Drawing 3D Effect: How to Draw an Origami Crane – Fine Art- Tips.

Drawing 3D Effect: How to Draw an Origami Crane – Fine Art- Tips.

Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial. I am Leonardo Pereznieto and today
we are going to draw an origami crane. Let´s begin by doing the outline. The neck… head…
body… tail and wings. Now with a pair of scissors, we cut it. I recommend to do this
with a thick paper, because we will use it
to mask, and if it is too thin it will bend. Good! Now we will use graphite powder
and a chamois. Applying this softly, we
render the background… the upper part of the background
for now. As you see, I´m masking
with the crane, to live it´s area, white. I do the lower part
with a charcoal pencil, not graphite, so that
it ends up, darker. It doesn´t matter if it’s not
fully even at this stage, because as you know,
the charcoal smudges very easily…
and we take advantage of this, to do so also
with the chamois. We may darken, and smudge
again several times, as needed. In japanese folklore
there is saying that if you do one thousand origami
cranes, a wish will come true. I say that if all of us together,
draw one thousand origami cranes, a wish will come true,
for everyone of us. If you like in the comments,
you can let us know, which one is your wish. By the way with an eraser,
I clean up any spots in the white area. And know with a pencil,
I sketch the internal lines such as the folds, to shade them. I missed a little piece of
the background here. Also with the pencil,
we may delineate and define the figure better,
against the background. I want the areas of the head,
and the body to look very sharp, but I will leave
a little blurred, like out of focus, the tips of the
wings, to give them a photographic effect. With the chamois, and
a very little graphite, you can give it a tone. And… with the kneaded
eraser or the corner of a regular eraser, we cut the lights. We refine a little bit
more some boarders, with the pencil, but not
the tips of the wings as I told you before. Here between the paper
and the surface goes a dark shadow, an accent. Very good! It is taking shape now. I love to draw! I love seen how it
materializes… it´s magical! Going back to the wish,
I am not the kind of person who sits and waits for it,
I like to take action! So I suggest, as soon
as this video is over, to go and take the first
step, so that your wish comes true! Good luck! If you enjoyed it,
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on Tuesday. Subtitled by Grethel Trejo

45 thoughts on “Drawing 3D Effect: How to Draw an Origami Crane – Fine Art- Tips.

  1. I wish I had your talent! You're amazing! Because of you, I made progress in drawings! Thank you! But I have a question, in different videos, you use different color of paper, is it important? Thanks!

  2. This is such a peaceful video and I just love watching you draw 🙂 The ideas you come up with and the way you do them is just so amazing. This reminds me of Mark Crilley's realism challenges. 

  3. I write comments below almost all of your vids, and you always answered me :D. Thats amazing! You are amazing! Your skills are amazing! Your Torge

  4. Can I make a wish after doing 1000 jumping crane technique?  I can't draw nor have 1000 pieces of paper.  Love your art! 😀

  5. Aah, we have an inanimate object with straight lines. The struggles.. Thank you showing us Leo! BTW, the background music sounds different and I like it.

  6. You are such a great artist! I visited your website and I LOVE your sculptures! Could you please make a tutorial on how to paint golden objects? I'm working on a painting but it's just not working. Thank you so much for your tutorials!!

  7. If you do a video to draw some other origami thing, I could make a origami video based off that, so people could draw it and know how to make it. But if you are not interested, that's fine and by the way great video!

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