Easy Origami Folding Instructions : How to Make an Origami Bat

Easy Origami Folding Instructions : How to Make an Origami Bat

Hi! I am Michael Webb on behalf of Expert
Village.com. Right now we are going to make a bat. This is actually a pretty simple design.
What you want to do is, do a horizontal edge-to-edge valley fold here and just bring that down
until you have a long rectangular shape. You are going to fold that again in half until
you get back to a square. Now taking that you want to make a squash fold and bring this
edge into a triangle
and flip the paper over and do another fold on this edge. Then on these top two that you have just folded
down, go ahead and fold this down until this edge meets your center line crease. Do the same for the reverse. Then take your
top right here and you are going to fold this down in order to make the head until it is
about 1-2 centimeters long. Give it a nice firm crease; and take a pair of scissors and
just make about a centimeter long snip on each end. And these are going to be the ears
which you just want to fold up and give a good crease and there you have bat.

16 thoughts on “Easy Origami Folding Instructions : How to Make an Origami Bat

  1. … Origami with scissors is still origami, just a different form. The Chinese first thought of it. It's called "Kirigami"

  2. who said you can't use scissors in origami? He is really talented he figured out how to make a bat, and all of you guys who are really mean to him, well I just have a message for you, I bet you can't do any better than him.

  3. @BananaMirror
    but isn't Kirigami where you fold it and fold it and fold it then make one cut then un-fold it and it's a neat shape?

  4. @BananaMirror so it is actually different… origami and kirigami are two different things you know…

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