Easy And Useful Craft Ideas

Easy And Useful Craft Ideas

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35 thoughts on “Easy And Useful Craft Ideas

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  2. Nice idea, I like it. The video was unnecessarily long, your point was already made and you could have cut it at 1:45.

    I don't like long YouTube videos.

  3. These aren’t crafts. Crafts are of an artist nature! Painting, sewing, crochet, needle work, paper arts, etc. your diy is ingenious but not artistic. Invention hack idea. But not crafts or arts

  4. LOL nice, great minds think alike. it didn't didn't occur to me for coffee cup, I used big clip made other with rectangle to hold 2 laptop adapters that I didn't want on floor. Your's took the Cake. i Like, OLE!

  5. when I have a desk, i do not need an additional place for my coffee. But clever maked, the video.

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