Easy origami HEART BRACELET tutorial – DIY (Henry Phạm)

Easy origami HEART BRACELET tutorial – DIY (Henry Phạm)

Good afternoon! You are on the channel “Origami cat”. Today we will make a origami bracelet. It is made of modules – hearts. This Bracelet “Heart”. It has developed an origami master – Henry Pham. Paper bracelet looks like a fashion accessory. It is easy to attach and remove. Clasp it is not necessary. We use the size 6×6 cm paper. I will show all the folds of the big square. So it will be easier to see. Fold the sheet in half. Turn the paper. Raise the lower side to the upper. Turn. Fold the lower side to the upper. Expand. Fold in half. Good smooth out wrinkles. Fold the top corners together at the midline. Straighten corners. Expand the layers on the left and fold inwards. The same make and the right. Uncover and turn the figure. Fold the upper right side of the midline. Well flatten the crease. Make a new fold as shown by the video. Fold the upper portion to the middle line. The lower part of the figure – foot module. Do the same on the left. Bend the upper half portion. In this part we will do the heart. Expand pockets. All the origami folds must be even. Repeat 2 more sweet. Fold the triangle to the middle. Turn the figure. The module is ready heart. All modules must be of such a size. Make 4 units of red and yellow 4 module. A total of 8 modules. Apply glue to the foot module. Insert one module into another. Wait until the glue dries. Stick modules quickly and easily. I recommend the use of glue – a pencil. Who for the first time on this channel, please subscribe! And click on the bell next to the “Subscribed”. So you see every new video! You can use your paper color. For example, white and black. 3 can be used to make color or monochrome bracelet. Take a strip of paper. Fasten it clip. Put on hand. The strip should be hard to put on the hands. It’s very loose size. You need to subtract. This size is suitable. Bend over the edge and cut. I get the perfect length of your bracelet. Place the strip with hearts. Strip with hearts shorter. You need to add another module. Glue the missing module. Heart – bracelet ready! Oden bracelet of hearts on hand. Tugovat a little, but did not fall from his hands. While the glue still wet, wear slowly. Time to put your finger up (Like) loved this video. And you end up with a bracelet? What colors did you use? Please write below the video.

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