EASY DIY Magic Wands! ~ Crafts w/ Pins and Things

EASY DIY Magic Wands! ~ Crafts w/ Pins and Things

– Oh my goodness, this video is gonna be like the best video ever, you guys. Because I have Rebecca from
Pins and Things here with me. Pins and Things is like an
incredible craft channel where they specialize in making these very cool Harry Potter style wands. They’re like the most
beautiful, amazing wands ever. And you’ll be like, I can’t make this. It’s true, you’ll be like, I can’t make this Pinteresty business,
like this is impossible. Like, sure she can do
it, but nobody else can. – It’s totally possible. – But straight up, Parker can do it. Like, Parker can make
beautiful, incredible wands, and he’s four years old,
so you can do it, too. And you have to watch all of this video and learn how to do it,
because you’re gonna be making these amazing wands. You’re gonna learn how to make wands that are this beautiful right now. – Spiders. – For this craft, you
will need a chopstick, a glue gun, paint, and whatever else you wanna stick on your wand. Excuse me, I don’t wanna
make a Harry Potter’s wand. – Okay, you can make whatever
wand you want to make. – Yeah. – Actually, that’s what’s
really great about it, is you can use your imagination. You can create something that’s
never been created before. – Yeah, it’s like you’re Mr. Ollivander. – That’s right, or you can use
wands that you’ve seen before and make it from that, or
whatever you wanna make, just create and use your imagination. And use magic. – Cool. (laughing) Magic, go. – Magic, go. Indi scabble go doodoo. Magic didn’t work. – If you want you can just use hot glue and make it really, really
cheap, but it will look good. Or, you can take a few different things and add ’em on top of your wands. So, this is some cool
bling that you can add. You can just find this at the craft store. Or, I also have beads. This really helps when you’re
trying to make the elder wand, ’cause it gives it a
little different texture. And then we also have some
other things, fun spiders, anything that you can find that
you can attach to your wand, you can use and that will
make it really interesting. – I have no idea about how
I’m going to make my wand. I always let my imagination rule me. – I don’t know what I’m gonna make either. – I’m gonna make a wand where there’s a ball on the bottom, and then there’s brownness
on the handles, brownness, and then you just do
brownness on the top, too. – I am gonna make one that’s covered in spiders and it’s creepy for Halloween. (screams) – Can I start? – Yeah, let’s get started. So, sometimes when you’re
tryin’ like a Hermione wand, hers looks like it has vines all over it. And it’s kinda hard to do on a square chopstick with a hot glue gun. But if you use a string,
then it might actually work. You just put the hot glue
wherever you want the string to kind of pop out and look like vines. And a good idea, especially
if you’re doing this with little kids, is to use a
low temperature hot glue gun, just so there’s no burns, huh? – I made one of these
wands, but the ball broke. So, I’m making another one. – I think this one’s dry. Do you think that one’s dry? – It’s still a little bit sticky. – Okay, I’ll make another wand. – Good idea. – (laughing) This is my third wand. (laughing) (gentle pop music) – I’m gonna paint this
a little different now. It’s gonna be gold now. – Can somebody hand me one spider? – One spider? – Uh huh. – Okay. I think I’m gonna have
to make another one, and I’m gonna have to put
a lot of spiders on it. It’s gonna look really creepy. – Mine’s gonna be like a fainting spider. – A fainting spider? – That would be funny, a spider fainting. – My spider’s supposed to
look like it’s like gonna. – Ooh. Are you gonna go to Harry Potter World? – We have.
– Oh, we have. – Are you gonna bring
these wands next time? – Yes.
– Maybe. – I don’t really want them to get lost. – Maybe our favorite wands. – How responsible of you. (gentle pop music) – I really like what everyone’s been doing ’cause it’s kinda like
creative and one of a kind, like no other person can
make the exact same thing. – You have to hold onto the
spiders to cast your spell. Isn’t that pretty cool? And when we paint it, it
will look even better. – Are you painting it all black? – I think I’m gonna paint
it all black, or all brown, and then I’m gonna put
another color on top to make sure that you can see all of the little details of the spiders. – So, I need another stick, a wand. So, this is called rainbows paint. And I’m gonna try it out
for this new chopstick that I’m gonna use for my new wand. It’s gonna make it all sparkly
and look like a rainbow. This wand is going to be perfect. (playful acoustic music) – Whoa, it looks like wood. That’s pretty. – I like Rebecca’s wand because it’s just really sparkly and cool. It doesn’t really look like scary, but it looks like it
would be a queen’s wand. – Oh, (laughing) well, thank you. I guess that makes me a queen. – Jacob’s wand is really
cool because it has a spider on the top and it has a glob on it. That makes it really funny and cool. – Parker, your wand is really nice because it’s got a puff ball on the end, and I bet it’s really
soft when you hold it. – Yeah. – [Bailey] All you really
need is just paint, a glue stick, and imagination. – I was gonna say that. I really was. (laughing) – This is how you make mine. This is the paint you need
to buy and it’s really cool. You can like put a whole
glob on it, and yeah. And then you just need to buy a chopstick. And then you’re done. (bouncy pop music) – Oom poom ha. – So, if you have your paint all on there, and you’ve painted it one solid color. It makes it really cool if
you can take a paint brush and get it with very little blue paint, or a different paint on top of it, and just lightly go over the top– – That’s what I did.
– Of your wand. And then it will pull all
of the detail right out. (bouncy pop music) – Okay, I really hope you
make these incredible wands. They are so cool, so much fun to make. We’re gonna be making these
for just the next week or so. This is all we’ll be doing. What? Jacob. That’s amazing. Are you seeing this? This is so incredible. Look at this dude. Wow, these wands are so incredible. I really hope you make some yourself, because they’re just so much fun to make, and they turn out incredible
and amazing and beautiful. Put pictures on twitter and on Instagram, and everywhere and tag me and tag Rebecca, and show us your creations
because you can do this. You can make these amazing wands. Make them for Halloween or
like just for a regular day because they’re really– – Look, they’re so cool. – Make sure you check out
the channel, Pins and Things. I’m gonna put a link down below. She makes all kinds of
different, really cool crafts. So, make sure you check
them out and subscribe. – And we have a lot more other
Harry Potter crafts, too. So, come on over. – So cool, Bailey’s in heaven right now. She’s freaking out. We made specialized skeleton wands, and they’re gonna be on their channel, and they’re gonna be very,
very cool for Halloween. – Well, not only that,
we’re making all sorts of Halloween ones, like
spiders and stuff like that. – Anything you can think of, pretty much. – So, if you wanna check out a creepy skeleton wand
tutorial, watch that. The kids had a lot of fun. – I’m kind of practicing for it. – Ooh. – Thanks for watching this. We had so much fun. Have a great day. (bouncy acoustic music)

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  8. Dear Ballinger Family, I have a craft I think your family would really enjoy, however it does include fire. Off Amazon or in stores you get alcohol ink and you must get alcohol ink or it won't work, you can get colored one and then it looks a lot cooler. After you have put the ink on it, use a dropper to spread rubbing alcohol on it. This is the part where parents take control and kids should step back, so after you have put the rubbing alcohol on you light it on fire and then it dries the ink and makes a super cool design too. If you don't really understand my directions you can also look up "Fired ink art"

    Edit:Respelling alcohol

  9. I've been working on making wands from paper and sticks and they look SO much better than the ones made with hot glue,and look MUCH better and neater.

    "Low temprature hot glue guns"

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