Easy Arts & Crafts Projects for Kids : Making a Clay Dinosaur: Arts & Crafts Projects for Kids

Easy Arts & Crafts Projects for Kids : Making a Clay Dinosaur: Arts & Crafts Projects for Kids

Hi! I am Debbie with Expert Village.com and
I am here today to show you how to make some clay dinosaurs, or clay anything with your
young crafter. One of the great advantages of working with the clay and play dough with
the young children is of course working on those fine motor skills and those hands which
is why when they have get to kindergarten those handwriting skills, cutting skills,
gluing skills, all of those things that use those little muscles in their hands, you prepare
for that by using clay and things before they get to school. Today we are going to do dinosaurs
and the reason why I prefer dinosaurs is little kids love them, number one, girls and boys,
you can incorporate a lot of learning with dinosaurs. Number one, they are so enthused
about it, number two you can build some wonderful science vocabulary with your young learner,
and go to the library, get books on dinosaurs, books on how to draw dinosaurs, different
periods of dinosaurs. You can bring so much learning into this and then as a culmination
you can make a clay dinosaur. Things that you going to need, first of all, you need
your working mats, so we don’t get clay or play dough all over the table, and there
are a lot of different things on the market. Right now there is some new modeling clay
that’s wonderful for little hands because it is not quite as thick and firm as some
of the other clay; it’s much more pliable. This is the harder stuff, you know, it’s
still good for little hands, to work those muscles and get that clay soft, they resist
a little bit but this is probably better for younger kids. This is a white plaster type
clay that air dries hard, and then the kids can paint it, which little kids love to paint,
so this one is a good one too. It’s a little harder for the little hands to work. Another
thing I like to do when we are doing our dinosaurs especially is put them on a hard paper plate,
so when they want to carry it around, show to their friends and their family, they have
some place to display it. You can do little paper plates, any kind of paper plate works.
Another thing that I like to use is plastic utensils so that they can put texture onto
their dinosaur and create some toes and claws and things like that.

21 thoughts on “Easy Arts & Crafts Projects for Kids : Making a Clay Dinosaur: Arts & Crafts Projects for Kids

  1. at about 1:50, I came to the realization that we would not be making any dinosaurs during this session 🙁

  2. should change the title to WHAT TYPE OF CLAY SUITABLE TO MAKE DINOSAUR. Yes, waste my time watching this – title very misleading

  3. What the….Yeah thanks for telling us what clay is good for little hands but how do you make the fucken little dinosaur?

  4. they dont need to be perfect!! bloody hell… kids can just create a blob and say it looks like a dinosaur.. she just wants us to think she knows how to make a dinosaur

  5. I'd like to apologize for that comment. I don't remember posting it (it was a long time ago, and it is possible that someone else was using my account), but it was offensive and I am sorry for any hurt or offense it may have caused. I certainly don't normally say things like that. I have removed it, and I hope you can forgive me.

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