Easiest Toilet Paper Origami Flowers – Amaze Your Friends 🌹🌷

Easiest Toilet Paper Origami Flowers – Amaze Your Friends 🌹🌷

Hello again Peaches, toilet paper.
We all must use it. Do you get sick of the roll rotation exercises that must be
done in your time of need? Well today, we’re gonna learn how to eliminate that
annoying activity and create beautiful works of art that will delight your
family and friends. Don’t you just love small surprises? Like finding a ten-dollar bill in your pocket. Your significant other cleaning the kitchen. Well, Spring is the perfect time to give small surprises to others. So in
honor of this wondrous time of year we are going to be learning to “toilegami”
designs. for the beginner origami artist we are going to be making a lovely rose
and for the more seasoned artisan, a beautiful tulip. The toilet-paper rose
is so easy. Just take about five squares of tp, clamp it with your right hand, wrap
the end around your pointer finger, and pull the other end through.. Roll the paper back and a splendid rose you have. To make the tulip, tear off one square
and fold it in half diagonally. Then, fold and unfold in half to make a crease. Fold
the lower edges up, fold the right and left sides to the back, and set it aside. Now for the vessel. Fold the right corner
up to the left side and fold the tip to the right corner. Fold the tip to the raw
edge and fold up at the raw edge. fold the corners to the center back. Rewind the roll, insert the tulip, and it is finished. Well really Michelle, besides looking
cool, what other benefits are there to toilet paper origami? Well I am so glad
you asked. Because neatly folded toilet paper can give your bathroom users the
sense of attention and love. it can distract from other imperfections in the
room. And, it’s fun. So Peaches, if you don’t know, now you
know how to make your bathroom amazing and
memorable with toilet paper origami. There are so many other designs that we
can make so if you like this content, give it a thumbs up and we’ll visit
this topic again. Hey, maybe next time, we can make tropical fish, palm trees, posies, shooting stars, diamond crests, mountains, fan-twists, cornucopias………………………….

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