Easy DIY Resin Ornaments

Easy DIY Resin Ornaments

because we’re trying to do cold opens or
like we try to come up with things and we’re like what’s funny, what’s funny?! hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and today
we’re in David Picciuto’s shop with his lovely wife Kelly is it weird to say
like his lovely wife I just said it because you said it
maybe it’s Kelly and her lovely husband David my audience knows
how lovely I am and today we’re gonna be
making this some resin ornaments is that it yeah well I mean way to like play the
video it’s gonna be super exciting it’s gonna be super exciting check it
get outta here! alright so this isn’t a trick we came up with but is the first time we’re trying
it we’re gonna be putting some blue tape down do you wanna maybe start and tell
them what works what we’re cutting like that we’re doing acrylic and we’re
cutting it on a carvey and we’re doing some CNC stuff that’s what she said
alright so you put down the tape take your time so you lay down the tape and
you put glue on the tape super glue thick yep and then you put your material in place
and usually you put blue tape on the material too but this acrylic already
has tape on it this allows us to cut out whatever shape we want without using tab
without using tabs yeah and now it’s time to put it to the test we’re gonna
start with one ornament because we want to make sure that this taping technique
works it’s not that we really doubt it works it’s just we’ve never done it
before and we don’t ruin everything cat-time well that’s perfect
purrrfect this piece is a special piece we’re
gonna cut a little wood triangle to make a play button or ornament excuse me the most exciting part we are going to
tape these up the most asked question on our previous resin videos was what kind
of tape we’re using this is a foil tape we’ll link to it below along with
everything else you use but it’s awesome because it’s really rigid so it doesn’t
let the resin pour out the sides can have it find the kind thing oh you don’t
know it’s party but if you want to start taping these up we’ll go grab a snack
and we’ll just see you in like an hour wait wait are we pulling all the back
off I’d say no no do it little by little because then you’re not like I got a
sweet technique here this is the roll on does it have to line up with the bottom oh that’s actually like pretty good if
you both are doing a great job we’re so cool recording okay well actually we
shouldn’t record everything yet oh no cuz you got a mix for like three minutes
and we got a glue so we’re going to glue on our play button
make sure it’s centered oh my gosh that’s a lot of pressure
it’s already set glue the hounds!
it’s go time music playing like go music okay so how it like smaller than that
that’s best too much this is a judgement free space I’m gonna be reds we used it
earlier in David’s video speaking of which everyone should go
check out David’s video where we also played with resin you didn’t tell me
what what it was might only give away the surprise it involves resin childhood
memories childhood memories and a laser cutter it’s really cool all right guys
I’m going for it okay I’m ready yeah oh by the way do you come supposed
to be to a quarter inch or so so watch this this is when he gets really cool so
it’s like a blender noooooo ow ow the heat gun’s hot on my hands oh man joobie’s a galaxy
ah cat galaxy! I don’t know if I like the white that looks kinda weird
I don’t like it I don’t like it! it was looking good until I put the white in more red I’m gonna go crazy the
alcohol inks okay so these all in these little to be things those are all alcohol inks
come on Picciuto whoa look what it’s doing here
that’s still kind of gross I’m trying to make it look
festive and Christmas-y so the thing is you’re
going for festive and Christmas oh that’s like gold red and
green but those colors together look like barf and I know because I tried to
do a tie-dye shirt once that was gold red and green and it looked like barf
when it was done you swirling it mm-hmm you fancy okay
this whole bike has to be a galaxy cat too oh and I should just go festive cat red and green side it might look nice just
ring towards it look at the cat it’s so creepy now oh my
god killer clown cats from outer space I’m going for like a starry night perfect galaxy my cat that’s fancy
I’m trying to keep this one really simple and then whoops a little
bit of clear on top oh to seal em in let’s add a little bit of CLEAR ON TOP
that was like 200 % improvement man if I could go
back in time I would do everything different but this is the thing you get
to learn mm-hmm and then you can incorporate this into future projects
yeah and then you still okay – good we need to untape our creations and see
how they look but first oh really no that’s for me first we need to have our
coffee this coffee is really so I like I love
coffee but I don’t know how to pick out what I’m gonna like
I just choose whatever she chooses I think it’s cool that trade has this quiz it’s
like six questions you put in the stuff you like and it picks one for you which
especially for me because I’m like a milk and sugar in my coffee person I
always feel kind of like I’m not as much of a coffee connoisseur because I don’t
drink it black but like that’s an option and then it picks coffees that work with
cream and milk which i think is really cool
did you know that it’s not roasted until you order the coffee Wally they don’t
roast the coffee until you order it’s the freshest coffee that you can get so
we got this high wire coffee right here if you want your coffee chosen for you
and want that pressure relieved off your chest go – there’s too many things to
deal with in life either click the link in the description below the first 100
people get 50% off and make sure you use code evankatelyn okay so
it’s time to de-mold these should I start out with my savage YouTube logo or
my demon cat I mean they’re both so doubly demon cat yeah okay demon cat
today yeah everybody can just kind of go
alright here I’ll do it yeah the carnage is slightly different foil
tapes and we use a little extra okay so when we did our geodes it was okay that
these had kind of like rocky cragly edges because it was a rock I didn’t
really think about for ornaments do you think we can sand this all down stand in
a place where you live have a lesson learned you want to share yeah so I
think go for a simple shape with straight edges because this cleaned up
really nice this was pretty hard so yeah I think it’s worth it to get cat shape
ornamental so do we want to put these up on little pedestals and do our
clear coat boom yeah let’s do just pour it kind of in the center okay try to
ration your cup between your three so you don’t pour too much and you want it
to kind of go over the edge if it’s not you can kind of persuade it okay okay
yep you just kind of want like a nice little even coat and it will like self
level out yeah so self level can you do too much no good so comfortable give like a nice flare no
we just wait for these to drive again okay it is time yeah time to not mess it
up right David and Kelly thank you so much
for having us and having fun making these crazy ornaments with us super fun
thank you for coming in Ohio and if you haven’t seen David’s channel head over
to Make Something on YouTube he has amazing projects and the one we did
together I made a vintage Christmas tree candle
holder and it’s really cool we’re gonna have links to the channel and his video
in the description if you like coffee go to trade coffee using the link in the
description and the first 100 people to sign up using code evankatelyn will get
50% off their first order evankatelyn code evankatelyn! alright
oh no no no you’re recording now the only taco that I can eat that has the
word taco in it is a choco taco I mean that’s a taco no catch this on film no
it’s a desert no Wally you want to be on YouTube wait fix your ear like a moron
fix yourself

100 thoughts on “Easy DIY Resin Ornaments

  1. Wondering if anyone considered putting something in the back near the top edge of the ornament, like a ring or a ring-bent paper clip to serve as a place to tie a hook or ribbon for hanging on a tree? Something embedded in the resin while it was still wet, so you don't have to drill a hole in it afterwards.

  2. Hrm…
    What would happen if you poured the resin on the SHEET of acrylic… and THEN run it through the carvey? No edge cleanup?
    Or maybe run it through the carvey a second time just to do edge cleanup. (Making sure to maintain position… or maybe oversize it slightly on the first run)

  3. "Send Help" 😂 These are such a fantastic idea! I really need to try some resin things soon. Great video and fantastic collab!

  4. Very Cool wiener dogs. They have a lot of personality. Also all of those ornaments came out looking great. Very fun project that anybody can do for Christmas.

  5. OK. I already follow both of these channel. I love it when different YouTube makers start meeting up to make a videos to make something awesome, and learn something different from else other.

  6. Haha, the look on David’s face when he said “no” it’s not a taco. Like the internet was going to knock on his door and slap him in the face.

  7. This was awesome! They came out beautiful. Thanks for the coffee hookup. I got Buena Vista based on my choices. Also, I'm so happy you guys finally made a collaboration project together. My son asked if that was a five nights at freddy cat? hahah. Did you bring back some snow for sno-cones? =P

  8. Those resin ornaments came out great!! I think the coffee spot was a little bit greater though… one for the dog walking on the table but two for the fact I think you just solved a Christmas gift problem I was having!! I have known a coffee addict for almost 30 years and I know well what coffee they like so I can fill out the thing for them. I will check it out and add that to my list of possibilities. 😀 – Heidi

  9. If you want 2 colors to mix less “ie no red and green barf” one thing that I found works is let your resin sit until it starts to get thick before pouring into the mold.

    Great vid. I like how real and unrehearsed it came off.

  10. 9:26 is by far my favorite part of this video. I love the crossover of the two channels. It has flavor of both and they gel so well. Do it again soon! Have David visit youz guys next time.

  11. I always thought Katelyn was short, today I learned the truth is that Evan was super tall?! Katelyn is at the same height as David!?

  12. So that's how you spell Segue? I, I thought it was spelled like the personal transport device… ya learn something new everyday!

  13. Did y'all know we have 4 channels now? This main one, plus:

    🎮 Evan and Katelyn Gaming youtube.com/evanandkatelyngaming

    (us playing games and chatting, enhanced by epic editing and a heavy dose of memes)

    🎙️ Evan and Katelyn Podcast youtube.com/evanandkatelynpodcast

    (chatting about life, YouTube stuff, and playing games you can play along with)

    😹 Evan and Katelyn Too youtube.com/evanandkatelyn2

    (still figuring this one out 😂)

  14. So I asked my dad if for Christmas I could have epoxy resin (I’m 12) and he just said no way you’d ruin my house 😂😂. as soon as I buy my own house I’m getting epoxy

  15. I felt like yall could have incorporated the other two people in the video better. It felt like they were just two random people in the video. Fun vid though.

  16. Hey guys are ya gunna make something for Halloween(if you haven’t already)?
    For example a little resin pumpkin candle holders,ya know,for those tiny candles?

    Ya don’t have to if you dont want to,it was just an idea :>

  17. The part when your talking about coffee and then the dog cane in it reminded me of my dog cause she’s a sausage dog too and she is named Kona after Kona coffee

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