Easy Alcohol Ink Backgrounds & Card Ideas

Easy Alcohol Ink Backgrounds & Card Ideas

Hi I’m Gerry from Gerry’s Craft Room In this video I’m going make some easy alcohol ink backgrounds and I have a bunch of card examples for you I have the inks and I have alcohol blending
solution I keep them in a tin and if you have these
inks you know they tip over real easy you don’t need a tin like this but I recommend
some sort of storage system that makes you see them easy and that keeps
them together I have my yupo paper on a piece of cardboard
and I add the ink on the paper by shaking and tapping on the bottle and when you used a colour make sure to put the cap back on
you don’t want an open bottle tipping over on your desk
at least I know that I don’t want that and I add the next colour the same way so just let the ink do it’s thing and watch it it’s quite satisfying and calming to see the colours move Just so you know I added the main products I used in the description box for you you can find the full list of supplies on my blog and if you are new here and you like what you see don’t forget to subscribe I just keep filling my paper with colour and you can see it’s already starting to
form a nice pattern by itself you can leave it like this but I like to experiment
a bit more by adding the blending solution
and this makes the colours move even more I am going to use the heat tool to blend the
colours a bit in the places where there is more ink you can also use a hairdryer I hold the heat tool on its side so I want
the air but not the heat yupo is a plastic kind of paper and it will
melt if you put the heat tool straight on so here’s the first background on with the next one for this I also have alcohol ink pearl and this you want to shake so the pearl part mixes with the rest check the bottom if that’s clean you are
good to go now I first add the blending solution
and I spread it on the page with a brush I use a Nuvo nylon brush and I have used them
with alcohol inks before and they are real easy to clean alcohol ink stains real easy so make sure you use the right tools and don’t mess up your perfectly good tools that don’t go well with alcohol inks I add the colours in the same way as for the first background and you can see they move way more with the blending solution don’t you think it super pretty to just watch it it’s almost kind of zen reminding me a bit of a lava lamp anyway I keep adding colours until I get a nice colour mix and then I use the heat tool again this blends and also softens the edges of
the colours and this is the result
for the last background I use rubbing alcohol I pour some in a little bowl and I use the
a nuvo brush again and I have 4 colours alcohol ink I first add the different inks on the paper I just add them randomly and then I dip my brush in the rubbing alcohol
and brush over the page and you can do this more subtle than I did
with just a few strokes then I add some drops by tapping on the brush
that I dipped in the alcohol again and then I stop the ink from moving
by drying it with the air from the heat tool then I add some little drops and use the heat
tool right away and you can see that you get tiny drops this
way which is pretty cool so I keep adding drops until they are in different parts on the paper this is the finished result I used one of the sheets to cut the 3d leaves and this is really cool because it’s a 3d embossing folder and die in one it’s the first time I tried them and I really like it and the detail is really pretty as you can see here the embossing folder is clear so you can see where you can add the paper
if you want to be economic I always like that so it’s easy to move the paper a bit around
for the perfect fit and here you can see how they come out of
the folder and I found when it is stuck a bit you can
press on the side and then it pops out you can also use a craft pick if you are not
too fussy for these leaves I have a sanding tool
and I am going to sand them to make the veins stand out more you can use fine grain sanding paper too or a sanding block I just make a turning motion with the tool and I sand the edges too
this gives a fun weathered look here you can see them up close and this is the card I made with the leaves and I use a ticket and cut out the sentiment and I added the same colour from the background to the back of the ticket and I added the
ticket with some foam for extra dimension for the other leaves I cut I have embellishment
mousse and I take out a bit with my craft spoon
then I pick up a bit of the mousse and I wipe with my finger over the paper first
to make sure there’s not too much on it and then I add it on the leaf and then I buff the leaves with a piece of kitchen paper and here you can see the subtle gold next to the veins and this is the card I made with a simple sentiment with a wonky letter
this was not on purpose but I liked it so I decided to use it on the card and I added the leaves in a row on a background with distress oxide spray and some Nuvo drops for extra dimension I am going to finish this card I added the background to a green note card and I cut/embossed the leaves out of gold
glitter card and it’s gorgeous the way the veins show
on the glitter card it’s amazing and beautiful there is tape to the back of the pieces I cut with some foam tape on the back of the big leaves I am adding the parts to the card I also have a piece that’s not complete I know I want to add something on top so I cut it from a scrap piece of card I add the pieces and when I like how they lay I press them on the card and I finish with the printed sentiment so there you have another card idea with the
alcohol ink background on this card I wanted to show the background so I cut the sentiment out of a black strip and added white card to the back
and I finished with some big Nuvo drops for this card I have cut a bunch of parts I added the alcohol ink background to a white note card and I have tape on the back of the pieces so now I will lay them out on the card I already had a bit of plan else I always want to lay them out and then add the tape or glue some of these dies are older but it’s fun
to combine them with newer dies to create different looks and you can use them in different ways so here’s the finished card with some simple layers On this card I used the large funky festive to make the circle and pile up some of the
greens and I used one of the circle Christmas words
for the sentiment here are all the finished cards together and you see you can use a complete sheet to add on your cards or cut them up in pieces to add as a fun detail on my blog you can take a closer look at all
cards you can find the link in the description box
below I hope you liked the video don’t forget
to like share and subscribe and make sure to keep on crafting

19 thoughts on “Easy Alcohol Ink Backgrounds & Card Ideas

  1. See now I need that leaf๐ŸŒฟthey are beautiful on the gold glitter paper. Love all of them thanks for sharing honnepon๐Ÿค— of course I looked it up, hopefully in the correct context. Hope you're having a great weekend Gerry๐Ÿ’•

  2. Once again, I'm amazed with your creativity and skill at creating backgrounds and cards. I fell in love with alcohol inks when they first came out and now I want to get back to it. I was surprised when you dragged your brush thru the inks but was so impressed by time you were finished. LOVE your projects! Always something new!
    WOW! Thanks!

  3. Thanks so much lovely crafty friends for the wonderful comments, I always love reading them from the cute short ones until the longer ones and even stories, so a BIG thank you๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜˜ to everyone who takes the time to leave me a message๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜

  4. These are very lovely cards. You are right…the "Z" adds more interest to the card. As it's said…a lucky mistake. I especially love the three cards with the leaves. Thank you for the inspiration!!

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