E23 Ms Yeah’s watermelon feast done. Are you ready? | Ms Yeah

E23 Ms Yeah’s watermelon feast done. Are you ready? | Ms Yeah

Like it https://youtu.be/B7lymRMSHaM Need more coffeeawe asome Ladies First But Get in to Line Girl someliK forget it Little girl, come buy some watermelons. Very sweet and crisp! No.1 watermelon in China, as sweet as your first love, as red as a hot fire Beep Beep (brings in watermelons) (Unfolds Wrap ) Put watermelon on it Cut it *concentrates* *sneezes* looks good (gives co-workers watermelon flowers) No mine ]:3 digs watermelon with a spoon smashes the juicy pieces pours the juice out add icecream powder stirs it add jelly powder covers it with plastic wrap puts them in the fridge (Refrigerator) takes out the fruit plate slices different kinds of fruits watermelon pizza *cuts into slices* another idea she’s crafty peels off the rind makes the arms takes coffee refill cups cuts them open wash them take a straw makes a pair of wheels cuts cup into a mouth also cuts them into hair strands makes the eyes borrows glasses wow Another Watermelon Project crafty and meticulous! carving a face into a watermelon. wow! carving a flower Rose petals Looks pretty similar! makes some watermelon juice! mixer is juicing! inserts a tap put it into the freeze Another watermelon idea Make some pattern and holes dig holes in it Cut inside out hollows it Watermelon Lantern Keep going cuts in half makes angry birds characters makes angry bird watermelon level put a sling into it Transform it in to flower basket watermelon flower basket melting chocolate on watermelon pans stirs it a little pours it on fruit skewers cuts another one a dragon carves the scales wow one last decoration checks the freeze she made all this. looks really good! wow rings the bell party time! makes a hot beverage *machine whirs* hummm *friendly conversation* drinks straight from the tap sees glowing lantern under the table lady plays watermelon angry birds yeah ! hahahahahaha watermelon icecream cake watermelon jelly the jelly wiggles Delicious Here’s a bonus scene for you!! cuts sleve with scissors cuts frabric knits it ??? some clothes for the ”minion” machine wow

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  1. 100M views Now!!!!! Thank you all💕💕 Love you to the moon and back.

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