Easy Best Out of Waste Craft Jute Bag from Old Plastic Bottle | Jute/Twine Purse | Reuse Old Things

Easy Best Out of Waste Craft : Jute Rope Bag from Old Plastic Bottle This is a nice recycled craft where empty plastic bottle is used along with jute rope to create small bag for girls. Take a buckram cloth and mark the measurements as shown. Take an old Harpic bottle and wrap the buckram cloth around it as shown. Fold the buckram cloth and apply glue to seal the edges of the cloth. Now, cut the cloth with scissors as shown. Take jute rope and paste the jute strands on the buckram cloth using glue gun as shown. Now, remove the Harpic plastic bottle from inside the buckram cloth. Draw a semicircle on the upper flap of the bag and cut it as shown. Stick the jute rope strands on the surface of the flap as shown. Take a buckram cloth and mark the measurement as 1 inch on the cloth. Now fold along the marked surface and cut long stripes of the buckram cloth. Apply glue on the edges of one buckram cloth strip and paste the other one to it to get a long stripe. Now paste Jute strands on the buckram stripes as shown. Now take the jute rope bag and stick the packing tape on the bag as shown. Now place some papers on the lower surface of the jute bag. Shake well a copper acrylic paint and spray it on the jute rope bag and belt as shown. Now remove the packing tapes from the jute rope bag. you will get contrast colors on the bag. Paste a velcro on the inner part of the flap and upper front surface of the bag. Take a pearl lace and decorate the bag as shown. Paste a decorative object on the bag. Paste a lace on the lower portion of the bag. Attach the belt to the inner portion of the bag as shown. This forms the handle for the bag. Wow!! your Jute rope bag is now ready for use. Hope you loved this DIY recycled craft. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!!

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