easy painting – acrylic painting – butterfly – how to paint – art

easy painting – acrylic painting – butterfly – how to paint – art

How to paint butterfly How to Blend the background? follow this method. You can create a beautiful background without much effort. use a dry brush to blend the colors together. use a circular motion while blending once the background is dried fully, drew the sketch. if anyone needs the butterfly sketch please inbox me at [email protected] I have given the link to my reference in the description Box. please check Use flat brush 3/4″ to paint the butterfly I hope you will like this demonstration. art material details are given in the description box HAPPY PAINTING

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  1. Hello Everyone:
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  2. I have an honorary aunt whose mom passed away earlier this year. I've been trying to think of something meaningful I can do for her. Painting her some sparkly butterflies is not a bad idea. 😍

  3. I like u drawing n it's so wonderful n I'm also ur vedio for the first time loved ur drawing. N I'll try it for Sure

  4. Canvas paper means normal A4 sheet or different? Can I use A4 sheet? What's the cost of each acrylic paint? Plz reply..tnq

  5. OMG it's so pretty!! You are just amazing at what you do ❤ I'm going to try some of your techniques. It's so interesting!!

  6. Breathtaking artwork! I love the blues ! You are my favorite painter to watch! Keep up the amazing wark!

  7. رائعة جداااا استمري يامبدعه كانه عالم من الخيال الطيف 🙄😍💞💔

  8. Waooooo amazing work 💯 your work is super 🤗 👌💕 💯💮 🌺🌸 🌼 nice video 👌 💯 I like drawing

  9. Really very very very very beautiful painting. Hello i am your new supporter . I hope you support my channel also.

  10. You have a great knowledge of colour mashing . I always try oil pastels but this time I tried your painting with acrylic colours it was really nice. Loved it

  11. Im a watercolor painter and wanna start acrylic painting.. this is sooo beautiful i cant wait to try this ! 😀 i am so amazed on how you painted the butterfly i was like " WOAAAAAH" like I literally opened my mouth hahaha keep up the great work !! <3 IM SUBSCRIBING !!! <3 <3 <3

  12. I came across your channel for the first time and I am totally impressed!!!! Its beautiful!!! You have mentioned the colour names. Can you please give me the colour numbers.

  13. Acrylic painting…
    Wow…. nice video
    Nice channel
    Nice to meet you….
    New friend here, visit to join and support you…
    Hope 🙏 you back same please…
    Stay connected

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