Drawing Each Other | Art Swap & Studio Visit with Artclaytion

Drawing Each Other | Art Swap & Studio Visit with Artclaytion

Hi. Today I am visiting my best friend, Clayrene’s studio here. So let’s have a look. Hi Clay. Thank you for inviting us to your beautiful studio, how are you today? I am good. Look at everything here. Hello everyone, this is Limzy and we are at my best friend Clayrene’s beautiful studio here in Singapore, so we came here to visit her. I started this studio since April That’s about 4 months from now So she usually conducts workshops here and also does all her creativity here Which I have seen just now I am in the video So today we are going to do an art swap as some of you are familiar with our works We do a lot of fashion illustrations and live events so we draw a lot of portraits of guests during the live show, but Funnily enough, we have never drawn each other before even though we’ve collaborated together Yes. So today we are going to challenge ourselves to draw each other even though it is on the same context But we have very very different styles It’s not to compare, just to have fun and interaction and that you all have a peek through of how we usually do our work So Clayrene is drawing me now. And I am all prepped up with my very bold earrings. And my new handbag. She wants to draw this Imagining I am some tai tai (rich lady in Mandarin) It’s like Crazy Rich Asians. She’s observing me My skirt, which has a slit opened here. For my personal artwork, I don’t really draw casual wear. But for you, I am doing this. Yes, Clayrene usually draws a lot of couture designs & full gowns, which you can see on her Instagram. I look like Nikita today. Because I purposely match it with you. Oh, we are in black and white today. Do you usually draw all the details during live? It depends. If I have more time. But normally we are always in a rush And we finish our sketch in 5 mins. So it’s very rushed. So basically I will spend more time on the hair and features. How I wish I look like that in real life. What is the favourite moment of us together? I think we can share a lot of things. Because we are in the same field. And I think she really understands me. I can share a lot of things with her. And being a fashion illustrator in Singapore, It’s actually quite lonely. It’s a very a niche market, I think it’s quite tough to find somebody to share the same thing. Going through the same experience. So I think it’s a very good and precious friendship. And since NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, our alma mater) days, So it is not just one or two years, We have been through thick and thin It wasn’t easy Being in a small industry, This industry is actually very fast forward, To be honest, everyone’s comparing with each other, or competing But we told each other, no matter what happens in future, We will have to support and help each other. Support local artists. All right, we’re done with the sketch. We’re going to paint me, now So I am going to use this watercolour palette. It’s from Overjoyed, it’s called White Nights. Over here, there are 13 colours. I have tried, and I think that the pigment is really good. It’s really handy, you can bring it along when you are traveling. This is a really good recommendation. Okay, so now I’m going to paint Limzy Here we go, all right, actually I have never use this before. Yeah when I first started I was a bit worried. Like, is it enough for me as the colour are very basic. After years, I start to blend my own colours, like skin toned colours. I’m pretty tan so don’t make me look too fair. Actually, in watercolour, we don’t use white. Yeah, I know but I always break the rules so I always use a little bit of white. Actually I don’t like to draw details, But my works always end up with lots of details. But I guess because in fashion You really need to be selective for some parts It could be very realistic and very detailed, but for some parts it could be you know Just like a splash of water or just a stroke of paint It’s all about expression and how you deliver it. Right? Yes. Yep So always mix enough paint on the palette, then This (my signature) is inspired by the Chinese ink painting It’s like a seal. Like the deal is done. You have to use Kira Kira (glittery effect) Kira Kira, so this is This is Clayrene’s signature medium, which is the nail polish It feels like I bought this top for $1000 Look at this. Can you show everyone? Yeah, it’s her. How do I look? Nice! I really love it so much. It’s slimmer, prettier and more glittery. Thank you Clau. I really love it. Especially the bag, and this is actually my favorite color purple. Do you like it yourself? Yeah, but of course for me, I think I can always improve. But so far it is okay. Because this is actual drawing. Because it’s me, and she draws me. So this has to be one of a kind. Thank You Clay. All right, so now I’m going to draw her and we’re gonna prep the materials. Yay, draw me! Yes, I am going to draw Clay here. I have a very different style Even the palette That’s my signature Pollock palette Even my paints are so messy I usually draw very minimal You’ll see later. I am very nervous. Don’t, don’t. And she doesn’t use pencil. I’m used to it (not using pencil for sketching). So I just trust my guts. that the first stroke is always the best. I think why people like us to illustrate because they really enjoy the experience and process. It doesn’t have to draw exactly like them. Can you look at me? Deep breath* I’m really very nervous No you shouldn’t, you should relax. I know it’s weird because we barely sit on the guest seat. We are always working. And when we are doing live, it’s always intensive. So when we did live illustration last time, we don’t have time to talk to each other. And sometimes the music is crazy. Do you like it? Yes I love it! So pretty! Now you can see the difference And the bling bling, especially. I think ‘she’ looks like Clayrene. Yeah, it really looks like me. Yeah, so we’re done! How do you feel? Yes, it really looks like me. Let’s exchange. Here’s my present. I like Clayrene’s interpretation of me, because I use to draw very realistically, so I really like this chic, fashion inspired So this is actually real fashion illustration Mine is literally a real portrait. But I am glad that she likes it. What I like is, it really looks like me. Everything is perfect. Yes, so I hope you enjoy Today’s session and we will do more art swaps from now on And today, Clayrene and I are going to have a giveaway. for one of the lucky winners here. And we are giving away our art prints. So you can see from here, here. And just comment below and remember to subscribe my channel and Clayrene’s channel and you’ll get to win two of our art prints. See you next time, bye! Bloopers

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  1. Woah! It's great to see both of you together. Both drawings are so beautiful! I really enjoyed watching it. I hope to be able to win this beautiful giveaway artworks. Thank you! ❤

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