Easy Way to Make Paper Wall Hanging #DIY – How to Make Felt Flowers Wall Decor With Paper

Easy Way to Make Paper Wall Hanging #DIY – How to Make Felt Flowers Wall Decor With Paper

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the S Nuraeni Channel. In this video, I will show, How to make felt flowers wall decor with unused paper. Paper wall hanging / paper wall decor. Stay tuned… And click the SUBSCRIBE button below, then activate the notification bell. Ok, let’s get started… Prepare pieces of felt fabric with this size. This is to make felt succulent plants. Cut the corners to form a circle. Fold in half. Then cut it. And divide into 6 parts. Cut each corner. With a slightly pointed tip. Like this. Then pull the edges. Give glue on it. Stick the 3 petals first. Then stick the remaining 3 petals. Cut all the parts into a circles. And cut the corner in the same way as before. Then pull each petals. Divide all parts into 6. Like this. Next, make each petal curved. Watch this. Stick the hot end of the glue gun to the petal. Then press the petal slightly. Like this. And do the same thing to all the petals. These 3 petals with other sizes. Shaped like this petal. Give glue evenly at the bottom of the petal. Then stick the 3 petals first. And stick the remaining 3 petals. Stick the other petal, between the petals before. Then wrap with floral tape. This left succulent, the steps are the same as the right. The difference is only colored on the edges. Check the description to check out this felt succulent tutorial. Here I use unused f4 paper. Roll the paper from the corner. You can just roll it, or you can also use a wire to make it easier to rolled. Like this. Cut the roll of paper in several sizes. Arrange paper rolls starting from this size Give glue on the end. And stick it with the smallest piece at the end. Give glue on it. And stick it. Stick one by one. Until the smallest pieces run out. So it’s like this. This is the rest of the paper roll. Measure about 2 cm. Then cut it. And make 2 pcs. Give glue evenly. Then stick on 4 rolls of paper. So like this. Next, give glue on both ends and the bottom. And stick it. This is the longest size. Arrange and straighten. Then measure the remaining pieces of paper roll. Approximately 12 cm. Then cut it. And cut again 1 pcs of the same size. Next, give glue evenly. And stick it on 19 rolls of paper. Count from the side to mark the center. Then measure 7 cm. And mark it. Next, make a line connecting the mark with the middle part. Mark and draw a line also on the left. Like this. Then cut right on the line. And use the cutter first to make it easy. Cut before cutting with scissor. This is the last size. Measure the remaining pieces of paper roll. About 2 cm. And cut 4 pcs. Give glue and stick it. So it’s like this. Then give glue on the upper sloping side. And stick a roll of paper measuring 13,5 cm. And stick the last roll. Here I use white pylox to color this. This is what I colored with pylox. Give glue evenly on this part. And stick it with part of the house. Like this. This is floral foam that i have cut. Approximately smaller than this box. Give glue evenly underneath. Then put it in the box. Now, arrange one by one the felt succulents. And plug it into the floral foam. This felt succulent the steps are the same as this one. I just made it smaller with a pointed tip. This is hemp rope. Cut it. And make a knot at the end. Give glue. And stick it on the back. Done. Thank you for watching. See you in another tutorial… Don’t forget to like, comment, share, and SUBSCRIBE~

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