Electro Wizard (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Electro Wizard (Clash Royale) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial. Today we will create the Electro Wizard from the mobile game Clash Royale. Before someone is wondering why I didn’t create the Legendary Arena, which won the last poll let me explain. I got many many, many, many… many requests to create the Electro Wizard. I don’t know why this character is so popular right now, but I decided to create this character next. And for all of you who voted for the legendary arena it will be the next tutorial from the Clash Royale serial on my channel. OK! This creation before we jump in I want to tell you it was the most complicated, the most complex creation I have ever done! It took me about I think four and a half hours to create and this is pretty long, so yeah. This is just some background information. Currently, I’m creating the teeth and these are pretty important for the Electro Wizard because I think when he is throwing the electricity at some enemies he’s getting some kind of shock as well and this is why he is showing his teeth as if he wants to say something like that. OK! These will be the eyes. I put in just some dark clay so that you have this kind of an outline. You should try that. It was the first time I tried that and I really like this kind of effect. As you know and I have said that before the eyes are the most important part of the figure. so just spend some extra time on these. Now we are attaching some pink to some… what’s that colour? I would say light red. This will be the nose. You can also go just with the pink nose. I wanted to get this… yeah as near as possible to the card in the game itself. Well, I don’t have Electro Wizard till now, maybe I will get one. When I reach the next arena, right now I’m in Arena 6. Yeah, I just have I think 1940 points, something like that. This is the mustache. I did some details. The lines on this, so this was pretty difficult Take your time to create this Electro Wizard. The eyebrows as well. And we will place them, right above the eyes. The right eyebrow is a bit higher than the other one and it’s also a different shape. Ok now we can work on the hair. I decided to go with this technique but you can also just cut out the hair and the shape of the hair out of a thin layer of black clay this should also work. For me it was very important to get this effect you have maybe tried that when you’re rubbing a balloon on your hair and then they are this… Yeah, they look very electric… electro… You know what I mean. OK, the hair is finished These are not that difficult to create and these will be the ears. We won’t attach them. Right now I will be hardening them. We will put them into the oven for hardening and we will glue them right to the head. Yeah, when we do the finish work. This is the torso for our Electro Wizard It’s just dark blue clay. Pretty simple I guess. And we can work on the details. Okay, I have already mentioned the next tutorial I will publish on this channel and from Clash Royale it will be the Legendary Arena. But let’s have a poll which card from the mobile game Clash Royale should be next and I think after this complicated creation I deserve a pretty simple card, please! So yeah, please participate in the poll. This is a thin layer of blue clay and let’s try to get this kind of texture onto it. So I’m just using this piece of an old swimming shorts of mine. It works great, but it’s disappearing a bit while modeling and while touching it many times. So this was just a try. This is the yellow outline for the Wizard’s coat. This is not that difficult. I think the most difficult part was the head of this creation. Now let’s use some scissors for… …cutting the rope. The coat like you want it to be. And next will be the belt. This is just a mixture of brown. It’s from another tutorial I think. So this is why you don’t see how I mix these colours. And now the belt buckle. It’s made out of gold clay. But you can also just go with orange or yellow. Place it right on the belt and it looks nice, I think. OK, we need tiny pieces of wire and we will coat it into a dark blue clay. And of course these will be the legs. This is the part of the shoe, the right shoe. Just put it together. It’s not that difficult. And the other leg. We are bending the wire just a little bit to create this running effect of this creation of this figure. And the left shoe. Okay, now we can stick both of these legs into the torso. Drilling two holes just place it inside and well, what is next? We need some more wire and this is a very thin wire I’m using for the electronic beam for the attack Just twist it and yeah. It’s pretty simple. We will make that again for the other hand as well. I’m often asked about my tools I’m using especially when modeling Just check out this tutorial I will link right now. And you can also have a look into the description. I made a video of the best top 10 tools for modeling with clay. So just check that out if you need some help and want to buy for example some tools for modeling. Just checking the scale and we will coat it… into this… skin coloured clay. And this was pretty tricky as well, not this bad. This, the hands. So try to keep it simple. Nobody will have a look at the hands. But well just for you and I’ll make a nice hand expression. It looks like, what’s this sign called rockers and metal lovers are using? Well Electro Wizard does that. The white hand as well and the thumb. Ok now just some blue clay, a thin layer for the bracelet on both sides or maybe it’s just a sweatband. That the sweat isn’t so annoying when throwing the electronic beam at enemies. And now while I was looking forward to stick these arms into the torso because it somehow felt like finishing the creation. This will be the double chin from all the center shock he’s eating. Ok, just some cutting of the hair. And now we are ready to come to go into the oven! Freshly baked Electro Wizard! And working on the electronic beam. If it doesn’t feel right to call it electronic beam well you are very welcome to correct me in the comments. Okay, other thing it looks nice. Just some paint. I’m using acrylic paint for this. The first layer will be just white. Make sure to paint every spot that you don’t miss an area. And now we will add just a tiny bit of blue to get this electric look. Okay. Some more painting. We will remove his bald head. Just paint it black. We can also use clay for that and now the ears! Well my creation lost two pieces of the hair parts in the oven so we will glue them as well after gluing the ears to the head. Just behind the ears. This is just super glue if you’re asking. And now we will use some wool! I’m mixing white and blue and well, I felt like I need some wool for this electric… …electricity effect. I think it looks nice. Okay, just some transparent polish for the eyes and for the mouth as well. Now you made a mess while eating the transparent polish and I guess that’s it! Well, I don’t know what is the best counter card against the Electro Wizard but we can try with Inferno Dragon. Check out the tutorial if you haven’t. I have just destroyed Inferno Dragon actually only the stand. Okay and now in your face Electro Wizard! Guys thanks for watching. Hope to see you next time. Bye!

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  1. My cousin had a d and d themed bBy shower Nd i swear a cosplayer showed up wearing an outfit identical to this character

  2. 4 1/2 hours …. hahaha ….. wait until you see your future !!!

    You wished it was only 4 1/2 hours.

  3. electro wizard counters electrodragon, nuf said
    and on another note, you call it either electricity or zap

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