Easy Pour Painting 🎨  UNDER $5 🎨 Craft Acrylic Paint and Water ONLY

Easy Pour Painting 🎨 UNDER $5 🎨 Craft Acrylic Paint and Water ONLY

welcome back Dreamers its Tina here and
today I’m gonna do a special requests tutorial on how I do my acrylic pour
paintings the materials that I use for this project are a little
non-conventional so first I use a large foil pan a smaller foil pan this one I
actually baked brownies in so I’m not gonna use the bottom part just the top
plastic piece the plastic cover will be used inside the larger foil pan I also
use water but I use a small measuring cup to help me distribute it so here’s
where I truly show that I’m a crafty mom these are fruit cups and applesauce cups
my kids eat them all the time as a snack I saved them to use for projects like
this and finally a variety of the inexpensive acrylic paint you can get
from any craft store alright let’s get started first I’m gonna take that
plastic cover from the smaller foil pan and place it in the large foil pan this
is gonna serve as the stand for my canvas see here’s my canvas
see now the canvas is elevated I’m using various shades of blue for my
ocean-themed painting I’m going to use one of my applesauce cups and add a
little bit of the paint to the bottom of it now that I have added a small amount
of paint to the bottom of the cup I’m going to thin it out just a little bit
with some regular water I’m using a paintbrush to mix it up you
want to stir it up pretty well and you want to make sure that it’s not too thin
and not too thick if it’s too thin just add some more paint to it and if it’s
too thick then add some more water this might take a few times of going
back and forth between if it’s too thick or too thin before you get it just right
you want it to be slightly runny but not too watery it’s got to be the right
consistency so that it’ll spread when you pour it since I use my paintbrush to
mix my first shade of blue I’m going to use that leftover paint on my brush and
just brush it along the sides of the canvas this step is optional I just like
to add it so that there’s less blank space on the sides when the paint is
poured and dripping off now I’ve mixed up all my colors and I’m
just about ready to paint I’m going for an ocean-themed painting so I’m using a
variety of shades of blue and brown and gold in order to kind of give it that
ocean feel to start my painting I’m going to add some white paint to the top
of the canvas this just allows the paint to flow more easily on the canvas when I
start to pour it after a lot of prep I am finally ready to paint I’m using my
first shade of blue to make little wave like lines across the canvas I’m going
to repeat this process until the paint really starts to flow and drip off the
sides so there are many ways to do a pour painting one way that you can do it
is with one cup and to layer the paint in that one cup I prefer to use multiple
cups with multiple colors it just allows me to have a little bit more control as
to where the paint actually goes don’t get me wrong I do love the 1 cup pour
paintings but I do like doing it this way because it allows me to have a
little bit more control especially when I have a theme like this one in mind if the paint seems to be pooling up on
top of the canvas use the larger foil pan and gently just rock it back and
forth and tilt it in order to help spread the paint and to get it to flow I’m going to keep adding paint until I
don’t see any more blank spots and that I don’t see parts of the actual canvas
peeking through my painting yep still adding more paint and even more paint at this point the paint is definitely
starting to flow but it does still need me to shake it and tilt it a little bit
just to help make it swirl and to flow a lot easier my canvas is finally
completely covered with all of the paint colors that I had and the paint dripped
off the sides of the canvas really nicely now I’m just going to let it dry the finished product for it to be an
abstract painting it turned out really nice it definitely gives off the feel of
the ocean and the sand I love it so much thanks again for the special requests
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thanks so much for watching Dreamers until next time bye

35 thoughts on “Easy Pour Painting 🎨 UNDER $5 🎨 Craft Acrylic Paint and Water ONLY

  1. This looks so awesome!!! You are quite the artist and made this look really simple! Thanks for the tutorial 💕

  2. This was great. And I love that it seems kid friendly too. Something the kids would love to do during the summer.

  3. This was so creative and cool to watch! would absolutely love to try it out! The end result looks like the ocean from a plane. Thanks for sharing ❤❤❤❤

  4. This looks really pretty and 3D 😍 I need more decor for my walls and this looked easy enough. Deff gonna try it

  5. You are so talented. I can never do that in million years. Also your voice is so calm while doing all this.

  6. Wow! This was impressive! You made it look so easy! I’m gonna try this with the girls and see how well we do. Thanks for sharing your talented creativeness with us

  7. I love how you reuses /recycles too, it's so good for the environment.<3 And your painting turned out great, good job! Personally I love working with acrylics they are so versatile. <3

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