Dreamcatcher –  How to make a Dream Catcher

Dreamcatcher – How to make a Dream Catcher

Hey, I’m Tami 🙂
Let’s make a Dream Catcher Let’s begin! we’ll need: A circle (I’m using a bracelet) , hemp cord , Scissors colorful twine yarn needle and some beads. we’ll start by wrapping the circle with hemp cord make it very tight now we’ll do the dream catchers net use colorful twine and start making
loops make sure they’re all about the same
distance from each other when we are done weaving the twine to the circle, we start a second tier – and weave… the twine to itself like this… and now all we have to do the same thing
again and again you will notice that the loops
create themselves…. oooohhh.. 🙂 If you run out of twine or you simply want to change the color – Use a double fisherman’s knot or any other knot that is stable we’re almost there… when the loops become really dense, you can use the Yarn needle now we get to the heart of the dream catcher lets add a bead and thread it to the twine and tie it Make sure the knot is strong enough, we don’t want whole thing to fall apart Let’s decorate our Dream Catcher Take another piece of cord Make a double knot Thread some beads If you want to create a gap between the beads, just use a knot Connect the beaded twine to the dreamcatcher you may add as many as you like (i added two more) Dream Catchers come in many sizes and colors so, you can be creative and and experiment with different sizes, colors and shapes you can hang the dream catcher above your bed, window or any place dream catching is needed – Thank’s for watching! 🙂 you can like comment and subscribe if you want to – and I’ll see you next time . Bye 🙂

99 thoughts on “Dreamcatcher – How to make a Dream Catcher

  1. Hello! Just wanna say that so far it is the best video which explains how to make a Dream Catcher. It is so simple & clear, please make more videos. Thanks 🙂

  2. All my childhood I wanted to know how to do this – you jus made it so simple, as well as entertaining!! Thank you!!

  3. I watched other videos, that made doing this soooooo complicated. But you do it it's easy to follow and create! Awesome job!

  4. Thanks this helped a lot but when you did the loping you went a little fast, but this video was only 2 mins and the other ones are like 13 so thanks!


  6. The other videos i watched were a little confusing :-/ but this is very clear and now I see that it's easy to do ! Thank u so much I can't wait to get started :))

  7. i watched a shit load of videos on how to make a dream catcher bc my friend is coming over on 24th and I wanted to make one for her.. thank god this is a to the point video!
    thanx ALOT

  8. Do you have any video where you show how to weave them into one another in slow motion or something…I'm so interested but ….slow lol

  9. the only thing is you want one's made by our natives of this land , sure you can make one or two ect but you really want one that was made here an by our natives an if you buy one make sure it's not ( MADE IN JAPAN ) !.

  10. Wow! Thank you for making a good Dreamcatcher Tutorial that explains it much more simply (and with better quality video and audio). YouTube has a bunch of other Dreamcatcher tutorials…but they are 12 minutes long and it's hard to see how they weaved the string.

  11. very clear on this DIY I make dream catchers and mocosins  as I'm full blooded native American but this was the best one I've seen on making a dream catxher

  12. I really liked this video, you made it so quick and easy. i learned more in this 3 minute video than i have in the past two 15 minute videos i have watched. Thank You!

  13. I need a small one to hang from my guitar neck.But leather.And light brown feathers.And a couple small beads..Maybe 2 inches in circumference.. Can you do it?And how much to ship it to me all together..This dream catcher will probably end up on tour so it will get exposure.I'll send them to you

  14. This is the first time for me to write a comment on a YouTube video ever! But that was totally worth it I watched like a zillion tutorials and I got lost and this simple easy method got the job done in 3 4 minutes. So thank you very much, keep the good work❤️
    All the love from Egypt ❤️

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