Easy Origami Folding Instructions : How to Make an Origami Sphinx

Easy Origami Folding Instructions : How to Make an Origami Sphinx

Hi! I’m Michael Webb on behalf of expertvillage.com
and right now we’re going to be making a sphinx. In order to do this, the first thing
that you want to do is make a crease from every corner to corner and every edge to edge.
That’s just going to give us a lot of reference creases for some of our later folding. Okay
and once you get that, open it up and you’re going to go along your center vertical crease
and you’re going to fold each edge into the middle to make your piece of paper long
and rectangular.
Knowing this much like we did with the windmill, you want to take each edge and fold it to
where it makes an X or creases down at the bottom and just do it for the bottom one.
What you’re going to do is open it up and make your canoe shape and this is what’s
going to form our sphinx. From there, from your center point to your end point, you’re
going to want to take this and fold it inward until it makes a shape much like that and
do the same for the other end. Now here on the bottom you already got from our creases
earlier, two diagonal folds and you’re just going to fold these guys under until you get
a triangular shape. Then you’re going to do a valley fold and just bring that under
like so. Down here on the bottom we’re going to make the head of the sphinx by just make
a fold. Imagine if you just got a line here to make another triangle there and you’re
going to make that so that this point comes out over this line and do it once and do it
twice just to secure the fold. Now you’re going to want to do an inverse fold on that
and bring that in to make your head, now this is the start of the sphinx. Now this is the
tricky part, this is going to be a pretty complicated pleat fold. So what you want to
do from right here to right here, go ahead and make your first fold once and twice and
you’ll make another one about half way up, right there and basically you’re just going
to sort of open this up and sort of push that down there which can take a little bit of
work and a few minutes just because of the creases. But once you get it, it kind of stuffs
him down there and makes that neck a little less long and gives you a little more interesting
folds to make a more sphinx like shape. Really mash those down and then to finish off the
nose, you’re just going to do an inside reverse fold, mash that in there a little
bit and open the nose up and push that in. There you have a finished sphinx.

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