[Dried Laver ASMR]  Like fallen leaves sound (seaweed snack)

[Dried Laver ASMR] Like fallen leaves sound (seaweed snack)

Hello. This is Sonagi ASMR. We’re going to talk in subtitles like this way. But it doesn’t mean we will always have subtitles! There’ll be subtitles when there’s something we want to tell you about what you’re seeing,저희는 참기름과 들기름을 바르지 않았지만.. or when there’s something we just want to talk about! It will be fun to look like a treasure hunt. ^_^ (maybe ?!) Today’s topic is ‘Laver.’!!! rice side dish ‘Laver’!! Folding, Crumpling, Salting…it gonna make a sound in a lot of ways.!! Go Go Go!!!! One of the processes of making condiments! Salt Salting! We didn’t apply sesame oil or perilla oil, but… Don’t you like the sound of salt dripping? Do you like the sound that drops a lot? Do you like the sound of a slight drop? Have you ever folded up Laver? I’ve never tried origami using Laver. Don’t you like the sound of cutting with scissors?? It’s making a different sound than the paper.! I cut the Laver and touched it with my hands! Hahaha.. It looks like a plastic bag!!! Can you still hear the sound similar to the fallen leaves? I’m pressing with my fingers.!! The sound of the palms and fingers! Which way!!?? It’s the most stimulating sound of the Laver! I hope it’s not too stimulating!!! sweep the laver with the palm of one’s hand It feels like you’re touching my hair! Touch your hair and you’ll feel comfortable! That’s what I felt when I was filming this video! How about you?

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  1. 00:01 Preview

    プレビュー / 프리뷰

    01:38 Introduce material

    材料 / 재료 소개

    01:51 Salting

    塩をかける / 소금 뿌리기

    10:46 Sweeping with Brush

    油ひきで摩る / 붓으로 쓸기

    15:59 Salting & Sweeping with Brush

    塩をかける & 油ひきで摩る / 소금뿌리고 & 붓으로 쓸기

    18:45 Folding

    折る / 접기

    24:08 Sniping

    はさみで切る / 가위로 자르기

    30:47 Touching ( Snipped )

    触る / 만지기

    34:44 Pressing lightly (Snipped)

    弱く押す(切られたのり) / 살살 누르기 (자른 김)

    38:51 Pressing strongly (Snipped)

    強く押す(切られたのり) / 강하게 누르기 (자른 김)

    43:11 Pressing with finger (No-Snipped)

    指で押す / 손가락으로 누르기 (안 자른 김)

    48:24 Pressing with palm (No-Snipped)

    手のひらで押す / 손바닥으로 누르기 (안 자른 김)

    53:05 Tear

    裂ける / 찢기

    58:29 Crumpling

    揉む / 구기기

    1:03:12 Sweeping with hand

    手で摩る / 손으로 쓸기

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