Easy Arts and Crafts Painting Projects : Painting Fabric: Tips for Painting on Fabric

Easy Arts and Crafts Painting Projects : Painting Fabric: Tips for Painting on Fabric

Welcome to expertvillage.com. I am Angela
Sage Larsen. I hope you will visit my website at petalwinkthefairy.com. Now that your piece
is all ready to paint and you are inspired and have your design in mind. You are ready
to put the paint on the fabric, and you want just enough on your brush, so that it is not
dripping off, but you want it moist enough too, so that it is not too dry so that you
can get a nice solid color on your fabric. And usually fabric has a bit of a grain to
it so you might have to go over it a couple of times and just be little careful with your
brush strokes along the edges of your design, so that you can get a nice clean edge. And
if your fabric is relatively thin you can put a piece of cardboard or a piece of plastic
or something underneath it, so that it will not bleed through to the other side, but it
is okay to really saturate the piece because that will just make it that much more permanent
and you can continue to mix as it does not quite dry as quickly if you put it on a little
bit thicker, you can kind of blend as you go. And because you are using acrylic paints,
you just clean your brush off with water and that means if you are not using your brush
or you are changing brushes you just want to keep it in water, so that it will not dry
out. Now this is where these outliner paints come in real handy, you can just go straight
from the tube, and I would like to use it to outline the design, but I paint it with
the brush.

11 thoughts on “Easy Arts and Crafts Painting Projects : Painting Fabric: Tips for Painting on Fabric

  1. I hope Angela Sage Larson realizes that people are finding it hard to catch the name of her website and writes it out somewhere. "Pedolink the Fairy"? Perowink the Fairy"? Huh?

  2. if u paint this with acrilic paint what is gonna happen if u wash ur clothes will the paint go away or were off????????

  3. Laz
    Have you ever gotten paint on your shirt by mistake? It doesn't come off. Just wash it gently. No hot water and no bleach. Treat it as a delicate fabric to help keep the colors vibrant.

  4. what I hate about all these expert village how to videos is that they dont show the final result….. add another 5 seconds to your videos ………………

  5. expert village sucks, do they EVER read the comments? what kind of paint are your using, discuss the fabric. show the final result. FAIL!

  6. I hate Expert Village because if you sub to their channel, you get every darn thing they post. Not the videos I want. I don't think they read any of the comments. The kind of paints used are Acrylics like Folk Art or Plaid paints for fabrics. You can get them at WalMart, Hobby Lobby or Michaels Arts and Crafts. They aren't all that expensive. And they are very flexible when painted on fabric. One hint though, must iron fabric b4 washing it.

  7. She does not explain what paint she is using, and that you can make your own fabric paint by adding Fabric Medium to any craft paint. If you do not, the craft paint will come off the fabric when it is washed. Also, she does not explain that the paint seeps into the fabric, and that you will have to paint more than one layer. This is not a very thorough tutorial.

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