Easel Card Tutorial And More With Tonic Studios Designers Choice October Edition

Easel Card Tutorial And More With Tonic Studios Designers Choice October Edition

Hi I’m Gerry from Gerry’s Craft Room In this video I’m going make cards with the new Tonic Studios designers choice die
set It’s an exclusive limited edition big die
set with lots of options for different projects I am going to show you easel cards and regular
cards to give you some ideas I start with the base parts cut out of ultra-smooth card and I am going to burnish them with the precision glide which is a great tool to make crisp folds I am going to colour the card with a nuvo
aqua flow pen I spray water on both sides against warping and then I add the colour I just brush it on the paper Just so you know I added the main products I used and more info on the Designer Choice die set in the description box for you you can find the full list of supplies also on my blog and if you are new here and you like what you see don’t forget to subscribe and I want a soft blended background so I spray some more water and I add a bit more colour along the edges I dried the cards a bit with a heat tool and
now I blot excess water I am going to colour a piece of ultra smooth
card with glacier paste and I use a nuvo brush to apply it I just brush in different directions to get a smooth thin layer look at the gorgeous shimmer of the mica and
now I let this dry I cut the dragonfly out of glitter card and
out of ultra smooth and I am going to glue the layers together this will add to the dimension and make the end piece more sturdy I always like that it’s not just flat on the card and then I add the pieces together I just take the sides of part of the piece
and squeeze them in place I do this in parts until the white is tucked
away behind the glitter piece and I do the same for the flower border I have my card pieces and the double layer glitter parts and I glue them in place this is quite some gluing you could also use
double sided adhesive then you should add that before you cut the
pieces I like the glue as this gives me the chance
to move it a bit when adding it to the card I am going to do the same with the other piece I already added glue to the back and I put it in place now I am going to assemble the card
I add tape on the strip and then I add the piece in place and there you have the easel card I cut a sentiment and I am going to add that
on the card I put it in the easel position if that’s
a good way to say it and then add the sentiment and then the base part is done you can leave it like this
or you can decorate some more I cut some butterflies and hearts out of the
glacier paste card and I am going to add them to the card
as fun little details I put on an acrylic block to let the glue dry and I have two more little hearts that I add to finish the card and my decorated easel card is done here I have another easel card done in the
same way but I kept it very basic with just black and
silver glitter I have another card in were I added Embossed
Cotton Paper Hail Storm and I cut the flower border out of Mirror
Card Blue Obsidian and I cut off part of the border and I cut off the flowers and cut of the little bit that’s sticking out following the shape of the flower and then I add the parts on the card this way it looks different and you can stretch your die set which I always love to do and I
add the sentiment in the middle and you can leave it like this for a more
clean and simple look I have cut some more shapes to fill the card so here’s the finished card I have another card with the flower border with a part I cut of and I added the borders
on the card and now I am going to add the little pieces
behind the sentiment and then I add it in the middle of the card and I have a leftover butterfly from the previous card that I add and that matches the sentiment with mirror and glitter card if you like this die set make sure to use code DIEFIVE for 5 dollars or pounds off there is an Inspiration Hub of content from your favourite crafters
so make sure to check that out I hope you liked the video don’t forget
to like share and subscribe and make sure to keep on crafting

6 thoughts on “Easel Card Tutorial And More With Tonic Studios Designers Choice October Edition

  1. Wow! Such beautiful cards! I have a hard time keeping the glue from squeezing out everywhere when I use intricate dies. Is this normal? What am I doing wrong?

  2. Beautiful! I don’t know whether you noticed or not—the first flat card had almost a heart shaped open space. The addition of a small flower or butterfly at the center top would have made it into a heart perfect for Valentines Day—the sentiments would work, too.

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