Easy Origami Folding Instructions : How to Make an Origami Flower: Part 2

Easy Origami Folding Instructions : How to Make an Origami Flower: Part 2

Hi! I am Michael Webb on behalf of Expert
Village.com. Right now we are going to make the flower for the stem that we just made.
Now you want to go ahead and start off by folding it across diagonally. This is just
going to give you sort of a reference line in your crease and you are going to open that
back up. You are going to take your top edge and you are going to fold it down until this
side meets your crease; and you want to crease that and you are going to do the same with
your bottom.
Now that you have those two reference creases, go ahead and open it back up and turn it around
so that you got the edges facing you; and you are going to bring this point up to where
it meets this point, so that you have basically a little white showing on both of the edges.
Go ahead and crease that and you are going to fold until these two white edges meet each
other and that makes a symmetrical pattern. Now you want to flip the whole thing upside
down and open up just your bottom petals right there and bring them up to the top so that
the inner section of these two comes just right underneath that point; and your going
to flip it over and just do the same with that and bring it a little lower, so that
you can see there you have got five points. Now flip it over again and take your edges
here and bring them up, until you have a point down on the bottom of your flower. Now taking a pair of scissors you are going
to want to just cut that bottom piece off; and you can kind of use one edge of your scissors
here and open it up a bit;
and then you are going to take the stem that we just made and you are just going to insert
it right into that flower.
There you have a stem and a flower.

45 thoughts on “Easy Origami Folding Instructions : How to Make an Origami Flower: Part 2

  1. r u serious?..im bored and i saw the part 1 for this and i was like cool ill do it and now i see every1s comments..lol.right now im 1 min. in the vid so i guess ill stop..2 sheets of paper im never getting back =D

  2. uh, I personally don't like this model either, but he explains it very well and his hands are not in the way at all.

    Everything in this video is enough to learn how to do this. If you honestly can't see what he's doing, you might want to practice with drawn diagrams instead of video demonstration.

  3. I would consider this arts and crafts, not origami. As soon as you said grab your scissors I started laughing. All origami is done with one or more, un-cut, pieces of paper. There are several ways to make flowers with stems without using scissors. You should have shown one of those methods because I think you're cheating your viewers.

  4. I found a way to make it stand! First, make the inflatable origami box, once it's done, cut two slits near the blow hole opposite each other. Then make the stem flat and put it in the box. The box also makes a perfect plant pot! 😀 (p.s. I figured this out myself.)

  5. so uh fold this up to the corner
    and its gonna turn out horrible,
    so thanks for letting me waster ur time!!

  6. I think you people should stop being so critical it's just a tutorial on something you didn't know how to make in the first place. Don't bitch that it's not good enough, at least this guy put the time and effort to make a video. Besides it's not his fault half of you people can't seem to make it. :p
    Yea it isn't the best tutorial ever but seriously quit your bitching. If it isn't good enough why don't you make one?

  7. are you guys that supid if he goes to fast there a lil magic we invented and its call pause oooooo or just pull that little circle button on the bar backward i know this is all scary…. -.-

  8. This is origami… I learn this from a japanese origami instruction book. This is the easier one. If you want the 3D flower, it will be harder 🙂

  9. this is not origami at all and thats because of scissors!if used call it scissors origami.at least.i dont like the flower because there is witeness.

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