Easy napkin rose tutorial  Ft. Julia Jaccoud

Easy napkin rose tutorial Ft. Julia Jaccoud

Hello there everybody! I am Tadashi Mori and today I am here with Julia. Hello guys! Julia Jaccoud, is that right? Yeah A Matemaníaca. And today, I will teach her how to make this origami rose. It’s really easy. It’s made with one sheet of napkin. It’s very easy, very fast. Do you know how to make origami already? No, I just know how to do the ball, you know? It’s very easy and today it’s my first real origami. If you are in a pub with a girl, it’s perfect. It’s really good to flirt and let’s see if she can make it and she succeeds in her first try. Yeah, let’s see! So, first, you’re going to roll here the paper, like this. But, roll really small, like this Is it good? Yes. Then you press here, a little bit. Just pinch all this place. Then you keep rolling the paper. But this time you had to make it get bigger. And then you roll again making even bigger. I think it’s working. Just keep doing this Until you get to the end, right? Now, you’re going to press about this place here. So, the rose is going to be this part. Press and roll the paper. You can see the rose already. Second step. Now, on the other side, you’re going to take this flap and carefully you’re going to pull only this flap upward. Please, help me. Until you get close to the rose. Now, you’re going to hold here. This part is going to be the leaf So, you’re going to twist the leaf. Now, you’re going to press here everything together, on this part. right bellow the leaf And then, carefully, you’re going to roll everything making the stem. It’s not that hard, it’s ok. Yes, you’re doing really fine It’s good, for the first time it’s good. Then you just adjust here the last details Wow, nice. look That’s it, it’s really easy, right? I made it! I cannot believe. Yeah guys, it’s very easy, look! We cannot compare your rose with mine, ok. No, it’s really good. It’s not bad at all. And that’s it. I hope you liked this video. If you liked, please do not forget to click on the like button and to subscribe in my channel. and of course, you can see her channel by clicking here So, thanks for watching. See you!

34 thoughts on “Easy napkin rose tutorial Ft. Julia Jaccoud

  1. my origami turned out awesome do you think maybe you make an origami lion fish not like super complicated but not super easy if it's not to much to ask thanks

  2. Great!
    Thanks for all your videos, it really help me o
    And thanks for the subtitles for brazillians xD
    You gained a fan today

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