Easy Origami Swan Container for Festive Occasions!

Easy Origami Swan Container for Festive Occasions!

This is Leyla Torres of OrigamiSpirit.com In this video you’ll learn how to make an origami swan. For more ideas visit our related blog post at OrigamiSpirit.com To make a swan we need a square paper. In this case, I have 6 x 6-inch (15 x 15 cm) The color of the paper is different on each side. In this case the swan will be white inside I begin with that color facing up. Rotate… So the corners are up and down. Fold in half. Fold in half vertically. We have this folded edge, rotate it Bring this cut edge to match that folded edge. Turn it over and repeat. This edge to the folded edge. Pick it up and unfold to this position. We have this edge here… It will be our guideline for the next fold. We position it like so. Bring the lower corner up to that point. We’ll bring this corner down about 2 thirds of the distance. And make a fold about here. We will make a mountain fold along the center. Pull up from the neck. We visualize this angle… acute angle, not quite 90-degrees Flaten here. Pull the beak up a little bit. …and flaten. We can shape the beak to give it more expression. We have these sections… We can slide our finger in and each one of these tips… …Press them. That opens this whole area. When we fill the swan with candy, the two sides might tend to separate. To prevent that we are going to add a fold. We separate the wings. At the central flap, we fold. That locks the two sides together. When we fill it with candy, it stays in place. The two sides do not separate as here. To receive personal notifications of new origami tutorials subscribe to our website, OrigamiSpirit.com

21 thoughts on “Easy Origami Swan Container for Festive Occasions!

  1. I'm not very big on puzzles, and to me, Origami fits into that category. I decided I'd really like to try my hand at making this and expected it to end in frustration as it usually does. Not so this time! Your directions were clear and precise, and not difficult to follow at all. Thank you for helping me conquer this one, it was fun!

  2. Wow! So lovely swans, especially 3:51 that blue one is like the beautiful rabbit's ears. I love it so much:)
    It's a special swan for Easter! Thanks for sharing and have a nice day! 🙂

  3. Leyla, made the Swan for an Easter table decoration and everyone loved it – especially the candy.  Jonathan, who just turned six, was fascinated and he wanted to make a Swan.  I showed him how to fold the paper and he did a great job.  Thanks for the wonderful instructions.  Now he wants to fold a turtle.

  4. Sencillo, bonito y bien explicado. Como todo lo que tú haces, Leyla.
    Por cierto, te invito a que visites mi canal:
    Vicente Dolz mascara de cartulina.

  5. Thanks a bunch, so lovely! I used my swan for paperclips and it stands perfectly! I wil use it for Christmas bonbons as well, it will looks very colourful! :))))

  6. Hello Layla, I came to this post because I just got your email about the sad passing on of your friend Laura, my prayers are with you and her family, the Swan turned out beautifully … As always thank you for sharing

  7. I just read your letter about Laura's death on February 5. What an inspiration she must have been to her students. I am teaching seniors in my apartment building origami and I share Laura's love of origami. Thank you so much for your videos, you make them easy to follow.

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