Drinking Worm-Infested Bog Water

Drinking Worm-Infested Bog Water

>>This episode of the Modern Rouge brought to you by Roman.>>Go to getroman.com/modernrogue and get a month of hair-loss treatment, for free!>>Yeah, treat that hair. Right, treat it right! Oooooh!
>>Treat it right! You could look like that.>>Yeah! Look at that!>>I mean, if you wanted to.>>I’m majestic!>>If you don’t, I get it, but you could.>>The majestic mane, that’s my game.>>That’s his game. ♪ [deep, ominous droning] ♪ [bombastic brass swell] ♪ [deep, ominous droning] [deep synthetic rumble] [electrical pop]
[gentle vinyl static] [rising chime]>>So we’re back to survivalist stuff. We’re going to drink some nasty,
scummy pond water?>>Yeah, we are going to make a DIY water filtration system. I’ve also seen this referred to as a “hill-billy filtration system.” It’s actually super simple.>>Okay, well I guess we get started by finding the grossest,
stagnant water we can find.>>I think I know of a place to get that.>>Luckily we pre-prepared a pond. [laughing]>>Yeah! To the breeding pit! [laughing]>>BRIAN: On a quest for the nastiest standing water on property! This one, I’m afraid, might invisibly be like super dangerous. It may not look super dangerous to us, but if we do this wrong, then…>>JASON: Like…>>BRIAN: [stammering]
Like people swallow amoebas and they eat their brains, and stuff.>>Oh, that happened not
far from here recently.>>Oh, don’t tell me that.>>I’m sorry.>>No, that’s–okay.>>You getting in?
>>Oh my god! Look at those [bleep] worm things there.>>There’s a lot of worms in there!>>Jesus [beep] christ!>>Ugh! Did you see the worms? There’s so many worms! Are you getting in there?>>I mean look man, we got to
do this for science, right?>>We don’t have to. [laughing] I think science will be okay without us.>>I got to scoop those worms in here.>>You’re going to get
the worms in the filter?>>Are you kidding me? Why wouldn’t we?>>Yeah.>>You think this is any cleaner than that over there?>>Hmmmm.>>We got to get the worm water.>>Oh god.>>Ohhhhhhh! Oooo, they all stopped! Oh, that’s [beep] up. They all detected. They know a predator is among them. What kind of worms are these?>>I’m suddenly questioning
this entire thing.>>Ugh! Here I’ll [murmurs] it all up.>>’Tis the season.>>Okay
>>That’s good, right?>>I think I got some
of the worms in there. Oh, okay, we’re going to drink it.>>Here, you want a cap?>>Yeah.>>Put the cap on there.>>I want a nightcap. I want to pretend this is a nightmare and we’re going back to bed. All right, I don’t know if we got one of the big worms but we got a lot of little worms, what I assume are
mosquito larvae in there. We’re seeing swimmers. We’ve got pond scum. We’ve got sediment and who knows how much bacteria. Probably some kind of
chemical contamination, as well, right? From run-off?>>Oh, there’s probably any number of bad things in here but the question is, do you want to drink the water of life and become the Kwisatz Haderach?>>No, no, no!>>Drink from it politrines!>>I will not fear, fear
is the mind cure [mumbles] death that brings total obliteration.>>So you don’t want to sip
this and give us a before after?>>Noooo.>>I don’t want you to either.>>A before after life
is what it would be.>>Exactly.>>Okay, so I assume first
thing we want to do is filter out kind of the
obvious muckety muck on there?>>Well first thing we’re
going to set this off to the side, so that as much of
the particulate as possible sifts to the bottom.>>So the first kind of
filtration is just gravity.>>Yeah, and in the meantime
we’re going to be making our actual filter. Since you’re better with sharp objects, I have scissors that
aren’t meant for what we’re going to use them for.>>Yeah so what do we,
we’re just cutting a hole off the top?>>Yeah, just cut off the top
because this is going to be our filter it’s going to go
nozzle down like that so just cut it from like, that line.>>Okay, cool. So let’s do.. [laughs]>>Do you want the cut gloves?>>Nawww.>>They’re right over there.>>Name one time we’ve ever needed those. There we go.>>All right, perfect! We’re going to add a
little membrane on there. You can use like your sock, or your shirt, or, I guess we could
probably use a paper towel.>>Would that be a bad idea? Sterile gauze pad would
be a little better.>>I brought some sterile
gauze pad from our EDC kit.>>I know we sort of phone
it on on a lot of this stuff, this one I feel
particularly inspired to make sure everything happens safely.>>Absolutely yeah, I
do not want to end up in the hospital with giardia
or malaria or hepatitis x.>>I just got to learn
about a whole new things to be scared of. [laughs]>>Here, why don’t you put
it just around the lip, and then we will take those rubber bands and see if we can.>>Okay, so both of
them go on the outside. So here if you’ll hold that. There we go. Start it there.>>Okay, yeah. It looks good.>>Yeah it’s a little
bit lopsided, let me add some more to make sure we get
it as covered as possible.>>Okay.>>So at this point I do
believe that this is going to do a fair job of getting
the grit out of everything.>>Yeah, absolutely.>>What next?>>Now, remember this?>>Yes we used the activated
pellets charcoal to filter out the tear gas.>>Breathing slowly works man.>>Yeah, you got to let
that charcoal activate. I can’t believe it works!>>I know! [laughs]>>Holy crap, holy crap that was perfect.>>Are you not entertained? This is the same supply its
activated charcoal here, but we’re not going to use that.>>Oh.>>You can use that.>>I would like..>>We’re going to use actual
charcoal from the fire pit.>>From the burn pile, yeah. Okay so how do you know
which part is the charcoal and which is the wood? I guess all of this is charcoal. Oh this is great! I didn’t know we were preping
for all this accidentally. I thought we were just having parties.>>Well, you know. Yeah so were going to take this
you’re going to want to break it up as much as you
can, we’re probably going to want to uh, to grind it
into a powder, so we might want to keep it actually in here, and grind it up in the container.>>Yeah here.>>And so, what we want is surface area. So we’re going to get as much
of this powdered as possible.>>Okay okay. So I guess I’ll start just by seeing what I an break up by hand. Kind of grinding it on itself. All right, at this point,
I’m getting lots of dust, but it’s harder to break these big pieces. Do we want to, oh yeah
maybe we can grind it. Oof. That’s a whole thing. All right here we go I’m not going to.>>Working in the chimneys governor!>>Hello hello what have we here? Little bit of the old
activated charcoal isn’t it?>>Yeah that’s some good powder.>>Because its going to be our first layer in our defense against
whatever horrible things yes. Okay, so yeah. Let’s go ahead and pour that in there. Brian and Jason get black lung. That’s the title of this episode. I think that looks pretty good.>>Yeah alright what’s next?>>Next up is sand.>>Okay.>>So we’ve got some really
fine, fine sand right here. [laughs]>>Damn fine sand! Come on down to the sand depot! We got all the finest sand here! Play sand!>>Damn fine.>>Sand worms!>>Damn fine.>>Sand traps!>>Damn fine.>>For every liter of sand you get, I’ll give you a beach.>>Right next door to Jimmy Nun chucks! Come on down to see us! [laughs] Second layer.>>And so I assume the
reason we want the layers is for each layer to do
a different job, right?>>All of the toxins and
everything are going to bond to the charcoal before they pass through. The sand is going to
filter out a lot of the harder particulates,
and now, for the final.>>Final? Seems like so few steps. We’re going to put some pebbles in there.>>God, intuitively, this
doesn’t look like it’s going to cause this to
become safe to drink.>>I know, I know!>>Just rocks!>>If you think about it.>>Bigger rocks, smaller
rocks, really tiny rocks.>>A lot of the bigger stuff
is going to get caught, we’re going to see a lot of
those squirmy crawley things that we saw in there get caught in the rocks here, and if they don’t get caught
in the rocks the sands going to get them, and if
they don’t get caught in that. So we’ve got four different
layers here, right?>>Uh yeah. I guess from he gauze,
and I assume there’s more treatments to come but let’s I guess get this thing started on the filtration.>>But again yeah, this is
really important to note. This is filtration, not purification.>>That’s right, all the bacteria
is still going to be alive, just all the really small
stuff, all of the viruses, all of the parasites and stuff. They’re all going to make it through, plus if there’s any kind
of heavy metals or toxins, that’s going to make it through as well.>>Yeah, there’s a lot that’s
still going to get through. But this is going to get a
lot of the visible stuff. So we’ve got all of this, now let’s go ahead and I’ll take this.>>Yes.>>And you cut this top
part off of that one.>>Okay, got it.>>Now, we pour in the water.>>Let’s go.>>Okay so see, we see a lot
of the particulate is uh, settled down to the bottom now.>>But, there’s no benefit
to throwing in the larvae and all that stuff, right? We just want the “good”
stuff on top right?>>Just the yeah, just the tasty part?>>You can see them swimming. [ominous music] I guess it’s go time. Gross, gross gross. Lots of gross stuff. Slimy arms and legs. And critters in the buff. [clock whirring] So I give it the most improved award.>>As you can tell, we’ve
got some charcoal sediment building up in here, but that’s fine. We’re going to need to put it in here now.>>And I guess there’s no
downside to eating charcoal, as weird as it sounds. There are certain substances
like I believe kerosene that if you ingest, its more
dangerous to vomit them up, because you might get it in
your lungs, so they just say, eat a bunch of charcoal.>>Yeah yeah. Or you’ll give your dog
charcoal when your dog eats something he’s not supposed to.>>Like chocolate or something.>>Right right. So yeah we’ve got some
charcoal but it’s, I mean, it’s looking much better right?>>Okay so what mini
bosses have we defeated? I assume worms of a
certain size, parasites of a certain size.>>Yeah we’re getting
out everything that’s not microscopic, right? I don’t see anything
crawling or swimming in there so that’s going to be
the most important thing.>>But at this point
still not safe to eat. Safer, but not safe.>>Exactly. So we’ve got about a third
of a liter right here we’re going to add some iodine tablets. Now this is the purification part.>>Yeah what is iodine, do we know? We just know it’s the thing
that makes water pure. So that is a tablet
designed for how much water?>>Two of these per liter. Since we’ve got about a
third, let’s just go ahead and use one. So we’re going to put it in there>>We want to dissolve
it shake it around a bit?>>Yeah you’re going to
shake it up and then we’re going to wait like thirty minutes. [shaking water] Oh wait. It’s fine. Add two tablets of potable
aqua to one quart or liter of water and cap loosely to
allow a small amount of leakage. Wait five minutes. Shake container to allow
screw threads on the closure to be moistened, then tighten cap. Wait thirty minutes before drinking.>>Okay I think what they’re
saying is there’s going to be some kind of out
gassing, you don’t want to accidentally make a
bomb, by sealing it all the way off. You also don’t want to
leave contaminated water in the threads, so you want
to get it loose enough that the iodine gets everywhere,
but you can see that it dissolves very very quickly. So I just want to shake it all around, and then they mentioned about the threads, if that’s contaminated I’ll
kind of shake it and let some of it kind of squeeze out with the iodine. So theoretically all of
this has been touched by the iodine right?>>Yeah!>>Is iodine poisonous?>>No, no no no. No. [laughs] Makes questionable water. Bacteriologically suitable to drink.>>Okay, right on.>>Yeah.>>Does it say like do not swallow? Definitely says if swallowed call a poison control doctor immediately. [laughs] I’m getting mixed messages here man.>>If it’s in your eyes, wash it out, call poison control. Do not give anything to
an unconscious person. [ominous music] I’m sure it’s fine. I’m sure it’s fine.>>It’s fine!>>It’s fine. We’ll get extra iodine flavored water. All right, we’ll give it a few minutes. I’m sure it’ll be fine. God, I just don’t want
to, please dear lord, let me die without a headline that says ‘in ill-advised stunt, youtuber dies’. Well, we did it. We have the worlds worst lemonade.>>That doesn’t look good.>>I mean between the charcoal
at the bottom, the fact that it all is yellow with
the iodine, slightly above the recommended level.>>Slightly.>>Okay so what next?>>Okay, let’s put it in
this microwave safe glass.>>All right.>>I say that like I know that
it’s a microwave safe glass.>>What’s funny is I had the same thought.>>So another way that you
can get all of the impurities out is to boil the water.>>So at this point again, we’re
mainly worried about living, biological toxins or whatever, right?>>A lot of times you’re out
there in the wilderness and you want to do iodine or you
want to boil your water.>>Other times your hosting
a YouTube series and you want to do both!>>Yeah I don’t want
something horrible turning my brain to mush.>>Those worms!>>I don’t want those in my brain man!>>All right here lets. [grunts]>>So when you’re out
in the woods just grab yourself a microwave.>>Yeah they grow wild in certain parts of the United States.>>Okay. How long is sufficient?>>To boil it?>>Yeah.>>Let’s do like four minutes.>>Sure. [ambient music] Is it still boiling? What was that sound?>>That was me taking
my hand off the thing.>>Okay. All right. Is it moment of truth time?>>We’ll it was boiling though right?>>Yeah it boiled for like
three minutes and apparently only one minute is all you need. Oh god. I mean we’ve done
everything we can do, right?>>I mean, that’s just
iodine, that coloring. That’s just iodine.>>Yeah, so it’ll taste salty I guess. Like the only thing, the only
step we could go beyond this is full on distilling right?>>Yeah I mean.>>Or superior filters.>>It was boiling right?>>Yeah.>>We boiled it, we put the iodine in it, we filtered it twice. Should be fine.>>I mean my guess is if
we were out in the woods in a survival moment,
we wouldn’t think twice.>>Yeah.>>So here’s the part where
we announce that we’re not going to drink it. [laughs]>>Is that what we’re going to do?>>No, we have to. At this point, the whole
reason we didn’t drink the pruno was because the CDC said you should not drink the pruno! This time, we did everything
that the CDC says to do, so we should drink it!>>Right?>>All right here we go. Oh my god I drank worm
infested pond water! Go ahead. It’s only slightly salty. [mumbles] How are you feeling, how are you feeling? [mumbles] You’re not swallowing, are you? You swallow, you swallow! Swallow it!>>I swallowed it.>>Okay.>>I swallowed it.>>All right well I guess
hopefully this is the end of the episode, if not you’ll
hear a recording from the emergency room.>>Oh boy. You’re drinking more?>>It’s a contest now. Not as salty as I would have thought.>>Actually tastes all right.>>Yeah, tastes fine.>>Yeah. [rock music plays]>>I’m a modern rogue. I never look to the past. I’m a modern rogue. I know that good things don’t last. I always live for the thrill. I never once lost the will. I’m a modern rogue. I’m a modern rogue! [guitar solo]>>Is it necromancy?>>No you can’t resist it can you?>>What’s happening?>>Just bury your fists in
there you know you want to.>>No, I mean not really.>>It’s so thick no no,
it’s thick and rich so chocolatey so rich and
thick I’ve got to have you, the majestic hair that
comes when you take care of, I was getting a little thin,
I’m not going to lie man. And then I went to
getroman.com/modernrogue signed myself up and all of
a sudden look at this!>>They cast a spell on your head!>>It’s so majestic I’m a walking cartoon.>>Now did you have to walk into a..>>An actual doctors office?>>Yeah!>>No I don’t do that are you kidding me? I talked to my Roman doctors
about the real stuff I’m like.>>Actual doctors?>>Yes, of course! This ain’t no gas station bs fake pills, this is the real medicine!>>I’ve taken a lot of fake pills.>>Well stop it, knock it off!>>My primary pharmacy is a Texaco.>>It’s really hard to see
you through all of this hair, it’s very confusing.>>It’s very confusing the
feelings that I’m having right now.>>Yeah!>>With this luxurious mane!>>Brian if I wanted such
a mane, what would I do?>>I mean step one seems
like you would go to getroman.com/modernrogue
you would sign up for a free month of treatment. Get actual doctors to
give you real medicine, to take care of that thing.>>How much did you pay for
the doctors to do the little conference thing online?>>How about doughnut baby?>>Nothing.>>That’s right.>>A free month of
treatment, free consultation, free two day shipping right to your house.>>That’s right. You should join my club.>>Do I have to do all
this thing you been doing?>>Yeah you really do.>>You can’t help it can you?>>I mean you won’t want
to stop, it’s great.>>It’s pretty cool looking. [laughs]>>Yee haw! Hey howdy hey yall
welcome to the snad depot, whatever your sand needs
we’ve got it for you. We’ve got play sand!>>Damn fine.>>Sand worms.>>Damn fine.>>Sand traps!>>Damn fine.>>San Dimas!>>Damn fine. Right next door to Jimmy Nun chucks come on down and see us!

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  1. I can just picture the next Chubbeymu video title “Two YouTubers drink worm infested pond water, this is what happened to their brain”

  2. Iodine is relatively safe. To prevent thyroid cancer in radioactive environments, you're supposed to consume way more iodine than your body normally uses so that you can pee out the radioactive iodine you absorb.

  3. Confession: I genuinely thought my title card about David Lynch was hyperbolic and a little bit cheeky.
    However, as it turns out, Dune 1984 was the last time that a David Lynch film was given a wide release.
    – Editor

  4. Okay, quick psa for people who take meds. DONT drink or eat anything with activated carbon in it while you're on meds, the reason they give you activated carbon when you OD is because it binds to it, easily, and it binds to your meds just as easily.

  5. Man, if I had the $$, I'd donate a sizable chunk of change to their Patreon see The Brothers Rogue each take a swig out of that first Beerists glass.

  6. Anybody else read it as worm infested bong water??? I did and was completely confused

    Edit Jason and Brian you both missed the king of the hill joke opportunity with pocket sand just saying

  7. I did a bunch of research into off grid water purification. My home system has a 1 micron ceramic filter, a 2 candle Berkey purification filter for bacteria, a u.v. laser that kills viruses, and the option to distill it. The water I purify is actually better quality than the city pipe water. 🙂

    Stay well, rogues.

  8. There's an easier way, just buy a life straw it's 5$ and renders water pure my uncle had one and would go around drinking out of Seattle puddles and shit just to freak people out

  9. You DON'T want to reduce the charcoal completely to powder, doing so will actually reduce it's ability to trap particles. It depends on the exact charcoal you are using, but small granules (think coarse salt) would be fine.

  10. For anyone wanting to do this, charcoal is not the same as burnt wood. Burnt wood is ok for a solid particle filter but charcoal is better. The difference is charcoal is made by burning in a low oxygen environment and maintains some of the stability of the wood while becoming more porous.

  11. "The other main way to get impurities out is to boil the water."
    NO–I hate it when people say this shit. Boiling water does not REMOVE anything. All boiling does it kill pathogens, and if anything it will actually concentrate other "impurities" like minerals or toxins because some of the pure water is evaporating.

  12. 1:09 "I'm afraid might invisibly be super dangerous"
    As he walks by an exposed 5" screw sticking out of the low bridge post

  13. i am not sure that charcoal has the filtering properties. unless if cracks like glassy material and is ultra light its not activated charcoal, -its just charcoal

  14. hmm, funny. My team made a study on that about 2 decades ago. We found switching layers between sand and 2-5mm stones, in 7 layers each, actually cleaned the water to an almost drinkable state. only 20% of the cultivations had harmful batteries in them after, 100% had after tipple layer coffee filters 😉

  15. Landing a plane
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    That's what they were planing all along! Wake up sheeple!

  16. Look forward to next years Halloween episode of Modern Rogue, where I perform a seance to contact Jason and Brian from the great beyond and ask them how this episode went…

  17. If i remember correctly, the iodine tablets I used to use while camping said to add to filtered water, shake until dissolved, let sit for like 30 minutes, and then pour off the liquid (leaving sediment and I assume a lot of the iodine behind). The liquid poured off would be safe to drink, although not exactly tasty.

  18. This is why beer is so important to the world. It literally saved the human race. Drink beer. The founding fathers would approve.

  19. 20:56 I read the book and had to see the movie. Yes, I sat through nearly 2 and a half hours of bullshit. To honour the book, one must create an epic like, 'The Stand', but better than the crap they dished up to us based on that book. I'd like to see 'Swansong' put to film, but I'd find a reason to bitch about that too. I'd love to see some Heinlein revisited, but it would be way too politically incorrect today. Give me a break, I probably am high level Autistic. Sometimes little things obsess me.

  20. Around 12:34 Just a heads up, Lettuce is high in Iodine. Many years ago I worked on a Lettuce seed farm, cutting the heads of lettuce and leaving the heart to grow out to seed. At the end of the day, our hands would be a Yellow/Purple/Black blend due to the iodine stains. True story. Do the experiment.

  21. It looks dirtier because charcoal and activated charcoal are different things. Regular charcoal is full of oils and tars

  22. "its only slighty salty"
    "youre not swallowing, are you?"
    "you swallow, you swallow!"
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  23. Swallowing the amoebas is fine. You just don't want to get the water up your nose. The amoebas eat through your sinuses and into your brain.

  24. You should run clean water through your filter a couple times to rinse out any finer dirt and charcoal particles before using it.

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