Easy Upcycled Wall Art Ideas

Easy Upcycled Wall Art Ideas

Hi guys, my name is Kelsey. Hi, my name is Becky and we are the sorry girls And today we have some wall art for you guys as the seasons are changing people like to switch out their wall decor So we have I think five Really cool and easy wall art pieces that you can try out and you always just need wall art and cheap wall art ideas You guys actually requested this that’s why we decided to do this video plus if you’re an early planner these can also be really good holiday gifts you want to start now and we’d like to announce that this week’s video is sponsored by ourselves we have patches and you can buy them at the link below people actually ask that they’re like where your patches from and I Was like they’re for sale by us. For you. We just like to give different things a shout out So that’s what we’re shouting out today . Go check them out if you didn’t know about them already. Okay, let’s get into the wall art So first up, we’re gonna show you how to make this gorgeous fringe mirror We’re starting with taking this thrifted mirror out of the frame. It came in We think the clean edge of a plain mirror looks best for this DIY next We picked up some white fringe from the fabric store with a mirror side facing down lay out the fringe across the mirror and cut to pieces to the length of the mirror We’re using two pieces to double up on the thickness of the fringe repeat this process again But this time make sure your two pieces are a few inches smaller than the first two, repeat this once again Making sure your last two pieces are even smaller than the ones before our fringe is pretty long So we’re laying our first piece on the back a few inches up from the bottom and gluing it in place with a hot glue Gun add the second piece of the same length directly on top of the one below it For the next row down We’re gonna be starting by gluing the two pieces together at the top Lay it on top of the first row and figure out how long you want this one to hang pull a few of the strings from the back layer of the fringe only and lay them on top of the mirror. The more strands you do the more even your fringe will hang glue these strands to the back of the mirror to hold the second row of Fringe in place and as I’m sure you guys can Guess repeat this whole process for the third and final layer of fringe as well So once your glue is completely dried, you can flip them your over and check out your brand-new fringing mirror. It’s so cute But one thing I will note is since we took the frame off of the mirror You’re gonna need these little mirror clips you can get from the hardware store, but I will link them below for you They’re really easy to use you put them on the wall. And then your mirror just slips in and hangs out So this is a really easy way to turn a photograph or something else that already exists into An art that’s customized by you a lot of the time there’s weird art at the thrift store I always want to know what I could make out of it So we’re gonna upcycle this art by adding a quote to it start by removing your thrifted art from the frame that it came in Take a piece of tracing paper or parchment paper over the area you want to protect from paint trace around the shape and then cut it out Then use more tape to tape that shape in place Make sure you use a gentle tape like painters tape if your art is a little bit more delicate Next use a thin paintbrush and some white acrylic paint to add on your quote Don’t worry If you paint over the parchment paper because this adds the effect that our quote looks like it’s in the background of this photo Once the paint is dry. You can remove the parchment paper and your upcycled art is done I feel like there’s so many fun versions of this you could do you’d also get like funny with it and do a silly quote over like a Funny image or like a really serious image and a funny quote So you guys know that we’ve done a lot of these yarn inspired wall tapestries in the past But we’re gonna show you an even different take on that method We’re using a metal floral ring as the base for this yarn wall art Start by taking some yarn and measure out double the length of the ring at its widest spot plus a little bit extra heads up You will need to cut a lot of these because we are aiming to cover the complete 1/2 semicircle of this ring. Mm-hmm. So uh Get cuttin all these yarn piece in half and loop it onto the ring by pulling the ends through the folded center of the yarn Around the ring repeat this over and over until half of the ring is covered It really helps to hold the ring up as you’re doing this periodically to see how it’s hanging The goal here is to have none of the metal ring showing So you want to go all the way to the side so that it hangs over the ring And we don’t see it Once you fill up one whole half of the ring with yarn add a few drops of superglue to the very outer pieces of yarn To hold them in place on the ring This will stop them from sliding down to the bottom now on to the fun part giving the yarn a haircut It reminds me of like Barbie Barbies who cut their Barbie’s hair when they were a kid actually my mom wouldn’t let me she’s like you’ll regret it She was right place all the yarn on the underside of the ring so we have something to trace and then use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the bottoms along the curved edge if you really Like your yarn you could stop here But we are gonna add some fun color to this next since we don’t want the yarn to become too stiff with regular paint We’re diluting some acrylic paint with a tiny bit of water to make it closer to a die with a plastic sheet under your yarn Brush the paint on in a straight line halfway down for the first row. We’re using a rust Brown and for the next row We’re using a copper paint because these blend nicely together and will create a fun ombre effect for the final row We used a peachy blush paint. Once it was dried. We noticed the color was a bit faded So we did a second coat of all three colors to brighten it up I love any sort of wall art that lets you customize Colors because then you can make it match your space like which would be perfectly So for another thrift upcycle art this time, we’re kind doing the opposite effect we’re going to be focusing on a part of the art and Metallicifying it Again, remove your art from any glass frame that it may have come in next decide which part of the art you would like to Metallicify Do this we’re going to be using liquid gold leaf, which we’ll link below since it gives the most reflective finish I’m covering up the antlers on the right dear. I’m covering up the entire deer in the center Once the gold leaf is completely dry. You can add a second goat (raah) Once the gold leaf is completely dry You can add a second coat to make the gold more opaque as a final step We cut down the print to clean up any ripped edges and boom Weird deer art turns interesting more interesting weird deer art, hahaha I feel like doing any sort of like custom touched art like this like doing a gold or like even like a random neon color Yeah, just makes people think like this is some expensive art instead of like this is something I found in my grandma’s house Okay, speaking of art that you can entirely customize to fit your space perfectly this last one is great for that I don’t know what to call it as going with like organic line art Blutch, no, don’t say that word on this channel start by coating a plain canvas You can get from the craft store in one color use a wide flat paint brush for this Don’t worry, if the paint looks a bit brush stroke E, or you can see some of the white through that’s the organic Look we’re going for let this layer dry completely and then move on to your second color Paint large blocks and lines wherever you want again. Let this layer dry completely before moving on We don’t want the colors blending together next paint on a third layer with a new color But this time make your shapes slightly smaller. Let this dry into a final layer We’re using a metallic gold and doing even smaller lines to finish it off Let the whole thing dry and your painting is complete cute adorable love Bring your whole apartment together if you have one of those apartments where you just kind of like bought a bunch of things at random times and you’re like Oh, no, this doesn’t go together just be like, oh couch is pink My wall is green and just like start putting those colors on this canvas and boom your whole apartment looks good now Thank you guys so much for watching this video if you guys like those ideas and I love them. They’re all really fun really easy to do and Affordable if you liked this video, make sure you give it a like if you loved it Make sure you give us a sub leave us a comment below cuz this video was inspired by requests below. So leave more requests So my do them in the future, we’re watching your comment looking at you. Alright, thanks for watching. Bye

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