Easy Origami Tree

Easy Origami Tree

This is Leyla Torres of ‘OrigamiSpirit.com’. In this video, you will learn
how to make this Origami Tree. To make this tree, we need two pieces
of paper; one for the foliage, and one for the trunk. But the trunk is going to be much smaller,
this is 6″x 6″, 15x15cm. For the trunk, we need 3″x 3″. So from one piece of paper like this,
we actually can get four squares, perfect for the trunk. This will be the size we need. We can save three of these
for three more trees. We will begin by folding the trunk, but I will explain it with
a bigger piece of paper. First, we are going to be making a base, an origami base called
a ‘Preliminary Base’. I have paper of different color
on each side. Brown, white. If we want the trunk to be brown,
we begin with this side facing up. Rotate, folding half. Corner to corner. Unfold, rotate and we have an X. Turn it over and we are going to fold in half,
side to side, unfold, rotate and repeat. Now we leave it folded and we are going
to hold it from this folded edge, press toward the center, so that we collapse it. This is the preliminary base, one side is closed and one side is open. We are going to orient it so
that the open side is to our left and we are going to
fold this row edge to the center. Rotate to the other side and repeat. Turn it over and we are going to repeat. This row edge to the center, rotate and the row edge to the center. Pick it up and now we are going to make a fold that connects this point,
this corner with this corner. And we can make it to the front first and then to the back. Unfold in the front, the other side and we place this on the table, hold from the tab here and insert the finger in between layer, just under the first layer. This fold will be a hinge and we’re going to fold all the way up. As you fold then press this to the inside
and press this to the inside, gently just follow that. And turn it over and we are going to
repeat on the other side. Bring the left to the right and this one on the back, the right to the left side and then these lower flaps,
we’re going to fold along here. And bring them up. Turn it over. Two double flaps here and
two double flaps here. We are going to position there,
so that they are in the shape of a cross. From the bottom, we’ll look at them
and there is a cross. And we have the trunk. I did it with a bigger paper, this will be the size–
I’ll use for the whole tree. With this paper, we are going to be folding
what is known as the ‘Water Bomb Base’. If we want the base to be colored,
we begin with the color side facing up. We folding half, side to side, rotate and repeat. Now we turn it over, rotate it a little bit, so that we have
the corners pointing up and down and we are going to fold in half. Rotate and repeat here. So we leave it folded. Pick it up by the two sides and we are going to press toward
the center and collapse. So that we bring two flaps to one side
and two flaps to the other side and we have the water bomb base. This is called a water bomb base
because it’s the base to make this figure, which is called a water bomb or a balloon. It has a little hole here
and you can inflate it and make it into a balloon. This is a very traditional origami figure. How to make this balloon is
shown in another video. To make the foliage, we will make
a variation of this balloon. So we are going to bring this point up so that you will end up about
here at the center, not all the way up but
a little bit down from the top. And we’re going to begin
the fold off to the center, just a little bit. Now we are going to turn this over
and this to the side and we are going to do
the same with this flap and we trace where we have underneath. So that all of them are equal, turn this page to this side
and this to the left and repeat. Copying right here or more or less and one last one here. So we make sure that there are
two big flaps on one side and two big flaps on the other side. So we’re going to bring
this corner to touch this edge and the fold will begin– if we look at this distance, this is the center a little above the center,
just about there and the point touches this edge. Now we’re going to bring this over
to this side and we are going to bring
this one to the other side and trace. Bring this to this side and this to the left side and trace. We move the flap so that there are
always two on each side for balance. So that there is not one side
that is much thicker than the other. So we are going to finish by folding
this little flap on each one of them. We are going to fold here along this edge. That should be easy. We are going to bring it back
to this side along this edge. Notice the fold, along this edge and then one last one
along this edge, like a little accordion. Then we unfold that flap, we locate
this pocket inside there, pressing here facilitates opening it. Fold inside and we are going to repeat that
on the other three sides, fold it over, keep it balanced, always two on each side fold along here, fold along here, along the edge and along this edge. We have the accordion. Open, unfold it all together,
locate the pocket, insert. We take it and position
the flaps in the shape of a cross, just as we did with the trunk, there is
a hole here, we can blow through there. And we had the foliage,
now we can insert the trunk right here.

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  1. Oh, how wonderful to see this new video!!! It was a long time without your lovely tutorials! Thank you for your great work! All the best!

  2. Sweet a new video ! I really like how you explain things, clear simple, even though the Origami not always is. Keep it up !

  3. this tree is so cute and your instructions are very clear and easy to follow!! i just made one with printed pink foliage like a puffy little cherry tree, perfect on the first try!!

  4. hello Layla, I hope you and your loved ones are having a good New Year, I saw your video St. George and Dragon https://youtu.be/YQKUESh8ovI do you plan on doing actual tutorials show how to make each piece ?

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