in a while I will need a logo or something else done and I’ve been
outsourcing that because overall it’s cheaper usually I’ve been finding Etsy
sellers that do it for between like 10 and 20 dollars per design which seems
very reasonable and I will link the person I did for this design below in
the description box I’ve used another shop as well but they’re currently not
taking those types of orders so that is one question that I wanted to answer
real quickly okay so let’s get to the windbreaker
I ordered this one for jiffy shirts calm this is a website I’ve
used quite a bit for blanks t-shirts hats jackets and I thought the quality
of this windbreaker was better than I expected it was about 15 dollars comes
in all different types of colors this windbreaker is not lined but I actually
found that to be more conducive to embroidery because I didn’t have to
worry about the lining getting like messed up or you know kind of misaligned
with the outer portion and the quality this is is pretty decent and I didn’t
really have to do a lot of marking because I used this back line on the
windbreaker to line up my hoop I used a 5 by 7 hoop before the back and then I
also did a left chest name I thought that would be kind of fun I just fused
the font that came with the brother PE 800 I just used one of the fonts there
for that and then I used my design I had the digitizer do several different sizes
now one important thing to note is that if you’re gonna do a new design or use a
new type of fabric that you haven’t really worked before do not skip doing a
test stitch believe me you’re gonna save yourself a lot of headache if you just
see how it turns out see how it stitches I didn’t use the same type of fabric
because I didn’t have like another ripstop nylon kind of situation here but
I just wanted to see how the design looked and it came out pretty well on
this knit fabric so I decided to go for it but I did learn a few lessons and I
wanted to share some of my problems and solutions with you so that if you’re
doing a windbreaker or if you’re embroidering some sort of nylon ripstop
fabric polyester that you don’t run into these as well first recommendation use a
microtex needle if you don’t you’re gonna regret it at first I started
stitching out the design with like a ballpoint needle just didn’t go very
well for every for the first few stitches the upper thread just kept you
know coming undone so I switched the needles and that solved the issue so
this was a 90 over 14 worked very well highly recommend these if you are going
to do any sort of fabric that is like a nylon ripstop nylon that’s sort of
fabric yes something like this another issue I ran into is the fabric is very
Slippery so at first I hoped it normally I used cutaway stabilizer and I hoped it
very tightly and when it started stitching out the design because it’s a
pretty it was pretty dense design the fabric started to pucker on certain
portions when it was satin stitching so I was starting to freak out and I was
like oh my gosh is this windbreaker going to be totally ruined it didn’t
look too messed up at the end so it’s definitely still a very usable item it
looks very nice when I moved on to the left chest portion I decided to try
something different I still use the cutaway stabilizer using
some temporary it’s spray adhesive and that seemed to work better there was a
little bit less puckering so I think if you’re worried about puckering
definitely tried this method instead because I think that definitely helped
because no matter how tightly you hoop the fabric it’s still going to keep
slipping through and you could cause yourself some issues if you have a very
dense or very large design like I was working with so those are just a few
things I encountered when I was embroidering this windbreaker it turned
out pretty well though and I’m really excited to get this another thing I want
to note is you really want to be careful when you’re cutting away your
stabilizers in the back you could inadvertently cut into or make a slit or
tear this fabric it is pretty delicate so I would recommend using applicators
if you have them if you don’t that’s okay too but just be very careful and
very mindful when you are cutting this out because the last thing you want to
do is accidentally cut some sort of rip or tear or slit into your newly
embroider jacket for a blank this was actually kind of expensive and I didn’t
have any backup so I couldn’t afford to mess this one up and luckily it turned
out okay in the end for thread choice I just used the standard white color that
came in my Embroidex starter kit and I usually stitch around 350 stitches per
minute I know it’s a little bit slow but I’m totally okay with that and I will
link all of the supplies I use down below in the description box
this is just what worked out for me and I’m really excited to maybe do some more
windbreakers in the future it was a pretty
easy and quick project I just ran into a few slight issues that I just wanted to
share with you but I hope you found this video helpful I also have a lot of other
embroidery videos here on this channel so thank you guys so much for watching
and I will see you guys next time I’m Jennifer with the sewing report

7 thoughts on “Embroidering Windbreakers + Getting Designs Digitized on Etsy | SEWING REPORT

  1. Hi, I have the brother 800 but my projects are coming wrong . The back looks better than the fron, do you have any idea why is this happening?

  2. You are SO brave to attempt a windbreaker! A friend of mine brought me some expensive tees to embroider for his company. I'm working up the nerve to do it, so you inspired me to get "moving"!😀

  3. Hi, I bought the PE design 10 software which cost me very little on eBay, then I needed Winrar to open it. It works perfectly well, probably doesn't have all of the bells and whistles that the latest software has, but I'm only a beginner and am learning, so I don't mind and it's a much cheaper way to get started! PE design 11 costs a lot more but it's basically the same software.

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