Easy Origami Masu Box & Lid Tutorial ♥︎ DIY ♥︎

Easy Origami Masu Box & Lid Tutorial ♥︎ DIY ♥︎

start colour side down fold both diagonals now fold each corner to the center now fold each edge into the center unfold the left and right sides now refold the top and bottom folds fold where marked now open the box and close both ends.

69 thoughts on “Easy Origami Masu Box & Lid Tutorial ♥︎ DIY ♥︎

  1. Can it be any paper? I have traditional origami paper, but I don't know if it would be good for this.

  2. Damn! I never knew how crafty I actually am. Did this box with the divider and it looks awesome! But for me to stop bragging much – thank you for this video, you are awesome! 😀

  3. Heyy!! I think please, just please, make DIYs that are easy!!!??? Finally!! I found this and it's easier. 😑😑😌😌

  4. What's the dimension of the resulting box? Based on the video I would say 5.25×5.25 cm but I might have miscalculated.

  5. This video was so soothing to watch. I only want to make this box, but I'm probably going to end up marathoning your videos because they're so /nice/

  6. Thank you so much for this video! I looked for something easy and fun, an origami box for a present I made..this is perfect!

  7. please make some easy origami
    all of your origami things are very very hard to make
    some things I try but not succeed in it

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