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  1. REALLY, REALLY COOL, Jennifer! What a TERRIFIC way to “stretch those dies” to create some very unique designs! I LOVE IT!! What a NEAT DISCOVERY, too, using water to emboss w/powders! WOWEE! Such fun! TFS n’ HAPPY STAMPIN’ n’ CREATIN’! HHHhhhhhhmmm! What will you come up with next??!!! ALWAYS love your videos n’ techniques! Have a happy, crafty day! :-))

  2. Very very cool techniques!! I would never have thought of embossing die cut impressions!!! Nor did I know about water and embossing powders!! Brilliant! Thanks for all your inspiration 😁

  3. Embossing with WATER? Thud…. that's me that hit the floor. Thank you so much for the coolio technique. I'm a splatter girl, so this just made my day!

  4. Hello! I love this technic! I am going to try it. I was thinking maybe having a small strip of purple tape under part of the die might help with moving it without messing with the ink.

  5. Pure genius! I had no idea you could sprinkle water & use embossing powder with it. Thank you Jennifer! Love all of your cards, particularly the green leaf & the Christmas card.

  6. I just love this technique and the beautiful cards! This may be a stupid question, but let’s say you’ve lost the crispness of your embossing powder after you’ve watercolored your image, like the green leaf, which I love, btw- is it possible to fit the die back in, and repeat the embossing process? I guess I’ll have to try it, right?! I absolutely love the “gold flicking” with water! It’s gorgeous! It really makes you look at all your dies in a different way, doesn’t it?! TFS! 🌺 Ali K.

  7. Thank you, Jennifer! Always nice to have more ways to use product we own. I'm going to try this with my big snowflake dies because I like the silver splatters too. I didn't know you could emboss with water. Great idea!

  8. I'm new to stamping. What's the difference in size between altenew's oval and mini cube color sets? Is it better to use the small cubes as an introduction to layering, or am I going to run out quickly and should just splurge for a few oval sets?

  9. Wonderful idea. Looking forward to trying this over the weekend, and thank you for all the tips! Very helpful 😀

  10. Love these cards.  Watching you cut that stamp and you doing this in the past helped me cut one of my stamps last week.  Thank you for this inspiration.

  11. Love these simple but elegant cards, with so much texture thanks to die impressions. I never would have thought about the water with EP, great tip, thanks!

  12. Again a stunning technique Jennifer. I love every card you made, great ideas. Awesome tip for controlled splatters. Thank you so much for this great tutorial, have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Thank you for reminding why I bought a die cut rubber pad. These are great examples of die cut impressions!. Thanks for these and all your beautiful ideas

  14. These are some GREAT ideas to stretch our supplies and use them in different ways. Thank you so much, I have learned to much from you Jennifer, thank you.

  15. I am anxious to try using water with embossing powders to get the splatters. I've use other media and wasn't happy with the outcome. Great technique for embossing with die cuts. Thank you Jennifer.

  16. Wow! I was just feeling guilty for having so many supplies and not using them. You have given me a clear conscience and lots of inspiration!!!!!!

  17. Thank you for sharing this technique Jennifer. Just prior to watching this I ordered a Christmas tree die. This may be the perfect way to make my Christmas cards. Thank you again for sharing! ❤️

  18. Control freak here too. I love the way you solved the splatter dilemma. I also love how easy it appears to be able to line up your card front with the stitched die you used on the card. I bet that could help with my control issues over having perfect alignment on the front pieces that use borders.

  19. Thank you, Jennifer. I get so much inspiration from seeing how you develop new ideas with products we may already have. I love this die embossed technique. It's so gorgeous. 🍁💛

  20. You never cease to amaze me how you keep coming up with new ideas and techniques Jennifer! Thanks so much for sharing.

  21. Love the technique of splattering water & then adding embossing powder and heat set!
    Your cards are simple but elegant! I really enjoy your video's & want to Thank you for
    all that you do! 🙂 🙂 Have a great weekend with your family!!

  22. This die embossing and inking technique gives so beautiful results! 😍😍😍 Also the water embossed splatters are awesome, i love that they give an organic look but at the same time you can totally decide which ones to keep! I will certainly use both these techniques! Thank you for sharing and for the great video!❤❤❤❤❤

  23. Beautiful job Jennifer , I always want to run to my craft room after watching your videos 🙋🏻‍♀️ !

  24. Wow Embossing with water! I love how your brain works. Thank Jennifer for all your wonderful lessons. I don't know if you have ever considered yourself a teacher but I consider you my teacher. Just know we appreciate all the work you do. I'm trying to start a channel and focussing the camera has been a task and let's not start with lighting. You have really perfected your craft and we are very fortunate to have you. Thanks <3

  25. These techniques are so easy and give such an elegant look to the cards! Thank you for giving us additional ways to use our products Jennifer!!!

  26. The impression goes through both pages … you fail to address this. I mean, is it intentional? Why? Why didn't you unfold the card?

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