Easy Nail Art Designs For Beginners #7   Birthday Nails

Easy Nail Art Designs For Beginners #7 Birthday Nails

Wee.. hi everyone I’m Gianna and today on lancengi videos special to me because I’m going to
be showing you guys how to recreate three easy manicures here for beginners That are sure to grab some attention if it is your birthday So this month is super exciting for me it’s my birthday on August 17 so I wanted to celebrate by sharing three easy birthday nail art designs Which manicure is your favorite manicure number 1 Manicure number 2 or manicure number 3 and you’re enjoying an evening out so
many helpful our recreating the nail looks make sure you leave this video a thumbs up just know that you
guys I’m really enjoying this male here you have any one of the more
you recreate at him now on design don’t nemi your recreation On Facebook or instagram using the #LngNailArt and lets get right into Mani monday! your number one you start out by taking
a makeup sponge and taking 3 colors I’m using that dark
pink light tank and a white going up by sponge I’m few Jeff poll the ES three colors on tinydl good several time just build up a collar and make it look at
blended as possible just really make sure you take your time
with this plan and don’t be afraid to go back here the nail polishes and add more
between everything all coked when you’re happy with the way your
email thought capped acetone and square kept
crashed handling the access polish from around short nails get then taking a smaller
brush to get real close he’ll be here to call
and cleanup around it cuticle and shove your
nail you’re going to you the UK to take math am like that may
help didn’t like the way my nails for coming
out in the process I decided to go ahead and keep my index
finger and my middle finger right light I’m going to keep them I think a letter at some Shanghai now
hope you wanna recreate manicure number one let’s move
on him and he remembered up manicure number kill start manicure
number two by pinning your pinky and your thumb up
up pink color and you are three middle finger a deal white-collar I’m now taking a hit male
striper I’m going to create a couple im by
creating a half circle on each in my mail I find it esto kinda
outline the balloon first and fill it in and then kind of
make some critiques cuteeee her edge at the bottom now create where the balloon hi you’re going to create 8 p.m. on anyplace at the nail that your like as
long as it’s connecting to the Palam then you’re going to fill in that be and
my where you’re going you hi your revenue or well whatever you wanna call
it and I just our bike creating a small line right at that
pinched area and then create to you curved fees down P bottom-up the mail and that she’s
kinda look like the ribbon slowing down the nail and if you can’t
fit 20 on this now I obviously I’m just
doing one so to me pollen dimension to it your
cleaner put a small fee on one side the balloon just like this then
you’re going to take eighty mom hot an attitude bottom-up curved line and that’s going to provide
a realistic send for the nail design and really make
your balloon pop of your mail so this white manicure number to look like but I
finished I really enjoyed creating new Palam and I hope you don’t love them just as
much as me and want to recreate them for your birthday so let’s move on until manicure number
three many number three start out by pinning all your email
except for your index finger a paint color I’m to keep that thinking and upkeep how tough your index
finger with to close the polyp now taking a darker pink and male
striper pre cupcake line on your nail I know kinda that about or and I think
that’s pretty good and be really like when you’re applying
polish I’m Hellenic get it on of gonna be suffering apt while the bottom of a tough kid trying
not go I didn’t add the glitter here male find a top coat then he can yell pepper and Butthead a
little I’m gonna start adding the glitter the corner from my email and then just
selling it bad adding a second opcode and that’s it black ppl now moving on I thing I’m just finished his outing cool
and create some not contrast Danielle now you can create a little mound I
think and I your fight with the way he icing love and just last not the prosecutor
Neil and make it kinda pointed like care well using the same technique we did for the
glitter got from letter to key I think and that’ll be sprinkles for the cupcake
I like added a declaration on time so I’m just had a heart can you can do
that by taking a dining hall and adding healer little
circles close to each other and I’m LNP bottom ok with a small little be police today at
placement dot in the center and then just kinda connect that circles quit p.m. bottom-up the heart and that I hope you enjoy a manicure number three I love cupcakes
on my birthday tell if you want to recreate the so wish
me here with your paper manicure like So which Manicure was your favorite? Manicure #1 Manicure #2 or Manicure #3 leave a comment as always if you would like me to keep producing videos like this one make sure to leave this
video a thumbs up thank you guys SO much for watching and Ill see you next Monday

90 thoughts on “Easy Nail Art Designs For Beginners #7 Birthday Nails

  1. They all look like fun! I just did a similar gradient on my nails yesterday. I'm not sure I have the talent for the balloons, but I love them! The cupcake one was fantastic! ๐Ÿ˜

  2. Hello Sweetums!!!! As usual i love them all and want to try them all… You inspire me to try different things. Bree did her own nails today. White base and pink and red polka dots. She did so beautifully!!! Now i so look forward to Monday's to see your videos ๐Ÿ™‚ ily bunches

  3. these nail arts are so cuteeee!! i love the cupcakeee!! Sooo sweet!!*_* and happy belatedย birthday (Buon compleanno in italian ๐Ÿ™‚ย !!kiss

  4. Happy late birthday, cupcake!! I've been having so many issues with this stupid phone. It's been sent back 3 times and FINALLY I just went out and bought another. It's good to go now! Just catching up on your videos!! Been missing them! I wanted to tell you- I just won a 200 dollar sephora gift card a couple days ago!! I think you were my luck for that because I've had nothing but good things happen since we became friends on here!! Sending you much love!! Xoxo โ™ฅ

  5. Very cool designs! My daughter is turning 16 this Monday and I so wanna try the 2nd design! Thanks a lot for this.
    I only want to say that you keep talking about "index finger" where it should be "ring finger" ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Manicure number 3 was my favorite since I LOVE cupcakes!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ it looks so realistic and easy thanks for the tips!!

  7. I just discovered your YouTube channel and I'm already in love! My birthday is on Thursday November 20th and I'm going to do nail #2!!! ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ˜˜

  8. I absolutely loved the third one. Since my birthday is tomorrow I decided to try this and I must say it came out wonderfully. Thanks for making this video!

  9. I am not trying to be rude in the least with this comment, I think ur videos are adorable! On your cupcake mani the finger that u put ur cupcake on is called ur ring finger. The index finger is also referred to as ur pointer finger, or ur quote unquote first finger. I am not trying to offend. So sorry!

  10. Happy birthday! We have the same one August 17! I turned 16 today:) anyway, I love your videos! I did the balloon nail art today

  11. When you said clean up with a cap full of acetone and a brush I freaked. Acetone isn't good for nails, cuticles or anything. Just saying…

  12. Hi ๐Ÿ˜Œ…My fav is #3 as I was searching for birthday nail art for next week as I will be turning 48 …Thank you so much for your time to teach us. I REALLY appreciate all the hard work you all do( I know it's WAY more than the nail art to make a video successful HIGH FIVE ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. All of them were really awesome but I prefere the third and not really really like the second! The first was ok

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