Drawing Donald Duck  🗯️| How to draw 3D Art

Drawing Donald Duck 🗯️| How to draw 3D Art

[calling out] Hello! Where am I? Who turned off the light? Huh? What? Hey you!
Pay attention with the hat it costs a lot of money! Oh yeah! I begin to see
something… Well, who are you? OH NO! you are the bad guy
who uses all those pencils GASP! @#%[email protected]! If you think
you’re scaring me, you’re wrong! @#%[email protected]! You’re tickling me! This is torture! I appeal to the
Geneva Convention! @#%[email protected]! Are you sure
the color is right? I don’t like this
shade of blue! And since
you’re so good with gold and
glittering things you could do better
with the golden band! Hei! @#%[email protected]! You’re ruffling
my feathers! stop it! Every duck
has his limit and you, bad boy, have pushed me
over the line! OH NO! Keep that gun
away from my feathers and be careful,
even a duck can be lethal!

100 thoughts on “Drawing Donald Duck 🗯️| How to draw 3D Art

  1. My uncle rightly said that you can't judge the art of an artist in terms of money…..(kalakar ki Kala Ka koi moal nahi hota hai, wo amulya hai -> in HINDI.) 😊😊

  2. Please do a drawing of Betty Boop with an English Bulldog and a Pug, and I will offer you a Castle in Veneto and marry you.

  3. You got a war face? WAAAAAAAAHHH! It's interesting how the colors around the eyes look entirely off until he starts coloring the bill, then it all starts looking natural.

  4. It's great when the drawings pop out of the paper like this!
    Don't you sell your works? It would be wonderful to have one of your drawings

  5. Is it possible for a traditional animated movie to have this kind of technique and aesthetic? I’m guessing it would take years to make

  6. Well….if I didn't see it done by Marcelo…I would think that Donald Trump…ops! …
    I mean Donald Duck is a toy. Standing behind that wall.

  7. Ur always awsome drawing artist Marcello Barenghi ji 😊
    Hat's of 2, all Ur drawing's. & Ur r really great. 😊 Barenghi ji

  8. Lol this could have been a Disney short lolol you are the cartoonist drawing up an angry Donald duck as he tells you off as you just keep on with your work, at the end you give him a FLUMP with the pencil and he comes to life lol

  9. 😰 realmente eres increíble. Me encanta como el dibujo es tan realista que no parece un dibujo. En éste caso Donald parece un muñeco apoyado en el papel 😨

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