Hi sisters! James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel. I am literally so beyond excited to be sitting down and filming today’s brand new video. I’m sure you’ve seen the title. We are doing something that I’ve wanted to do for the longest time and something that you guys have been requesting from me as well for a very, very long time; it’s gonna be so much fun! But before we jump into that I do want to say I do have a few things to go over in today’s video intro before we actually get started. So, I’ll try to keep it short and sweet and brief and try to spice it up with a little bit of editing. So Hi sisters! *Laughing* First and probably most importantly I want to say a major, major thank you to guys because a few days ago, this YouTube channel just hit 7 million sister subscribers! Looking back on a calendar from one year ago today, we have gained five million four hundred and seventy thousand five hundred and sixty five sisters oH MY GOD!!! And now, we are literally already at 7.1 million. I cannot even begin to explain to you guys how much you’ve changed my life in the past two years; I am so grateful for all of you guys! I am so thankful that I get to do this job every single day and make people happy and make people laugh and inspire people all around the world with my true passion which is makeup and I cannot even begin to say thank you for everything that you guys have done for me. I wish there was a way that I could personally say thank you and hug every single one of you seven million sisters out there and hopefully one day I’ll be able to meet you guys in person, but, and in honor of hitting such a huge milestone and in honor of back-to-school season I do have a very very very special contest and giveaway coming to you guys in this video today! I don’ want to give you guys too many details just yet because this intro is proving to be very very long! But, please, watch through it the entire video and don’t forget to stay tuned until the end to see how you can enter my 7-million-sister-subscriber giveaway and see how you can win One of these babies; a brand new MacBook Air and a ton of other cool prizes! I will say that this giveaway is quite a big and beefy one. So I do want to say a major Thank you to this video sponsor for making it possible And that is: QwikMatch! Quikmatch is a new social platform that allows you to challenge your friends to super fun mini games. You can connect to their current best friends or meet new friends through texting or video chatting or playing games with them directly. My favorite game on the app by far is corners if you would like to connect and challenge with me My game code is 114637, but good luck. I am really really good, No offense! Qwikmatch available to download for free on both Android and iOS, and you can get it using my link in the description box down below. Okay, literally 86 years later; now that that is all on the table and we are ready to go, I’m so pumped tell you guys about today’s brand-new video! A few weeks ago on my YouTube channel, I uploaded a video called “Makeup Artist Tries Drawing” if you have not yet checked it out, make sure to click right up here. But basically, I shared with you guys the one art form that actually got me started into makeup in the first place Which was not makeup, and was drawing, with charcoal. And one of the top comments that I saw a lot over and over again on the video is that instead of drawing with charcoal, I should actually try drawing with makeup. What a lot of you guys may not know is that that artwork actually already exists and they’re called face charts. I wasn’t exactly able to find information on the origin or invention of face charts. But, I do know that they are popularized by one of the biggest beauty brands in the entire world known for their artistry, MAC cosmetics. Face charts are basically outlines of faces printed on a very very special type of paper for makeup artists are able to play with different makeup looks before they actually put them on a model for the runway. Because of the fact that these charts are flat and are basically a blank canvas, there are endless possibilities of different looks and designs that people can make and whether it be for a runway, or for Instagram, a lot of different artists have actually taken face charting to the next level and have been able to make careers out of them. milk1422 and cassiemua are two different artists that come to mind that had built the majority of their following off the beautiful face charts And a lot of different , like myself, have recreated on their very different YouTube channels and Instagram feeds. Y’all know me, I always got to be a little bit extra so I got made, custom printed sister James Charles face charts! I’ve never done this before but I do you think it’ll be very very fun. So, without further ado, I have all of my makeup laid out here in front of me. I’m so excited to jump into this! Don’t forget to watch until the very end for a very special contest regarding these face charts and let’s get glam! On paper! [laughing] All right, you guys we are all set up and ready to go. We have the regular camera angle that you guys are used to seeing and we also have… This good and fun and fresh camera angle right down here! I think I want to do the paper’s makeup in the same order that I would do with my makeup, starting off with the skin, so; obviously I can’t use foundation, I can only use powder. So I have the Anastasia contour book which has literally been sitting on my shelf for the longest time It’s like a display item; has dust on it, sorry! [Laughing] But I think this would be a really good to use for today’s video being that it is literally a book of a million different color powders. Hello? Okay, so starting off, I’m just gonna grab my… I guess I’m just gonna like, put… it on there. I don’t really even know, I’m so excited! Okay, I going to grab my MAC regular powder foundation and just put this on there. [gasp] oh my god! I think I’m just gonna lay down a light layer of skin because I think I want to make my skin tone slightly darker than what it normally is–no scandals, please! It’s also doing this weird thing where if you rub it in too hard, the paper, like, starts to get splotchy. Oh my god. This is challenging, hello. Okay, I guess this looks interesting. [Music] Mhm… mhm… mhm… This is hard! Okay, I’m gonna start contouring. Hmm, I’m gonna take the shade Fawn which is like a very famous Anastasia contour color, it is a cool tone brown shade, and start shading the sides. Well, my cheekbone is like here. [gasp] That kinda looks good! TEA! Okay, same thing on the other side. Just need to make myself look sister snatched. How do people do this, and like, make it look real? That’s what I’m… Like what? Hello? That’s a harsh contour! Eurrgh Mmm, kinda looks pretty though. I mean, I guess it kind of looks good. We do need some contour underneath the lip because I have lots of filler. [chuckle] I wonder how they get it so you, like, don’t go outside the lines. That’s a good third grade question, but it applies! Oh, we need to contour the nose. [gasps] Oh my god, fun! I’m gonna grab my tiny little nose contouring brush and really, you know, just snatch it good Do you see how pinched that is? Hello! Gonna bring it up here, Into the brow region because there’s gonna be contours there later on with eyeshadow. Then I’m gonna blend that out. Oh my god guys, this is a kinda turning out low-key good so far. [Gasp] Oh my god, I’m excited. I love being an artist. Oh, we’re gonna have to actually like sketch out my nose. This is hard. How do I do this? Okay. That’s the scariest nose contour I’ve ever seen in my entire life Okay, Cupid’s bow. Okay this looks like… Okay, dare I say… Well that rhymed, haha! I wonder if using a Beauty Blender and like dipping into the actual powder and placing it on that way will actually like make a difference? No, well, actually yeah kind of. No, definitely! Okay. Oh, wow, I’m a genius. Literally using a white eyeshadow currently to highlight my face, so, that’s good. Oh my god, this is the tea. This looks so good. Oh my god, that is so pretty! I’m litera-okay. Yay, now I’m excited. I figured it out. I’ve cracked the code. Oh my god. Now, this is a person. Ah! Wow I snapped, okay great. I’m kind of like happy with this so far, low-key. The lowest of keys. We’re gonna start on the eyebrows. So, for the eye region and the brow region, I am going to be using the Morphe 39A pallete. This is the palette that I modeled before last year for holiday season and in it’s back in stock. Don’t forget to use coach James for 10% off. Of course! I’m gonna grab the MAC brow marker and the shade Spiked and use that to kind of sketch out the outline of the brow first. Okay, there we go that looks stunty! Oh my god, tea! This actually looks kind of good. Okay, literally I had a guide to work with on paper and somehow my brows are still not even. How did that even happen? I don’t deserve this. Okay, so I’m gonna start this eyeshadow look. I think I want to do like a sunset smokey eye moment with a pop of blue, which is perfect for the 39A palette so I’m first gonna start by grabbing an orange shade and my M433; use code James for 10% off And, I guess let’s just like put it on there. Okay. Okay, blending it out for real one. Oh my god, I literally love this! Next, going to grab a red shade. [gasp] So pretty. Hello, why did that one go on so easy and the other one didn’t; what? Oh my god, this looks so pretty. Hello. This is literally so fun. I’m obsessed with this Oh, look at how good this looks! Oh, TEA!! So, now I’m gonna add in a little pop of blue on the eyelid which should actually be pretty easy. I’m just gonna start by grabbing the kind of navy shade from the palette and give it a little bit of a Sister spritz since it is a metallic shade and popping that kind of right in the m- That looks bad. That looks gross! Oh, so much better! Thank God, I was sister spooked for a second there. Now, we’re going to move on to the eyelashes, and not even going to lie, I am a little bit- kinda really nervous for this just because of the fact that I’m really really not good at drawing lashes I struggle with this in portraits and obviously I’m going to struggle with it here, so, huuuh! Uh, I’m first gonna start by just shading in the eyeball with a light brown color. I guess I’m just gonna use my regular liner to try to draw in eyelashes and pray that it looks somewhat okay. [sigh] [sigh] That’s an ugly lash! No! Ugh! Okay, I’m going to draw in the bottom lashes. That’s like, okay. It could’ve worse but it’s like, not bad! Going to add in the highlights of the eye. Oh my god, that actually made it look real! Tea! All right, you guys I think that is eye number one all done! I’m definitely gonna go touch up, but I have another eye to do off-camera and that took me quite a long time! So, I’m gonna go ahead and try as hard as I possibly can to get them symmetrical and I’ll be right back to finish off the rest of the look! All right, you guys we are back in both eyes are all complete. I’m actually loving how this is turning out so far. This is definitely hard, like I expected it to be, but I am definitely getting the hang of things a little bit more. This is definitely art form that takes a lot of practice and a whole lot of concentration and trial and error as well. Now that we have both eyes all complete, we are actually pretty close to done! I accidentally may have done the majority of the nose off camera because I forgot that I was not recording! Oops! So that only leaves us with kind of like the cheeks and the lips left to go. So I’m gonna grab the MAC blush in the shade Peaches. You guys know, that’s my all-time favorite. I’m just gonna use like a flat packing foundation brush and really stipple it on there. [gasp] Pretty! Oh my god, this is so pretty! James Charles getting excited over a piece of paper for 30 minutes straight. I really snapped, no offense. For lips, I’m gonna go ahead and apply the Kylie liquid lipstick in the shade One Wish. I really hope that you can like, Put this on there. Oh my god, why is my bottom lip in this photo so big? She’s a beefy girl! Too much Juvederm. Is this me having a revelation? No, it’s very normal-sized! So I’m gonna outline the inside now. I need to sketch in my little teeth that always show through. Okay. Now I’m gonna use the Anastasia liquid lipstick in the shade Milkshake and use this to kind of highlight the, like, center portion of the lips to like make it look actually 3-D and not stupid Okay, so I’m pretty much on at this point, but the one thing that I’m like not loving how it looks is the nose contour, because, It’s hard! Um, so I’m gonna add some fake freckles to distract from my lack of contouring ability! and then I’m just gonna use that MAC brow pencil or brow marker thing and draw on some freckles. Alright, you guys, I think it’s time to show you sisters the finished face chart! Please take it easy on me, This is only my first try and probably my last for a while, but Oh my god! Okay, tea. On camera it actually looks really good. Hello! Whoa, on camera it looks the best! Wait, I’m so proud of this! Okay, Let’s spell the tea [slurping] Overall, I’m really proud of how this turned out and I’m actually really really happy with it too, But, starting off I was really not thinking too positively because this is really really hard I definitely picked up on the fact that with this paper You definitely need to stamp in the actual product that you’re using. Specifically the foundation powders that I was using to kind of lay down the base early on, because blending really is not the tea And it actually just ends up picking up the powder from the paper. I really, really love how the brows and eyes turned out I feel like this is very very similar to how my face would look if I had this look on which of course was the goal with this. I do wish the lashes were a little bit better, I said in the beginning going into it that I didn’t think they were gonna be that good, and they definitely could look a whole lot more realistic I probably should have used a little bit of a lighter liner and lighter pressure because they look a little bit chunky. Not gonna lie, but the eyes, definitely happy with! That’s where the nose and fake freckles; definitely not my strongest part of my face chart. I will say that the freckles did end up looking a little bit better once I kind of layered over a face powder and a little bit more kind of blush color to make the freckles look sunkissed like I normally do on my makeup. But they do look a little bit more intense, and, shading a nose no matter what medium you’re using whether it be makeup or charcoal, like you guys saw in the last video, is really really hard and it’s definitely not my strong suit at all. Last, but probably not least, the lips are Not good! All that being said though, that is my face chart all complete. I love how it turned out but this video is not yet complete because like I told you guys in the beginning I have a very, very special contest that I am so pumped to tell you guys about. I had so much fun playing with all this makeup and these face charts today, and I know so many of you guys out there as well are also aspiring makeup artists. So I thought it would be so much fun for this competition to do a face chart challenge! In the description box down below, There’s the link to download this exact face chart It is just a blank outline of my face and asks for your Instagram and says sister right down here. I want you guys to either print out the face on a piece of paper or import it into a computer editing software like Photoshop, And I want you guys to go crazy using whatever medium you would like and create a beautiful stunning sister makeup look on me! Once you’re finished with your masterpiece upload it to instagram with the hashtag #sisterfacechart, i’ll be looking through all the entries You guys need to get your entries in by Wednesday evening, and I’ll be announcing the winner in next Friday’s video. There are actually two different prizes. First, in honor of back to school season You guys are getting a full ready-to-go kit for all your classes, starting off with, of course, a brand new MacBook Air, which is great for note-taking, putting together presentations, or watching sister James YouTube videos if you get bored in class. also, It’s coming with a brand new backpack filled with a bunch of cute back-to-school supplies, a $250 Target gift card for any of your back-to-school necessities, just in case you need anything else, and also a ton of small Starbucks gift cards so you guys can get a pinkity drinkity every single morning before class to get you through the day. Now for the second prize and next Friday’s video, not only will I be announcing the winner, of course, I’ll also be recreating the winner’s face chart right here on my very own face so get into it, get painting, get glamming, or get photoshopping I am literally so excited to see what you guys come up with I’m definitely gonna be looking for lots of creative entries, lots of color, things that make it pop I think this is gonna be so cool and so much fun I cannot wait to see all of your guys’ entries and this is the least that I can do to say thank you for everything that you have done for me Don’t forget to check the description box down below for the finished face chart and also all details on how to enter the contest. All right sisters that is all I have for today’s video! I really really hope you enjoyed this little face chart challenge video And I hope you’re excited for this competition If you did enjoy it, Please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and definitely leave me a comment and tell me if you want to do more drawing videos in the future. I love these so much and it is truly one of my other passions aside from makeup. So it means a lot that you guys support them as well. If you have not already, Don’t forget to click that big red subscribe button down below and come join this sisterhood. We are already 7 million strong and I would love to have you joining the family and also click that bell icon so you can get notified every time I upload a brand new video. If you’d like to follow me on my makeup journey you can follow me on Instagram or Twitter They’re both just James Charles and my snapchat for more behind-the-scenes inside stuff is James Charles an extra S after Charles. This video’s sister shoutout goes to sister Jackie Thank you so much for always following and supporting; I love you literally so so so much and if you’d like to be the next video’s sister shoutout Don’t forget to always a retweet the new links when they go live on a Twitter. All right sisters, Thank you so much for watching. Thank you once again to Qwikmatch for partnering with me on today’s brand new video. I love you, and I will see you in the next one. Bye!


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