Dwarf Kamini Bonsai, NATURAL BONSAI TREE Step 2, Be the Creator, Sept. 2018,

Dwarf Kamini Bonsai, NATURAL BONSAI TREE Step 2, Be the Creator, Sept. 2018,

Hello! This is Samar … welcomes you to Be The Creator Bonsai Gardening You will remember last November… … my two natural bonsai Ive transplanted from nursery pot Then I had some confusion … regarding the name of these trees Most of the friends assume it as Boxus Then one of the friends, named Amit Kumar … Removed my confusion That is Dwarf Murraya Paniculata … That means, its a dwarf variety of Kamini Thank you once again Amit. Now it has nicely settled in the pot and …. according to my plan … I’ve to prune them now Due to its dense foliage, … no sunlight can reach inside So … In the interior … … no shoots can develop.. getting die back automaticaly And it’s trunk and branches …. can’t get strong and healthy If I’ll prune it … then every part of the tree will get sunlight and … will grow more strong and … healthy The work I’ll do in this episode … you will understand every thing while watching On last episode …. the 12 … rules to select bonsai branches That I’ve shared …. I’m applying those rules here Please watch it carefully Occasionally, unwanted branches … are also grown To balance the tree growth … and in future we have to prune it These type of branch is … called Sacrifice branch Observation … is a vital job … to make bonsai You have to observe your trees regularly As much as you observe your trees … that much the relationship with your trees … will become stronger Such time will come, when .. Language of the trees … you will begin to understand The trees also say something Along with the weather … they change themselves Some time full of new foliage and shoots … Or sometimes it becomes like that gets tired You can only observe the upper potion of a tree Seeing which you have to understand … what is going on, under the soil When you see a green blossoming tree … then understand- their rootball too … is in the same condition New shoots means new roots Seasonal plants … which you grow for blooms and fruits etc. … I’m not talking about that I’m talking about the long living plants Not any long living trees … grow continuously They grow on a particular season … and on another season … take rest also which is … called dormancy period Wht is the perfect time to work on bonsai ? Not in the dormancy period .. and not in growing season After dormancy .. when the tree is preparing for growth … that is the best time Then you do root correction, …. transplantation ….. and pruning work. To make proper bonsai you need sense of art along with .. a good soul too. Observing the trees, … caring them is a continuous process After an uninterrupted 5, 10, 20 or 25 years of … working on a tree… you can make a proper bonsai After such a long time of togetherness … your relation that buildup withe the tree is so deep, you can imagine it The bonsai coming from generations are so different Friends Bonsai is waste of time according to some body Don’t want to offend anyone…. But i would say so …. The ones who spend time with Bonsai … they are not valuing there time commercially …. while doing these works And vale is not the price only … something more than that which can’t be purchased Like that …. Bonsai is an art And Only … this is the art which is called … Living Art Bonsai and the artist has living relation Thats all for now friends See you on next video Till then Goodbye

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  1. sir maine apne dwarf kamini ke pot m jo ki chote size ka pot hai 4 dane NPK dala tha…uske bad hi wo dry hone lga plant….use save kaise krun ab?

  2. Unbelievable…!!!!!
    অফুরন্ত পরিশ্রম ও ভালোবাসার প্রকাশ – খুব সন্দর তো হবেই॥

  3. আপনার সকল video অসাধারণ সুন্দর এবং আপনি আমার দেওয়া ছবিরূপ গাছের video তৈরী করবেন জেনে খুশি হলাম।

  4. Ajger video tao osadharan hoyche, amar kacheo ei plant ta ache bt amio naam ta jantam na, ami boxwood plant bhabtam. Jak amar ekta prashna ache bokul gach r aam gach k defoliate kora jete pare?
    R jadi pare to ekhn ki kora jete pare?

  5. At last you got tree's name☺I too thought its buxus or boxwood.
    Tree is looking great after pruning.Very nice tutorial as always.

  6. Sir jee , namaskar.
    Just wonderful.
    Kitna bhi tarif karu , kam hi hoga.
    Bas, aise hi videos banate jaiye aur hum jaise ko Sikhate jaiye aap ke zubaan ki meethas se aur awaaz ki suron se.
    Dhanyabad Sir Jee.

  7. স্যার প্লিজ আমকে হেল্প করুন।আমার কামিনী ভালো করে বেরচে না। আমি কি করতে পারি..?
    কামিনী soil কেমন হবে কীভাবে care নিব প্লিজ জানাবেন..!!!🙏🙏

  8. এই গাছ ডাল কেটে লাগালে হবে? হলে প্রসেসটা জানাবেন প্লিজ।

  9. দাদা আমার গাছের পাতা এব্ং ডাল বাড়ছে না, কি সার দেবো, আমার গাছটি হোল বট

  10. I have seen ur many videos but the way u were explaining, the speech material, the background music and the plant itself …all were fabulous….great job

  11. Apnar tutorial follow kore ami Amar Thai Kamini gach take bonsai look dite try korechi…. Thank you very much for this excellent video 😊

  12. I have a kamini tree for 1month. Now it's leaves are drying. I had done the following
    Repotted on 1.05.19
    Soil mixture: 30% soil, 30% peat,30% vermicompost.
    Now my plants leaves are drying and looks dull. I shower water it every 2days, and sprinkle water on leaves in the evening. It's hot temperature in our country now. I keep the plant indoors, not in direct sunlight as the sun in hot. But still my plants leaves looks dry and it's branches are getting thin. Please help.

  13. I am one of the subscribers of "Be the Creator" Channel and like to know that I have observed in Dwarf Murraya Paniculata, NATURAL BONSAI TREE Step 2 that the 2nd branch of the plant, on which you were working is thicker then the 1st branch. Is not it a defect of an ideal Bonsai ? I like to know about my question appeared, during observation.

  14. Hello Sir I have brought this plan from nursery but 1 plant dried and died after reporting now again I brought new plant since 7 days plant is ok but leaves are falling after reporting I have 70% soil 20% vermi 10 % coco… how much water does this plant needs does it needed to place in shaded place or in sun please let me know

  15. आप को देखकर, मुझे भी बोनसाई बनाने का सौक पैदा हो गया है । मैं भी एक बोनसाई बनाना चाहता हूँ । सबसे पहले मुझे क्या करना होगा । मतलब सूरू कहाँ से करूं?

  16. Sir, iska propagation kaise kiya jata hai, kya ye plant cutting se propagation kiya ja sakta hai? Please intimate me.

  17. क्या dwarf kamani का पौधा kamani के पौधे से कुछ अलग होता है या kamani को dwarf kamani कहते हैं ?
    अगर dwarf kamani अलग होता है तो तो kamani और dwarf kamani में अंतर क्या होता है ? क्या पहचान होती है ?
    कृपया बताएं

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