Drunk Vs. Sober: Making Origami

Drunk Vs. Sober: Making Origami

like we’ve read that step five times I don’t understand uh hi guys I’m Lea hi I’m destiny hello oh okay we are making origami sober yes we are going to be trying to do origami chelated have you ever have you ever made origami before I have never successfully but I have tried on a scale of 1 to 10 I met a good like six private have six I’m like climbing slowly so I might like a 7.2 right now Wow let’s get to folding let’s do it you don’t do the cup or the Samurai helmet let’s do the cup Cup we’re not doing this that is what we’re not gonna do crane Swan wait we already what Street a crane this one I know that’s right a crane has long legs I think or along neck long neck like a crane long neck like an actual cream the burger the burger shouldn’t burn or help there’s no construction Swan a crane of the Swan Oh what is this one a piano and the house you know step number one fold the paper how like a triangle that is what it looks like oh yeah step number one you fold this in half we are really killing it look at that it was really good we know instructions that’s cool fold the paper I stepped in the gym fold over and then open again what does that mean fold the paper let’s just follow their arrows just like fold up it’s weird it’s like two lines like it’s like of down then up this is where I usually give it I’m gonna start doing origami after this are you I think it sounds uh hey fold over okay in with the whole day am i where I’m really lost far enough away let’s just try it if it’s terrible look at all the paper we have okay now we have folded this into four parts yes so piano cat house the couch yeah no penthouse that love it number four we open and flatten whoa what is that this is where it’s okay so we’re gonna go like this this is the line there okay so just fold that okay you know what it is what I think we just fold it but not actually do anything with it so I bend it yeah then what is this one then then it’s like go back ah okay you got okay okay you go like this I’m warm I’m Lea I like Mike this is where we need to be you were put me up go back the pictures don’t tell a lot of things this is where we show okay so looks like we close we do close my eyes what Oh what whoa wait that I really need to take a little I think I think I understand I’m gonna try something okay fold this all the way to the corner you know why I’m shouting that’s what it says it sounds like look it doesn’t say anything but it points I just don’t understand we get from here to here same it looks like wait I have to all like really look at it okay I fold him oh wow okay so actually I’m on step three okay so look and we’ve got a fault no it goes like this pull this back tuck this guy I’m on to something can we do something else no we’re too deep we yes we are oh now it’s look like it looks like that look I need your help I can’t get me to hog on the master you say how did you do that to my eyes revelon sir they want you to basically I would have never we would have been here all day boom Wow for some reason my brain cannot comprehend how you made the paper do it do you see this they’ll fold it in oh I see why because it has to go like this so you just overextended it step 6 sweaty wait we need back I’m just glad we got past open it flat what did you do whoa Wow it’s very trippy would you do would you pull her arms in you guys are doing it ah oh this is actually really cool is like fulfilling is and then you fall this piece down oh and then I think she’s done I think I think oh shut your mouth mouth Leah [Music] that’s not it now we’re gonna test our functional art salud just a little please I’m scared I’m scared okay [Music] cool art teachers we did it good that wasn’t really hard how do you feel I feel good I’m really proud of us like I honestly thought I was gonna try to make this and then just completely give up doing it sober was definitely more challenging I mean do I mean doing it [Music] [Music]

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  3. Who Else Checked fast and the straight to then comments?😂

    but I’m Süßßing Back tø Everyone That Likes this and śüßs to me💯.buz

    Me:But u are shouting.
    Me:"i give up on live"

  5. As someone with a bunch of experience with origami, watching them struggle so much with the instructions for the super simple pieces is both funny and increadibly painful haha

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