DRAGON HEAD SCULPT WITH CLAY 🐉| St. George and the Dragon Mixed Media Art Doll

DRAGON HEAD SCULPT WITH CLAY 🐉| St. George and the Dragon Mixed Media Art Doll

Greetings and welcome
to the Dream Syndicate. Today we’re going to make a
dragon head sculpt with clay. (whimsical music) Make believe. The first thing I did with
this dragon head sculpt was created a shape with tin foil and put at thin layer of
clay over top of that. And now I’m going to
give it a thinner neck, so I’m cutting this piece and then I’m gonna chop
this dragon’s neck off. There we go. Not very humane. I can put a piece of
brass tubing in there. It’ll help me to be able
to put a piece of armature and that will allow me to
secure the head to a body later. With that securely attached, now I’m gonna work on the beak piece. I’m gonna put that on there
and give it a nice, good sort of plated look to it. When I think of dragon
characters I think of just the strong armory, hide. And then from there we’re gonna give him some lips. Some nice lizard lips there. (whimsical music) Okay, so we’re just
gonna tap that on there and put that there, top then bottom. And, of course, we’re
gonna secure the other side and so he’s just not sculpted on one side. (whimsical music) Okay, we’re gonna pat that in and kind of create these
little furrows and crevices that kind of snug the just added on pieces of clay to the main body of it. So this way it will blend
in nicely and organically. (whimsical music) Now I’m gonna create the nose plate that attaches to the beak part. So it’s just a long, flat piece. So I’m shaping and measuring it out. Making sure it’s gonna fit
and look nice right there. I’m kinda snugging it down. Gonna blend it a little bit and put some sort of plate markings. So this way it gets that armory feel that you might want when you’re
making a dragon sculpture. We’re blending and
smoothing everything in, trying to make everything
look of one piece. Patting things down. Trying to make sure
the form has the curves that we’re looking for for that draconic muzzle. (whimsical music) Similarly to the way we put the plating on the nose guard sort of piece, we’re gonna do that on the lips here. Give him some nice, lizardy lips. Trying to make sure we have
good definition of the lips and then we’ll kind of
reinforce some of our lines that divide the lips for the mouth. Smooth some things in there and then we’re gonna kinda
work on the eyelid there, create more of the contour of that. (whimsical music) We wanna make sure that we have a sense of… a plane that’s perpendicular to the eye so that it’s almost like a
straight line coming off the eye but it’s also kind of curved upward. So we’re just gonna smooth that around. And here we’re doing
the other eye like that. So just add another piece of clay, snugging it back on then working around, blending that back in here. (whimsical music) Reinforcing the sort of eye orbital that’s just below the brow ridge. So putting a little more of that detail. A lot of sculpting is about establishing lines or impressions, but then sometimes working backwards and making them less severe. Like sometimes some
things just more intense than you might have
wanted it to be initially. (whimsical music) Let’s take a second to check it out. See how we’re liking it so far. So far so good. We’re gonna add a little piece to give him some brow ridges. So we’re gonna smooth
that on, pat that down and we’re gonna give it some of the look of the way that we’ve done the lips and that nose bridge thing. So it’s gonna have these
little scale-like plates that we’re gonna put
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be uploading my next video. (whimsical music) As I’m sculpting this, I’m thinking about sort of dragons from mythology
and role playing games. As you can see, there’s a monster manual from fifth addiction Dungeons and Dragons. So I’m kinda looking at, mostly looking at I believe it’s Paul Kidney, who did the art for Discworld and those book covers
and things like that. So he did some really cool dragons. I want this to look kind of cartoony, kinda realistic. And also going for a look sort of a younger dragon. So maybe not quite a baby, but maybe an adolescent. (whimsical music) I’m taking this tool, here, and I want to put these crevices, these contour lines that add some visual interest. Kind of reinforcing them, but then also, too,
softening with my fingers, reinforcing. Probably back and forth for awhile. Trying to get the balance between this interesting sort of contour shape and just something that’s
not too distracting to the form of the dragon’s nose there. (whimsical music) In addition to all the considerations of the ways I’m trying
to make the dragon look, it’s also for “St. George
and the Dragon” piece. I was looking at some of the medieval art and the way they depicted the dragon and it has a little bit of that informing its design as well. In that original legend, St. George is named but the dragon doesn’t have a name. He’s just “the dragon.” So maybe as you’re watching and as I do some more work on this dragon, you could help me come
up with some good ideas for names for this dragon
and I can pick one of them. (whimsical music) Here I go, smoothing out
some of the furrows I put in. And then reinforcing some
lines on the mouth as I go. I’m putting these gouges
back in like that. And then, what’s a dragon without spikes going down its spine? So I’m working on putting
that on its back here. Adding that in, trying to smooth it in, blend it down, make sure it’s firmly attached. It looks like he’s all done
and ready for the oven now. Thank you so much for watching. If you want to join me weekly for making the imaginary reality, don’t forget to subscribe
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10 thoughts on “DRAGON HEAD SCULPT WITH CLAY 🐉| St. George and the Dragon Mixed Media Art Doll

  1. Beautiful sculpt wish I had those skills. My friend has the disc world dragons tattooed on her back and know she'd love one of these… nice video 🙂

  2. Check this video out if you want to see how the dragon head get painted! 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_kcB_s9pgc

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