El Artista Que Dibuja Sobre La Arena De La Playa La Concha, Donostia – San Sebastian | eliuthuete

El Artista Que Dibuja Sobre La Arena De La Playa La Concha, Donostia – San Sebastian | eliuthuete

Today we are making a video with an artist who would take San Sebastian beach sand to show his drawing skills Wow, what a good day!
See how good the beach looks today I don’t know how he does it, but he has to calculate the time when the tide goes down, so he can start drawing The tide is already going down, we can’t waste no time because according to what Calat33 told me: You must start drawing as the tide begins to fall. We have finally arrive! Now I have to look for Calat33
He said he Will be around. Where someone is selling french fries or something like that
That he is in the first lamp post. I guess it’s here. What’s up my brother?
How are you? Very well Meet my friend How you doing?
– Fine and you? Waiting for a while to show you where we will be drawing So you can see the space where you will be recording Lets get a little closer, Although I’m seeing some algae that we have to remove Well, let’s prepare the ground. Opps, I lost my shoe in the sand.
My shoe was completely buried in the sand. We have to clean this area, I can’t draw here because the traces will ruin the drawing On the other hand, in this area I can draw because there are not that many traces. He explains that where is very spongy, like this one, it does not help him to make the drawing Here is less mark than over there We have to do a cleaning now,
The place of the scene Be careful
There are some poisonous algae and they can prick you. Calat says that we must be aware because sometimes in the mosses Poisonous insects appear, and we could die. Calat33 could you show us the tools we will be using to make the drawing? Of course, with this one I do the delineation. With this one I make the base. This is like the pencil. Yes, this is like the pencil, with this I do the drawing. Then I use a rake, in which I make the final marks Let me see it. With this rake I make shadows. Is this rake use to give it the final effect, the 3D effect? I use this for when I have to make circles. You use it as a compass. We already cleaned the area, now I just have to climb up and record the drawing that Calat33 will show us. I do not like this of walking on the sand.
Ufff I finally came out! I have to wait here, about one hour and 30 minutes, until the drawing is ready. There is Calat33 doing the drawing.
And here I have the camera. Honestly, I’m impressed.
Calat33 you are a true artist. Personally, I’m glad to know that there are people that, while you’re there in your bed complaining: Others are fighting for the lives! Now he is giving the final touches. Well Calat33, it was a pleasure.
– It was a pleasure for me.

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  1. Deberías subir vídeos un poco de vídeos más seguidos para que ganes un poco más de seguidores.

    Pdt: espero que pronto llegues a los 2000 subs 😉😉

  2. Buen video bro yo también soy de NIC ayúdame con mi canal y yo te ayudo con el tuyo mi canal sale GEOMAAC

  3. Vamos hermano Nicaragua tiene q salir a relucir 😎un saludo y un abrazo desde Nicaragua chinandega hermano💪

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