Easy Origami Dragon A4 Instructions (Origamite)

Easy Origami Dragon A4 Instructions (Origamite)

Hello origami fellows Today you will learn how to make an origami dragon sheet of copy paper (A4 or Letter) Design & Tutorial by Ventsislav Vasilev Music by Teofila Vasileva You can watch the video in Full HD quality Printing paper A4 or Letter (297mm × 420mm) Make a waterbomb base waterbomb base 🙂 Make two rabbit ears folds Make two outside reverse folds one by one sequentially Almost done Please, Like, Share or Comment the video Your feedback is important to me 🙂 Thank you for watching this video 🙂

70 thoughts on “Easy Origami Dragon A4 Instructions (Origamite)

  1. its hard fuck you NOOOB its dont is easy
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  2. no no no not understood please someone just talk i talk in my vids and i hate my voice please please now i dont have my mum a birthday present for got sake

  3. some part im confused with …… i just Leaved i haft to do assignment and turn it in tommarow and its night time

  4. Аз не успях да разбера нищо опитах се да го направя но не стана този човек е малумен направо!!!!!!!

  5. eres estupido estupido estu´pido por que no dices como hacer invecil

  6. I am not a hater but you said it was easy it is really not.please can you make it easier and clearer next time. 😁

  7. Il serait plus aisé de commenter ce que vous faites je pense. La musique me tapait sur le système :D. Et le passage à 9min30 est incompréhensible, je ne sais pas ou je dois commencer le pliage et comment le faire… Soit je vais retenter… pour la 4e fois haha.

  8. really cool origami model, looks great on my shelf, easy to make but the only problem was that your fingers blocked out what you were doing and it was hard to see how to do some of the folds, otherwise great model and great tutorial 🙂

  9. sorry that was my friend but if you could kindly move your FAT ASS FUCKING FINGERS that would be much appreciated:)

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