Easy Origami Box

Easy Origami Box

Hello and welcome to our Easy Origami Box video This box is a variation on the traditional box or masu. You’ll start with a piece of origami paper with the color side down.
The first step is to make a valley fold along the diagonal as we’re showing here. Make sure to crease the edges well. So unfold the paper, make another valley fold along the other diagonal, and again crease well. Now unfold the paper and take each of the four
corners and fold them towards the center. So here’s the first corner and now the second here’s the third and finally the fourth corner. This piece actually has a name, it’s an origami base known as the
Blintz base, B-L-I-N-T-Z. Now unfold the paper and you’ll take each of the four corners and fold them to the first crease line as shown here. Then once you’ve done that, fold over each of the edges at that first crease line. Now flip the paper over Now fold the top edge down to the center line and then the bottom edge to the center. Now unfold the last two folds, and we’re going to fold over the left and right edges to the center.
So left edge first and now the right edge. Next tape the top flap and fold it over to the left.
You’re going to fold over the two corners on the right side as shown here. And then take that flap and fold it back over to the right. And fold the left flap over as well. And we’ll repeat that diagonal fold with the two corners here Next you’re going to fold only the top flap over to the left. And now the fun part, we just have to unfold the box.
So get your fingers inside you’ll see it unfolds into a box. Straighten out the sides and crease the
corners. Just like that. One difference you’ll notice, here’s a
traditional Masu box the bottom of the easy origami box is white. There you have it Your Easy Origami Box. Enjoy!

47 thoughts on “Easy Origami Box

  1. I make my box little differently but it was fun to see the other way. I think I a now ready to try making more advanced boxes with mixing colors & different shapes. I learned Origami in Japan when I was like 4 or 5 and that was pretty much last time I made origami….but after zillion years later, I fell in love with Origami Art! They are so beautiful! I have to practice, so I can make roses & kusudama!

  2. I feel like, with oragami sometimes, they just throw in other random steps to make it confusing. 0.0 lol. Awesome video anyway, i made a house for my pet rock! XD

  3. Omg this is so easy!!!!! U should post more easy videos for people like me cuz I'm so bad at origami😂😂😂😂😂

  4. I've never seen a masu box done like this. It makes it easier since you don't have to do the weird folding motion with the corners to actually make it into a box. Thanks!

  5. Sitting here having made my first box and two drawers of stuffed dumped on my bed to organize. Any doubts of the ADHD meds my doc gave me are gone

  6. there using fancy oragami paper not line paper or drawing paper like so one for the people who don't want to spend like 11 dollars on some stupid paper that w'll never use

  7. This is not popular among the other box tutorials, but this is the strongest basic box, I used to do this in elementary but as time runs so fast that I forgot this method

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