Easy Rangoli : How to Make Diwali Special Peacock Rangoli Design Step by Step…

Easy Rangoli : How to Make Diwali Special Peacock Rangoli Design Step by Step…

Welcome to Studio StylEnrich How to Make Beautiful Peacock Rangoli for Any Occassion Rangoli Colors You Need… Persian Blue, Cobalt Blue, Dark Green, Viridian Green, Parakeet Green, Yellow, Pink, Red, White Draw the outline of a peacock on the floor using a pencil as shown. Now start with the white rangoli color as shown. Use a tea strainer to spread the rangoli. Take a brush and give the shape of a peacock on the white color. Also, mark the borders on four sides as shown. To start with, use Persian Blue color rangoli as a border on the head and body of the peacock. Sprinkle the color on the head and body portion as shown. Now mix the Persian Blue and Cobalt Blue color to get a new shade as shown. Sprinkle this color mix again on the head and body of the peacock pattern. Now use the Cobalt Blue color rangoli and draw patterns on the peacock body as shown. Sprinkle some shades of Persian blue and white color rangoli as well to highlight the design. Now using the Persian blue color draw the feather design for the peacock. Fill in the colors as shown. We are using different rangoli colors here to highlight the feather of the peacock. Now, draw the eyes of the peacock using white color as shown. Also, draw the hood of the peacock using different colors. Use red color rangoli to make the beak of the peacock. Highlight it with white color. Again highlight the feather of the peacock using different colors. Now, for the final touch up use white colors on the body of the peacock as shown. Now draw the borders around the peacock pattern as shown. Different colors are being used here. Use your fingers to spread the rangoli colors at the border to give it a different look. Draw the design as shown at one edge of the Rangoli. Wow!! What a beautiful Peacock Rangoli You can make this Rangoli on Diwali and light diyas around it. Try this Rangoli and do share your valuable experiences and feedback with us.

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  1. truely amazing. ..so beautifully done n so flawless…I must say u r very talented. ..God bless U…keep doing such work…

  2. Sooo beautiful… I dont understand how people can dislike this video…. Keep up the great work… U r very talented.

  3. sri matree namah……wow nice…peacock..even at out side we can't see such clearly…u showed us….very nice…..sree matree namah….

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  6. veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy beautiful

  7. Thank u so much for this wonderful video. I tried this on Diwali. And I hope I did it well. I shared it in fb n got more than 750 likes. You can c my post in fevicryl hobby ideas in fb in my name. Thanks again

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