Easy Polymer Clay Tutorial For Beginners

Easy Polymer Clay Tutorial For Beginners

Polymer clay is so easy to use that it can be shaped at home and baked till its rock solid and water resistant. Here are 3 unique ways of using clay to create stunning home decor pieces like crystal dishes, coasters and candle holders. Who doesnt love crystals in their home? This DIY will show you how to make polymer clay geodes which you can use to keep your jewellery or as home decor. the things you will need are; polymer clay alum powder, fevicol, sponge brush food colouring. Take a clay of your choice and mould it into the shape of a bowl. The edges can be left uneven to make it look raw and natural. Once you’ve got the desired shape, place it on crushed foil to help keep its shape and bake it for 30 mins a 120* celsius. Once it is baked and cooled, cover the surface with a generous coat of fevicol. Pour alum powder into your clay shell until the surface is covered. Pour out the excess and allow it to dry. Next mix half a cup of alum powder with 1 cup of hot water and stir well so that all the powder is dissolved. Add in food colouring until the water is coloured to your liking and place your alum covered clay shell in the water making sure its fully submerged. Leave it overnight and you will see the alum has crystalized onto your clay. These crystalline geodes are breathtaking and make the perfect delicate dish to display your jewellery. One can never have too many candle holders. And with this technique you can create your own marbled candle holder that will look beautiful in any room. To make this you will need 2-3 colours of polymer clay. We chose 3 colours to make this marbled holder We are using more white and a smaller quantity of two shades of pink to get our desired effect. Knead the clay till its soft and easy to use and then shape it into a long roll. Do this for each colour you have selected. Now bring all 3 together and start twisting them. Continue twisting and rolling alternately until youre happy with your marble effect. Now you can start shaping your round candle holder by coiling it around itself and flattening till its a thick disk. Press in the bottom of your candle to make the center of your candle holders. Remove the candle and bake at 120* celsius at 30 mins for it to harden. This marble patterned candle holder is on trend and will have your guests wondering where you bought it! Coasters are the perfect way to protect your furniture from stains, and with these tips you can make your own that will be more unique than any other coaster out there. To make this you can use polymer clay and a rolling pin. Choose the colours you want for your coaster. We’re going in with white, light blue, dark blue and yellow. Knead the clay till it becomes easy to work with. Now roll long strips of each colour And begin coiling them in a spiral. Try overlapping some strips for an organic look. Once you are happy with your pattern, flatten the colours into each other slightly using your fingers and then go over it with a rolling pin so that its even. These are now ready to be baked at 120* celsius for 30 minutes. Not only will these save your surfaces but theyre extremely eyecatching and so easy to make as well. Now that you know how easy it is to work with polymer clay try it yourself and experiment to create your own unique home decorations. Until next time stay tuned and stay GLAMRS.

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