Easy Rainbow Backgrounds with Acrylic Paint with Gina K Designs & Vicki Boutin

Easy Rainbow Backgrounds with Acrylic Paint with Gina K Designs & Vicki Boutin

hi everyone welcome to hedgehog hollow
now today I am with the Academy of scrapbooking and arts and I have a fun
tutorial now this month’s theme is rainbows so I’ve taken that to mean
rainbow colors because that’s what I’m kind of feeling and today and I recently
saw a video by Vicky butin and I could decide that I’m gonna adapt her
technique from a scrapbook page into a card background so that’s why I’m
inspired to do today there’s a little bit of an experiment but I thought we
could experiment together and I’m using a new genic a set which is called
wonderful world and you may have recently seen my Gina cayhall from her
new release you can check that top right hand corner if you want to see the
amazing things that I purchased from her new release she’s also sharing some
exclusive savings with Hedgehog holla viewers and you can check those out in
the video description below so what are we going to create we’re gonna be using
the new Vicky’s booting colors here so this is her acrylic paints and it’s
called Prime I think color pop color pop so it’s
really fun colors we’ve got a bright pink a light paint a lime and kind of a
teal now I think it was called color nugget was the video that I saw if I can
find a link I’ll pop it in the blog post for you because it was always a blog
post that goes with the Academy videos that’s what the words I’m trying to get
to also trying to open the packaging because these are new to me again is
something I purchase because I saw her video and I was inspired to have a go at
this they carry these really cute little pops – I mean so cute so they also have
some really fun names packaging they’re called sugared strawberry coral macaroon
juicy hair and a blue Hawaiian now I just said squeeze it a little bit of
paint out it looks like they’ve got some tops on them so it’s gonna peel those
off now and this a little bit of paint was what she said so I’m gonna use the
bits off the tops here and I’m gonna take my tweezers
and just put my tops onto my pallet area okay this is going badly but we’re going
to do is I’m just going to use that paint to start with because her rule was
you can always add more but you can’t take away and she created this really
fun kind of paint dragging technique on a scrapbook page it was on the scrapbook
dot-com channel so if I can I’ll link that in that top right hand corner for
you she may see that pop in and you can go watch her technique but it was for a
full scrapbook page now I don’t really make scrapbook pages so I thought well I
wonder if I can adapt this to a card background so that’s what we’re gonna do
I’m using my new VOC paint brushes here so that’s what I have and I’m using the
wide ones and I’m going to start with wealth bright pink viously because
that’s my kind of color now it’s a dry brush technique and I’m just gonna take
a little bit of paint now she dragged her paint downwards I think I’m gonna go
across just because of how I’m envisioning this card but you can see
here it’s kind of starting to look like hers already so she just kind of dragged
a bit of paint across and then she went with another color and I’m gonna go from
wide to thin as I go down and I want to end on light pink because of where I
want to stamp over it with black ink so I’m gonna do this one’s slightly
narrower with that kind of turquoise a teal color so every day I just want to
create my own background here I’m gonna go narrow still with the lime just a
little bit of paint that seems to be the key because what I really want to do is
drag and I’m working on that Nouveau watercolor paper and I’m just trying to
pick out the texture because that Nouveau watercolor paper has a really
beautiful texture to it and so I’m loving this rainbow of color now the one thing she did say was it was
important to have a dry brush so what I decided to do was just take a different
brush each time rather than wash them and have to
you could of course do that and I think that’s what she was doing on scrap Brook
Park she was washing and drying her brush each time and I am taking just a
tiny bit of paint and adding more just like this and a little bit more lime just in here there isn’t that fun like a
real kind of color pop in there I think I’m gonna go now just back the other way
just to even up because I don’t want it to have harsh edges so again just tiny
bits of paint lime and actually this bit on the lid has been perfect so I think
these paints are gonna last me forever but I love the colors oh coolest we’ll
call it a modern rainbow and then bright pink I’m kind of going from the middle out this is a way to take your own
background papers and you may well have some acrylic paints at home if you don’t
this was a very inexpensive collection but really pretty and Vicky has tons of
ideas of how to use them and I’m working on my glass mat so it to be nice and
easy to clear up so one thing you know about money is I’m
not good at just kind of leaving roughness yeah I’m just gonna leave it
like that but I think that’s a really nice background there so it’s just use
fun paint stripes and I put my brushes to the side I’m just gonna put them
inside of the box to wash in a second I have pop this just over that it’s gonna
dry really quickly because it’s really not much paint on that and I’ve already
pre stamped out my world from my stamp set so pre-stamped this here and my
flower and they start that with my gene okay amalgam ink which is a hybrid
formula from Gina Kane is great because I can use pencils I can use copics I can
use watercolors and I can mix and match nothing’s gonna react now I did put
quite a lot of anything so I’m just going to quickly add a little heat set
because I literally did it before we went to do this video and I’m going to
add some color into this too first
my best and I really went into this and you I
want you to do that background other than that I had absolutely no idea what
I was going to do for this card now I don’t want to paint it with the acrylics
then the acrylics are a little bit too opaque I want something fairly
translucent and I also don’t want anything that’s going to take away from
this design what something quite subtle and pale so what I’m gonna do I think is
I’m gonna spritz this again this is stamped on the Nouveau watercolor paper
so I’m just gonna spritz this with water and you can see that amalgam is not
gonna run it’s not gonna do anything and I’m going to grab my ultra new liquid
watercolors these are the watercolor brush markers and I’m going to take
something that’s gonna complement these nicely I’m just gonna grab my handful
here I think what colors have we got here ruby red so I want something that’s
kind of complementary I don’t think there’s a teal in here from memory Lagoon possibly the other great thing
about using my glass matte because I can test my colors out on my palette area so
I can just pop a little bit of color down that’s very blue that’s nice and
pink and this one’s perfectly purple so those colors I should have really
quickly together and what I’m gonna do is because this is nice and where she’s
a little bit dry I want it to be nice and wet because I want it to be really
subtle I’m just gonna pop some color down just get sand dabs because I want
this to be a very kind of like watercolor wash effect so again all your links will be in the
video description for you as well any gene okay offers that we’ve got running
there’s an offer running a tonic on their suppliers who you can indulge in
their store and some great offers and then I’m going to spritz on top because
that’s going to mix those colors together and these are real
complementary colors too so they’re going to mix together beautifully and
it’s just going to kind of add everything together if you get too much
of any one color water kitchen towel now I’m just gonna take my Ranger heat it
tall and I’m gonna heat this it’s trying to take me a little bit longer so I’m
going to speed that process up for you what it’s it’s gonna give me is a really
pretty kind of pastel wash in the background so I’ve dried it off and you
can see her came out really pretty now when I first tried it it was a lot
darker I’m gonna show you the reverse this is how bright it came out and I
didn’t want it this bright against that rainbow background I just think it would
clash so what I did was spritz with some water
mop up some of the color with kitchen towel and I ended up with this much more
pastel color and a much happy with it looks much better against background if
you want something brighter then you can add more color less water you can really
play around with the effect that you want to get but this is the kind of card
that I’m going for so I’m going to take my acrylic background my ablis globe
base and then we’re going to pop our flowers on the top hand and pop them up
against some foam now some of you asked me what do I do with my paper curls like
this there’s a couple of things you can do first thing I would do is I would
heat the reverse size sometimes that’s going to even it out sometimes you can
just kind of uncurl it with your fingers this one’s going to be fine because when
I apply foam and adhesive it’s going to strain it out if it’s super curly
other thing you can do is just pop it through your die cutting machine no dyes
just run it through with your regular plate and that will smooth it out you’ll
find that’s fine but quite often if you’ve got a good adhesive you’re going
to find that that works absolutely fine for you so that’s kind of the direction
that we are heading towards so I’m going to assemble this and a little bit more
I’m just going to kind of lay things out a little bit I’m also going to decide
what sentiment I want to go with I think I’m gonna go with a World of Tanks boys
in need of thank-you cards send lots of those out let’s just decide
how we want to do our sentiment we can decide how flowers are gonna go on this
is really how I design a card I’m hello okay I’m gonna use this technique I’m
going to use this sentiment I think I’m probably gonna end up putting it through
the middle so I’m going to stamp it on a separate piece of cardstock so I have my
Misti have a piece of my craft perfect this is the ultra smooth white don’t be
shy in here it’s just my regular Misti gonna do this I think I need to add some
bling I’m feeling it needs some gold Greg can I have my clear mark pad my
Pouncy thing and my gold embossing powder at that top second draw down
thank you dear she’s perfect because now he stamps he
knows exactly what I’m looking for my tonic clear mark pad that you put away
just now that’s it thank you and yep the thing that you’ve
got in your whiskey if you want to know what that is you can again check the top
right hand corner and the tonic gold in the little Tupperware pot one of them
says over to the right and the Tupperware pots but yeah yeah one of
them says God or copper whichever one you come to that sounds
good it would help if I didn’t leave my stuff
with black ink so we’re just gonna eat this with our new markup at this just
dump it out if there’s a little bit of black in it it doesn’t matter because
we’ve got the blue ink in there and then the nouveau fine embossing powder see
I’ve been chilly because I have an extra spoon in here and she was in my little
spoon bag the other day so this is kind of how my card making process evolves it’s what I’m working with embossing
powders I liked sentiments rather I like to use a fine embossing powder if you
want to know difference between like a fine and ultra thick and regular
embossing powder we did a tonic life on it again you can find that link in the
top right hand corner but the difference between those embossing powders are in
that same video we talked about some different ways to use the same powder
there’s some really fun tips in that I think if it’s a really useful video and
there too so I’m just trimming this down to finish kind of size I don’t want it
to overpower the rest of money sure how wide they want it yet so I’m going to
just leave it like that now we’re going to start a d-ring our card together I
know that my glass pan out the way just because it’s covered in a chrome paint
kind of the advantage of having a bit work surface behind me so I’ve got my
card base pre-cut and I have my school buddy here ready to go now if I have any
of those top right-hand corner options left I’ll link up all about school buddy
because lots of you ask me why I chose the school bunny and again I do the
video why I chose the school buddy see you you can check that out in the top
right hand corner to it and then smooth out here my Teflon bone folder I have a
piece of the tonic black velvet CM which I’ve cut down to four inches by five and
a quarter I’m going to add a nice textured piece
that we made that beautiful rainbow background using their credit paint I’m
going to keep my hmm I think Greg like pink at the top or
bottom pink at the top at the top if you’re not going to stamp on it now you’re gonna stick that down so that’s
our card base and I always mat with my card base open now I’m going to mount
this up with some foam squares and I’m using these genic payphone squares because I come with this little handy
dandy dispenser need to set my dispenser up here just open this up you just pull
this little tab at the end here and then it comes out here your end and then you
have a little dispenser and they just pop out you see that right just kind of
like pop out so they’re just ready to go which i think it’s really neat like this
and if I use my Tim Holtz scissors these are nonstick scissors so I can cut foam
and things nothing’s gonna stick to them which I
just think is awesome they do stick to me of course because I’m not nonstick I
wish I could come with a Teflon coating sometimes and I’m just gonna cut
a couple up and I do like the reason I goes for these kind of smaller squares
sometimes is because when you have like a thin area like this it’s sometimes
easier to cut up a small square than a piece of tape into these really thin
pieces because I can just cut off a sliver you can see not sticking to the
scissors they’re just sticking to me and they are super sticky too and then I
just use my favorite tweezers again I’ll link these tweezers up it’s called a
Swiss tweezer and these ones I love in particular because of that kind of oil
stain look to them and they’re really pretty girly and practical I mean that’s
the dream pretty impractical oh they’re sticky sticking to everything see I know where my nails get in the way
they are too long and I need you there we go so you’ll stick this in the center
just like so and then I’m going to stick this piece on I just want to make sure I
have my orientation exactly how I want it first and you can replace it there is
a globe in there too so you have that option with your stamp as well and this
is great because I can kind of pull the tag and have a couple pop out and I’m
ready to go all things done so I love the point on these Swiss tweezers but if
you would like some pretty and practical tweezers to make sure they’re linked up
for you so all the links you always find in our video description are always in
the same order as I go through the tools in the video so they’re easy to find and
now we’re going to add our world of thanks and I’m going to just choose my
length I think I’m gonna you trim a little bit off of this again you just pull a few pop out and
you’re ready to stick them home and foam is great it just adds a little bit of
dimension there’s not too much bulk form a laying on any of those things and
you’ve got that little bit of sheet there if you need to ask to Kenny back
on if you’ve got too many too so he’s going to take this so that is my rainbow
card and I use absolutely adore that background I mean as I said in my junik
a haul video this was one of those stamp set I just needed to have it was my kind
of you know when you look at a collection and you find some that you
need this was that needs done and I’m so pleased how this card came out it really
was how I imagined and I hope you enjoyed following along on the process
too I mean you could make so many different backgrounds using this
technique and so many different options with this stamp set too so don’t forget
to check out all of those exclusive coupons in the video description
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again very soon happy stamping everyone bye you

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  1. I love how simple the background was, I'm not an artistic person in any way but even i could do swipes. Thank you for giving me the confidence to try it.

  2. Lovely Card, Alexandra!!! I ordered Wednesday late night on Gina’s website, I got the same globe stamp & the largest MISTI along w/the Mega Wreath Builder’s, I can’t wait to receive them!!! Take care!!! HUGS TO YOU BOTH!!!

  3. QUESTION: I'M NOT SEEING THE iCARDS I USED TO SEE WHEN VIEWING YOUR VIDEOS! IS IT A SETTING ON MY END? (Excuse the all-caps, but I'm pretty sure that's how to leave a question?) Thank you!

  4. I have an issue with my glue dot sheets no matter how hard i try those glue drops don't come out from the transparent sheet it comes stuck to

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