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  1. from where did u got this double sided tape ..plz share a link ..can I get this on local craft store , what is that called …I always found that foam wala double sided tape , but not this thin one ..

  2. Muy bonita, te felicito por tu demostracion por ser fรกcil ,prรกctica y adaptarse a nuestras necesidades realmente muy creativa.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…

  3. I don't understand why you cutting corners and not showing properly full video how you cutting papers and gluing and other things? It's so hard to understand how you doing it all. And making too fast videos. Please show everything.

  4. *I WOULD RATHER USE THE KIDS GLUE STICK ITS FAST & EASY. Taking off the tape made wrinkles in her paper, but she was only showing us & did it fast for us & it still looked cute.
    * Make sure to measure that flower pot full of flower because when itโ€™s closed the flowers can become longer/taller than the card. The flowers will stick out of the closed card. Unless u want it to stick out.
    TEST HOW TALL it is when itโ€™s shut before you glue it.
    โ€ข Lay it down putting bottom of pot at the bottom of the flower pot fold closest to the edge of the card, same spot as if it was glued.
    *She didnโ€™t close her card all the way shut, but it looked to long from my view. Not that it matters, but itโ€™s nice to know what can happen.
    1. FIX WRINKLES & FOLD MARKS; I donโ€™t like all the folds & wrinkles for a card to give away.
    2. SUPPLIES; I buy brown paper bag by the roll & I use paper bags. Spray paint & glue. I also use green or brown paper used for spray painting cars, itโ€™s thinner but I love the textures when I spray water & use hot iron.
    3. WHAT TO MAKE WITH BROWN BAGS; basket, cards, name tags, flowers, sew & stuff paper shapes & more.
    4. HOT IRON & WRINKLED PAPER; dry iron will take some wrinkles & only improve other wrinkles. Water can help remove wrinkles & add texture.
    5. WET PAPER TO ADD TEXTURE; using wet cloth towels, paper towels, spray bottle or run it under water. Different paper thickness will give different results.
    6. DIFFERENT TEXTURES; Put things under the paper like cotton yarn or lace under the wet paper adds textures too. Make yarn shapes/heart, word/ name or a lot of squiggles under or on wet paper.
    7. HOT IRON & WATER to make cool textures. Or put iron on steam.
    8. WRAP GIFTS. Measure it, wrap the gift, but donโ€™t tape it; add textures,
    โ€ข I spray paint it, stamp it & wrap gift.
    โ€ข Wrinkle it all up in a wad, & iron it flat looks cool.
    โ€ข Stamp on Gold stars looks pretty.
    โ€ข Write words like HAPPY BIRTHDAY all over it in marker.
    โ€ข Let the kids color on it or trace cookie cutters. Anything goes.
    โ€ข Cut out hearts & stuff lightly with 2 cotton balls.
    โ€ข Sew them like it was cloth on sewing machine.
    โ€ข SIMPLE SHAPES; cowboy boots, stars, hearts, moon, house, ect.
    โ€ข Use ribbon or jute & sew onto paper shapes one on each end of cord.
    โ€ข ORNAMENTS; make a bow to hang on tree or gifts.
    โ€ข I paint them, write on them, draw on them & glue on paper shapes, lace & other things on them.
    GIFT BAGS; Big grocery bags or small lunch size brown paper bags. from groceryโ€™s stores. (It keeps plastic out of the oceans & that saves the life of all things that live in the ocean & if we eat them we also eat plastic.)
    1. GIFT BAGS; roll down the edges of the bag. I love the wrinkles & sometimes make extra wrinkles for texture.
    2. I use cheapest spray paint I can find, usually $1.00 per can.
    3. Paint red over the logo or reverse the bag & still spray over the logo.
    4. XMAS GIFT BAGS; my favorite color to use is red, & add a light spritz of gold over that. DONโ€™T hide all the red or the brown bag.
    5. DECORATING IT; I have added a twisted paper handle using bags, cutting & gluing to make long rope. I wanted mine to look a little bit like a grape vine.
    6. DECORATING ANYTHING WORKS , paper bow, paper flowers, nuts, pinecones, Long needle pine here in the south last for many years & looks great when its old & turns brown. I spray silk flowers too.
    7. I usually sprayed what I use to match what I am doing. Some times I want it all to be one color or 3 colors (brown & gold with red berries).
    8. When done I add decorations onto one side, or all along the handle.
    9. I have used plastic grapes & sprayed them.
    10. I have made PAPER GRAPES using brown paper napkins.
    11. I like using brown paper napkins I had taken to many from a fast food place & it worked wonderful. Or use napkin the color u want it, purple, or red, ect
    12. I wet napkin in the mix of Elmerโ€™s glue & water,= papier-mรขchรฉI
    13. Rip or cut napkin the size you want,
    14. wet it & roll it up.
    15. Set on a non-stick something. I use a glass plate, but u can use plastic wrap.
    16. LEAVES cut them out & textured then with water & hot iron.
    17. I like using ink pad on edges of leaves.
    18. MAKE GIFT BASKETS; Xmas, Easter, birthdays, u name it.
    FREE FUN GIFT BAGS. Some people have loved it so much they keep it to decorate the house. I have also filled them with pine cones. Have Fun.

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  6. Nice card thankyou for sharing such a great idea. Mam I have one question that what is your name????

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