100 thoughts on “Easy Napkin Transfers for Polymer Clay

  1. BRILLIANT! Another hit out of the ballpark, Patricia! You are well on the way to becoming one of my gurus for polymer clay! So creative and original!

  2. Neat video! You can catch the liner corner with a small piece of tape, and it will separate fine. Catch the second layer, too, if there is one.

  3. Couldn't you just put duct tape or packing tape, masking tape on the back and then rip it off …l like waxing your legs . That should take the paper off the back and still leave the ink right?

  4. TFS Patricia !.. Where do I buy the clay ?.. I love your tutorial, had never known about this before. I subscribed as I would love to see more, that napkin is VERY pretty 🙏🏽💎😘

  5. Hi Patricia, excellent instruction. Can a NuWave oven be used for curing? 275F isn’t hard to reach but wondering if half the time would do?

  6. What if you don't have a pasta machine to make the bookmarks? Is there something else you recommend? I'm new to the clay. Love your bookmarks!

  7. This is very lovely and a great idea! I was wondering if you've tried to leave the paper on so the colors stay vibrant and sealing it all in liquid clay instead of rubbing the paper off? I'd really like to try it that way and bypass having to remove the paper and using markers to replace ink. Have you tried coating the finished product in liquid clay at all?

  8. I dont undertsand english and i want know wat is the name of pasta used please .you are very creative think for this video

  9. Really love this, but just a thought: If I were to sell these, wouldn’t I theoretically be selling someone else’s artwork (for example the artist who painted the flowers on a napkin)? Fine for personal use, of course, but what about sale?
    (Sorry for asking if you already talked about it in the video. I might have missed it.)

  10. Hello, this is simply lovely! what a wonderful idea. I was hoping you were going to show how you finished with the ribbon(?) I can see it's simple, but I can't see ultra clear. What kind of fabric is the ribbon? It has such a nice look and shimmer. did you simply thread the ribbon, glue a bead, and tied a knot near the ends and let the ends of the ribbon be?

  11. I followed your instructions and my bookmarks came out perfectly and flexible, too. Now I want to transfer some images on to smaller pieces to make a pendant and I want it to be hard. Do I change the type of clay? change the baking time?

  12. I'm wondering how you kept the white clay so clean…do you keep a pasta machine just for white?
    What is the name of the hole punch tool?
    The project is gorgeous!

  13. Just tried this, I think i got most of the paper off when wet, BUT it still feels rough is that normal or should it be smooth?
    as no more paper is rubbing off

  14. Good video, but…
    Please… Please… Please…!!!
    Stop pronouncing 'PASTA' incorrectly. It's VERY irritating…! SOOO many people are doing it! HERE is how it's SUPPOSE to be pronounced…



  15. It all comes down to personal opinion, but I think the perforations actually look super cool 🙂 It gives it this unique design.

  16. Omg… i tried it today….sooopr awsm… i made few magnets nd bookmarks… trial ones became magnets…. thanku for the wndrful idea…

  17. Oooh, such a pretty effect! I've been slowly collecting gorgeous, good quality (i.e., Caspari) napkins for a while…they're a decadent splurge for someone on a tiny budget. Mainly, I've decoupaged them onto rocks. But lately, I am very passionate about claying, and cannot wait to try this! Thanks for your excellent tutorial and inspiration, Patricia!

  18. I don't mean to rude and I really hope you reply. I see that you're shaking. I have that same issue and it really sucks at times when I'm trying to do small things with clay or drawing. I've pretty much gave up drawing but I really really enjoy working with my clay, it helps with my anxiety. My question is, do you shake often, does it interfere with your work and or have you found any tricks to help. I've also had to give up on crocheting as well, not so much because the jitters but I end up with a cramp from the tip of my thumb to my elbow and I'm not sure about surgery. Thanks!

  19. this must be a silly question but I really like this project and want to try, I am very new to polymer clay. Do you bake them after you put the napkin? and why do I need to "peel" it with the water? can just put resin on top and skip the water ? thanks

  20. Hi Patricia 🙂 Just came across your channel for the first time today and immediately hit the subscribe button.  When I was a girl my mother used napkins for decoupage and other items and she taught me an extremely easy trick for separating the layers of the napkins… Turn the napkin right side down on the table.  Cut a 2 inch piece of scotch tape. Hold one end  between your thumb and index finger.  In the center of the napkin firmly press approximately a fingers-width of the other edge down on the back of the napkin then pull it up while holding the napkin down. This will rip at least part of the back layer off.  repeat on the middle layer that is now showing with the next portion of the tape.  Then gently pull both the back and middle layers away from the front.  Hope this helps you… no more fussing with your little craft knife and taking the chance of cutting yourself.  Happy crafting!

  21. Are they breakable? Beautiful idea and it seems easier than on other materials where you have to use some glue.Thank you. Enjoyed the the video very much.

  22. This would be great if you could get a set of napkins to be used in a wedding to make for wedding favors! Would also be cool to make a necklace and earrings or bracelet for the bridesmaids and even the bride for a keepsake! 😊

  23. I see that 2 others have asked the same question, but as yet, havent seen an answer, so will ask myself, maybe I missed it. What temperature do you bake them at to avoid baking it at to high of heat…saw the amount, timewise, but not temperature wise. Would it be on clay packaging?

  24. Just remember though not to sell these, companies trawl YouTube looking for people selling their property, ie on this occasion the print… They're all out to punish the little guy these days so… free they can't really do anything about lol… love this video wonderful idea, I love the bookmarks.

  25. 19:48 I wish books were made like that haha! The worst thing is dropping a book in the bathtub while reading and relaxing… nothing worse than a book 50 times it's original thickness 😂

  26. Extraordinary process, looking forward to trying it, thank you for sharing it.  Can I just say, if you put the edge of a tissue between your lips for a second all the layers magically separate when you open them.  This works on paper napkins after cutting off the perforated/compressed edge.  Saves fiddling with a blade 🙂

  27. I tried this today on a switch plate. Turned out great. I used fimo effect with lots of glitter and it looks fabulous

  28. Thank you for such an informative tutorial. Love your calm demeanor, makes me feel that I could do i!

  29. Hi, I know this is an older video but maybe someone helpful will see my comment 🤞🏼. I’m new to polymer clay. Like new as in days 😂
    I’m currently laid up with a broken leg so I’ve decided to do something creative and, well, I found clay!
    I love this idea and thank you so much for the tutorial. My questions are though.. 1) why doesn’t the clay dry rigid hard? I thought that was the idea. Like if I chose to make little keyrings say and I bake them will they be squishy when finished? The other question is if you were to do as you suggested and use these as wedding favours (I’m married a while so not for me but maybe a friend some time) would I be using someone else’s artwork? I doubt I’d be hauled up in front of a judge for a craft project but could there be a copyright issue?

  30. Hi Patricia I love the idea and your end results is amazing but all what I need to make sure of and correct me if I'm wrong that you backed it before peeling the napkins, but why the book Mark's are soft while the round is hard what should I do to get this flexibility, thank you again for sharing such useful tutorial ❤

  31. Hi there! Wanted to give this a try. You can put the clay in the oven with the napkin attached without it burning? This is my first time using the material so am unsure how this works. Hope to hear from you, thanks!

  32. I know this is an older tutorial, but from my decoupage experience with separating napkins, slightly moisten your thumb and index finger and then just pinch the napkin between your moistened thumb and index finger by simply closing your fingers together and when you pul your fingers apart, the napkin layers will stick to your fingers thus separating the layers!

  33. FYI – the easiest way to peel off the 2 layers of ply is to turn the napkin over – image down to the work surface – take a small piece of sellotape and stick a small piece to the ply you wish to remove (leaving a small section unstuck to lift) … lift the tape and the ply will tear leaving an easy area to start separating from – difficult to put into words but hope I am making sense. ~ smile…

  34. So glad I found your channel tonight. What a wonderful idea. I am going to love trying this. Thank you for sharing.

  35. I just LOVE this idea. . I feel like I'm absolutely gushing 😍😍😍💞💕
    The napkin you chose is beyond gorgeous
    I can't wait to try. Thank you for the inspiration

  36. Air dry clay from www.bakerross.com.au is amazing with this craft. It’s a UK company but they have warehouses all over the world or you can buy from eBay I found buying 5x 250g worked out $6.40 cheaper then buying separately

  37. This an excellent tutorial. You explain simply and concisely so the viewer feels confident that they can succeed using the techniques you have demonstrated. I'd heard that the clay is flexible but I'd never seen it till you showed it on this video. Can you tell me what temperature you cook the clay on for the 66 minutes please. I'm dying to make my grandchildren some bookmarks!

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