EASY Aquascape CHEAP Dojo !! For ANYONE

EASY Aquascape CHEAP Dojo !! For ANYONE

Easy aquascape cheap dojos – we’re gonna
practice hardscaping! Cheap and easy, sometimes you get one of the other, this
time we got both! We got them both cheap and easy!
We are definitely building some easy aquascape cheap dojos to practice our
hardscaping skills. That’s right we got them both cheap and easy and we’re gonna
check them out now let’s get in the studio and see what’s one you like the
best. Give me a comment below. We’re gonna work out some hard scape schemes. We’re
gonna set them up tear them down set up a new dojo tear it down and we’re gonna
go through several dojos several aquascapes I think you’re gonna like it
I want you to comment below which one you like the best the cheap dojo the
hardscape what do you like or what you don’t like let’s get in here to the
studio and check it out we’re building a fish studio to feature several beautiful
display tanks so I need to up my aquascaping game so I’m gonna show you
how I got several cheap and easy dojos set up in what is to be the fish studio
right now it’s just a garage and the echo and ambient noise and other factors
beyond my control mean this is going to be a voiceover video while we’re in the
studio portion so thanks for being with me on that and let’s take a look at this
first example I’ve already made aquascaping hardscape dojo it’s a little
deep so it’s gonna require quite a bit of sand to fill all of that space in
order to raise the level of the sand up to a surface area where you can view
your actual hard scape when you’re finished with the practice session so
the sides are adequate for supporting vertical elements all you need to do is
to add sand also available at your local DIY store you can see I used just place
and very inexpensive few bucks for a bag of 50 pounds and we’re ready to go now
to frame the scaping size and fill the space with an inert material I had some
scrapped foam laying around so I filled the bottom with some of these foam
pieces and cut out a couple of sides two more to be more like the size of the
aquarium that it’s going to aquascape and get a better
feel of the scope and the scale of the project as we went along this was
totally optional and you can do this by drawing lines and the sand or using
sticks but I just happen to have some foam so that’s the way that I went after
you add the sand it’s easy to smooth the working surface with your hand I even
use a cheap paintbrush to help me do this and maybe make it a little bit
lower in the front than the back that helps with your composition and you can
tell from this camp you can’t tell from this camera angle but there is a slope
and the way that I’m working the sand here so after smoothing the slopes and
surface I can begin to add hard scape elements and these are just some that
I’ve had laying around and collected over the years they’re not inexpensive
pieces but grabbing one here and one there they kind of add up we’re gonna
add some feather stone and get the rocks in there and then we can add some
manzanita branches of course you can use whatever you want this dojo is it’s just
sand in a box so any of the material you want to use in your aquascaping you can
and by the way you’re about to find out that I’m not an aquascaping expert and
this is not a video about how to aquascape this video is about some cheap
and easy dojos that I was able to put together and work with while I’m trying
to practice and get better as an Aquos caper so make sure you check those
things out and then that there aquarium safe before you add them to a living
aquascape because we’re working in a dojo here we can rearrange as often as
we want and not worry about any damage to our aquarium or breaking down the
expensive substrate material that were working these rocks and pieces of wood
on top of I think this is a very effective way to practice hardscape
aquascaping skills if you agree hit that thumbs up button the reason we practice
our hardscapes in a dojo is to become a better hardscaping aquas gamer but the
benefits that come along with that are eliminating the risk of damage to your
aquarium during the practice session you might
learn that a vertical element is going to be able to be stabilized or not you
might have in the aquarium a large heavy vertical piece of fall and crack or
scratch the aquarium you don’t have to worry about that if you’re practicing in
a dojo and also the expensive substrate that you’re using in the actual
aquascape that’s going to be good for plant nutrition and so forth I enjoy
using the flu ball Stratham and if you roll it in your hand it turns to a fine
powder to soil so if you compact it with hardscaping materials you’re going to
destroy that soil those are benefits in addition to becoming a better Aquos
caper we’re not going to damage our aquarium or our substrate just like that
we can put our cheap and easy dojo away until we’re ready for another aquascape
hardscape practice session these storage bins also come in different sizes
these just accommodate the space that you have the size that you feel like
you’re going to need this smaller unit was less expensive under ten bucks and
it’s also available at the big-box DIY stores after adding sand to this one as
before this dojo is ready to take for a spin after smoothing the sand and
sloping in a bit we’ve got this inexpensive paintbrush here less than 2
bucks we’re keeping this thing on the cheap we’re gonna add some elements and
start another session this time let’s try working with some serious tone and
I’m sure I said that incorrectly so go ahead phonetically spell that out in the
comments if you can help me with the sea Ryu pronunciation it’s a beautiful stone
I wish I had more of it and also have some of this Malaysian driftwood which
man it’s so dark it’s so rich in color it will tannin stain your water I’ll
tell you that I recommend if you don’t want tannin stains to plan on extra
water changes and it’s a good idea to boil the man’s a tar I’m sorry to boil
the Malaysian driftwood before you introduce it into an aqua scope to
reduce the amount of tannins released in the water
that’s going to stain it kind of a cool thing the black water tank is in vogue
right now and it does have some benefits apparently to the fish okay so starting
with excellent materials increases our chances and opportunity for a desirable
result that you get what you pay for in the case of these dojos we’re doing it
cheap and easy I think it would look better in a fish studio if we spent
hundreds of dollars on some rich wood and had it nicely appointed with some
metal supports braces and legs but in the meantime we’re gonna do this for $20
bill and change and we’re gonna increase our skill perhaps we’ll build up a nicer
permanent unit in the future but right now I’m having fun with these cheap easy
dojos so again the dojo we can rearrange the hardscape as often as we like with
no risk to our aquarium or substrate just the benefit of becoming a better
aquascape err on the cheap Wow I really like this storage bins make outstanding
inexpensive dojos to practice in and I’ve got a couple of even less expensive
models to show you if you can believe that one of these small Mason’s tubs is
five bucks and change again at the DIY stores and man are they handy if you
look through some of the videos that I’ve made in the past you may see this
tub show up more often than I even realized the size offers a bit more of a
surface area it does lack the vertical supports of a back wall or side walls
but you can remedy that with some heavy posterboard
scrap cardboard you have laying around foam board lots of options on the cheap
here and I think duct tape would hold any of those I would recommend inserting
them from the inside to assemble your walls rather than trying to attach them
to the outside but then we’re right back to having a cheap easy dojo and you can
go ahead and start practicing your hard scape it does have a measurement this
particular model has a measurement on the front
and you can see I’ve demonstrated the the front-to-back width so lots of
surface area to work that’s a nice sized aquarium if it has a footprint that size
let’s add some sand and get started smoothing and sloping the sand is always
the first step and a dojo set up just for the sake of coherent composition
when we’re finished and then we’re gonna add the elements and this means our
projects underway elephant stone and Malaysian driftwood this Malaysian
driftwood it’s pretty outstanding stuff elephant stone and Malaysian driftwood
are a great tag team and they make a strong statement so we’re gonna have a
really strong effect in our hard scape here that could be easily complemented
with lots of different types of plants clumping carpeting stemming this this
type of aquascape is very versatile okay and why not let’s let’s try another
option do we move the stones as we want to and sometimes we don’t have to have a
plan in mind I think the more I learn about composition the easier this is
going to be I can get the initial layout done faster and then tweak it to my
preference but for now we’re just kind of moving this stuff all around
wholesale changes deciding what’s most appealing to our eye by the way I’ll
have to mention that that the two-dimensional camera angle doesn’t do
any aquascape or hardscape justice so this is just kind of for a reference and
if you’ve seen beautiful aquascape in person you know what I’m talking about and this next cheat dojo idea is the
cheapest of them all check it out this is a small storage container lid it’s
available in lots of different sizes this one I think they market as a
shoebox size I picked this shoebox container because I wanted to try this
lid as a cheap easy aquascape dojo and it was thicker than most of the others I
knew I could get more sand in this lid and that would help stabilize any
vertical rocks or wood pieces that I wanted to use easier than if it had been
a shallower lid however you can work with the shallower lids this just
expands your options having the thicker lid in this session we’re gonna work
with the beautiful dragon stone and a nice mounted spider wood piece now this
is an idea that I’ve mentioned before if you start with great material your
chances for a desirable result are much higher I mean the dragon stone how do
you go wrong it’s almost like cheating no matter which it doesn’t matter how
it’s situated it’s gonna have a high impact I think it’s also gonna be
healthy in an aquarium with all those holes creating so much surface area
hiding space areas for plants to be attached to just a wonderful stone to
work with now this is pretty nice I like that but let’s see what else we can come
up with we’re gonna remove the sand a little bit and get started
I like this dojo session so the best thing about this size container is it
fits almost anywhere it is the least expensive and you can still practice
your aquascaping hardscape skills if you use this lid as a sand filled cheap dojo
and that’s exactly what we’re doing here no walls but I will after we rearrange
these elements into something that we decide we might like and enjoy I’m going
to use another lid of the same color to get a better idea of what the scape
actually looks like so that’s another cheap easy dojo tip is to use a
background any any wall colour you have is fine and then use a contrasting color
to see if it brings out any other details that might lead you
wanting to make a different make a change or make something different
happen in the in the hardscape so changing the contrasting background can
help you get a better view of your work so for a few pounds of saying than a
cheap container lid we’re gonna have loads of aquascaping fun practicing our
hearts cake composition growing our skills here’s another look with that
larger container lid as a background as I mentioned this gives us a better
visualization of this hardscape the camera never does the three-dimensional
design justice keep that in mind although I understand I have lots of
improvement to go as an Aquos caper but I’m doing it look we’re hoping us help
each other become better aquascape now that I’m all practiced up I felt really
good about trying my own aquascape I want you to check this out here’s some
other shots this is a 10 gallon shrimp king complete kit by dinner ‘la and
we’re using the fluval Stratham substrate this mounted spider wood piece
is awesome and this scape is going to feature it along with the gorgeous
dragon stone and this was my favorite of all of the practice sessions and all the
dojos so that’s what I’ve decided to go with in this small 10 gallon planted
tank here’s a spoiler spoiler alert not really nice don’t do a spoiler and I do
have livestock ordered for this tank so I hope you’ll watch next Tuesday’s
release for the big reveal hint I’ve ordered livestock from flip
aquatics love robbing a man of the business they do over there at flipper
aquatics and I’ll put a link to flip aquatics YouTube channel in the cart
above and also in the description below thanks for watching this one I look
forward to seeing you on the next one until then why don’t you get out there
and see it love it and live it

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  1. In this video learn how to anyone can set up a simple easy to use aquascaping hardscape dojo! Practice for hours if you like and watch your aquascaping skills grow! Several options are featured here for less than 20 bucks! More great content here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrH64l4lklk&list=PL15wAdMgRul-QXcN92qEtZHeAeo9hMUUJ

  2. One of our favorite lfs, ADG (Aquarium Design Group), has a large sand box to try out hard scape so we can pick good pieces for our scapes. Helps to visualize your desired effect before making purchases.

    This is certainly a good idea. Thank you, Rack.

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