EASY ORIGAMI: SHARK (REMAKE) Detailed – Origami Easy tutorial IN ENGLISH

EASY ORIGAMI: SHARK (REMAKE) Detailed – Origami Easy tutorial IN ENGLISH

Hi guys! Today I will show you how to fold an origami
shark. This model was invented by Mr.Yukihiko Matsuno For this model, we take a square with a side
of 21 cm. If you have one-sided colored paper, put the
sheet with the white side facing you Fold the diagonals Fold the bottom side to the diagonal and…make a crease I draw the resulting point Turn the paper… …and fold the bottom side to the point Unfold …and unfold Fold sides to the intended line Fold both sides Turn the paper… and repeat the steps. Fold the right corner Return the paper Fold the bottom side up, to be seen two fins Turn the paper Fold the corner and make a crease. I draw the
resulting point Draw the
lines on which I will fold Folding Fold the paper in half. Fold the bottom side up the line Repeat on the other side Fold each side along the line Unfold… Divide the fin into three parts… and fold one piece. Fold the fins aside Fold the top corners inward Open the model … and fold the upper corners Fold and ufold the paper along the line Revers-fold inside Return the paper and fold inside… and repeat the step. I draw a line on which I will fold the paper Unfold… and mountain-fold Lower the corner down and fold it to the right The shark are ready. Friends, if you liked this video, please write
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  2. I used this for my school project. The results were great! I got a lovely mark and now I make them for everyone! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  3. I loved it and it was really easy. Maybe you could make a tutorial where you weren't talking all the time because I had to speed it up to x2 speed and forward ahead of you talking.

  4. Lost me after 12th minute, you don't explain all the steps at that point and when you do it's not a good explanation on what to do

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