Easy aari design tracing | aari work tracing technique | Easy tracing technique for blouse

Easy aari design tracing | aari work tracing technique | Easy tracing technique for blouse

Hi, my name is Surya Kumari. Today I am going to show you how to draw a design downloaded from phone. If you have any doubts please comment below. Download any aari work design which you like from google, Downloaded image to be crop as two parts like this way. Save image. Again take full image and crop remaining half part and save. Now we got two parts of design. Take these two images in A4 size prints This is first part A4 print. This is second one. You can take black and white prints also but in colour print you can see work properly. Stick these two prints with help of cello tape. From here to here is 6 inches. As per my blouse measurement its fine. Even 5.5 also enough as per my requirement. Check your blouse measurement and take print accordingly. This print out length now its 8 inches. This length vary depends on the persons measurements. As per my required blouse I need 9 inches length. How I adjust I will show you. There is no measurements for this outline just a rough idea. For every tracing design paper we have to draw outline like this way. From here to is 6 inches. As per my required blouse I need 5.5 inches. Follow as per your requirement. Most common measurements are 5.5 to 6 inches. After stitching its 6 inches. So, I have taken measurement from here to here is 6 inches. And the length is… We have to mark from this line. This much length I need. From this bottom line we have to take beck neck height for work. This measurement should be measure by stitched blouse only. From here to here it is 6 inches. From here to my required blouse length is 9 inches. Take this design and place below the tracing paper. Match this below point along with design. Design along with tracing paper middle points should be match, We have to extend this design both sides to get our proper length of the blouse. We have to set bottom design first. Starting tracing…. For these three line work I have drawn a broad line. If we stitch line by line we will get final output. I want to change this left side neck design that’s I have not drawn. I didn’t like this design that’s I will change later. From here we have to extend this design.

84 thoughts on “Easy aari design tracing | aari work tracing technique | Easy tracing technique for blouse

  1. Measurements given as per my requirement to explain this process. Don't follow these measurements, You should take measurements as per your required blouse. Thanks 🙂

  2. Madam nenu carbon paper petti design blouse meedha ki trace cheyali anukuntunanu kani ala chesthe marakalu paduthunayi avi wash chesthe pothaya pls chepandi

  3. What if the blouse back is of 10 or 11 inch..how can we trace the design??? because the print comes only in one size right

  4. Hi mam.. if we take screen shot from printrest or someother social media how to trace for our measurements..? I have both both system n printer at home so how to take printout for my measurements plz tell me mam..

  5. Neck broad kanuka design paper lo thakkuva vunte yela broad cheyyali cheppandi madam……ante design chinnaga vunte?

  6. Nice video but please tell after tracing that paper hoe to apply to blouse using carbon sheet in our blouse please tell me that
    I am new learner
    Thank you

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