Easy DIY Father’s Day Paper Crafts for Kids

Easy DIY Father’s Day Paper Crafts for Kids

hey guys! Shawn here from shawnmhowell.com with another two minute tip. and today is not Tuesday it is Thursday so
I’m late on my video but Father’s Day is Sunday so I wanted to get this video
out. so if you’re interested in some last-minute easy Father’s Day crafts
that you can do. keep watching. hey guys! so if you noticed I’m filming with a
crib behind me because we finally got the crib up for our new baby girl but
today is not baby related it is all about fathers. and Father’s Day is this
Sunday so many of you might be looking for some last-minute Father’s Day crafts
for church or for home so I’ve got a couple for you. keep watching. the first
three ideas I’m going to show you really quick are some printables. paper
quick paper crafts for Father’s Day that you can get off of GuildCraftInc and
I’ll put the link down in the description box below.
it comes with their freebie Friday email so you’ll need to sign up for
their freebie Friday emails to get access. but on the first one are these
happy Father’s Day medals. and here is what it starts
out as. you have lots of medals to choose from and then here is the finished
product. This is the one we did last year. number one dad. the kids color it. I just
added some yarn. this is just some yarn I had laying around. so these make some really
cute fun Father’s Day medals. second printable from guildcraftinc is the
Father’s Day tie. again you have the kids cut it out, color, cut out ,and it has a
little tab and then they can wear a cute little tie on their shirt when their
dads pick them up. third printable from guildCraft Inc is coupons. what parent
doesn’t love coupons? especially when it has to do with their kids doing chores?
this one has coupons to help with yard work, take out the trash, clean the garage, wash
the car, spend day with dad, breakfast in bed. so cute to just color, put together
in a little booklet for kids to give to the dad. something simple that
you can do or you can make your own. you don’t have to use this printable. the kids
can write their own on cardstock and cut them out and give them to their dad.
another quick idea that would relate to all the men in your church. if you’re
looking to do something for all the men in your church is you can write out a
simple prayer or blessing to the men of your church, print it out on yardstick
paper, have the kids write it, color it, and while your services… worship services…
are going on or Sunday school the kids can put the blessing or prayer on the
windshield of the cars in all of the parking lot in your entire church
parking lot. so that is another great idea for Father’s Day.
I hope that you found these very simple last-minute Father’s Day ideas helpful
for your church or your group or your family. they are very simple ideas that
you can pull off before Sunday so if you did please give me a big thumbs up, share
it with your friends, and don’t forget to subscribe. I will see you in my next
video. thanks for watching. bye!

2 thoughts on “Easy DIY Father’s Day Paper Crafts for Kids

  1. Great ideas here Shawn. Love the windshield blessing idea. Our Fathers Day in Australia is in September. (I think England too) so we have extra time up our sleeve to get these ideas together. Thanks for the ideas!

  2. doing a bouquet of lottery tickets or a bouquet of pictures is a great one too. or having the kids make a scrap book page, add a picture, and then frame it 🙂

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