Dracula (3/10) Movie CLIP – Renfield Meets Dracula (1931) HD

Dracula (3/10) Movie CLIP – Renfield Meets Dracula (1931) HD

Hey, driver! l say, driver, what doyou mean
by going at this– [ Door Creaking ] [ Squeaking ]

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  1. i wish they would remake this movie. the vampires nowadays just sparkle in the sunlight…. Dracula im so sorry that they embarrassed you and your kind when they made twilight

  2. great classic clip..bela was good at being dracula..But Sir Christopher Lee remains the best in my opinion..can't touch chris..those red eyes and the blood drool from his mouth

  3. well dont forget we have one of holly woods leeding men in this film too david manners who was born in 1900 and died 1998 was a leeding ladys man, and have up the movie industry five or six years later and went back to theatre and books , he diss liked holly wood said it was false and fool of fake people

  4. This is a classic. He made Dracula come alive. lol I can watch this movie over and over. Vampires ,kill or either make u into one. Nothing like twight.

  5. Boy I wish they still made movies like this. The stillness and the atmosphere was so unnerving here. Nowadays, you just see the monster doing some ridiculous acrobatic moves with overdone CGI. Sad…

  6. Don't get me wrong, I liked this adaptation of Dracula, but I also think it's kind of overrated, and there are way better Dracula films than this one. Murnau's Nosferatu, for example. It's scarier and more entertaining, all of that in spite of being 9 ears older. This Dracula is just a stage play dressed as a movie.

  7. Hey Dracula hey Dracula hey Dracula hey Dracula …………. Hay hay Dracula
    Dracula: what what do you want
    Where's your daughter Draculaura

  8. This has nothing to do with Dracula but Lucille Ball would've been 20 yrs old at that time. I am watching these old horror movies b/c it's Halloween time.

  9. I've never seen this whole movie, and I want to. But first, I need to know–are there any startling scenes in this movie? Like, something scary just suddenly pops up on the screen and scares the viewers? For example, let's say someone in a movie saw a box and decided to open it, and BAM! without any of us expecting it at all, a terrifying monster came out and startled the movie watchers. Do any horrifying surprises happen in this movie? I get scared easily and don't want to watch this film if it's too scary.

  10. I love this part when he introduces to Renfield hello let me introduce to myself I am Dracula i got bid you to velcome

  11. Bela Lugosi will always be Dracula to me no one can compare other actors to play Dracula but only Bela Lugosi could pull this off and this was a classic and I have Dracula on DVD and Bram Strokers Dracula the 1992 . Both are good!

  12. By today's standards this is not scary at all. Maybe also because of the absence of a tense background music.

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  14. Response to Vaughanblondetail: "Why are there ARMADILLOS in Transylvania?" — It's a trailer — several decades early — for "Billy the Kid Meets Dracula".

  15. My problem with this (after reading the book) is that Dracula had no mustache. Dracula had a mustache

  16. I can accept Dracula's vampirism a hell of a lot easier than I can the notion that any sane man would a. see a bat directing a team of horses along a mountain road, in place of a driver, and then b. see a castle door opening all by itself, without immediately proceeding to run at top speed back down that mountain road, all the way to the village. (The village, hell: all the way back to ENGLAND). As Trish so wisely says to her brother Derry in "Jeepers Creepers": "You know those places in horror movies where someone does something REALLY stupid, and everybody hates them for it?" Exhibit A for the prosecution.

    That said: that interior of the castle's Great Hall in this scene is, without a doubt, the BEST "Dracula's castle" set out of all the Dracula movies ever made. (I LOVE Hammer's 1958 "The Horror of Dracula", but that spotlessly clean castle always makes me wonder why the Count didn't operate it as a B&B. Actually, in the sequel, "Dracula, Prince of Darkness", that's essentially what happens).

    Although I could have done without the armadillos. Maybe they were auditioning, several decades early, for that deathless cinematic masterpiece, next to which "Citizen Kane" and "Lawrence of Arabia" are as nothing: William Beaudine's "Billy the Kid Meets Dracula".

  17. The ultimate kicker in the "Dracula" story is that the real-life biography of Vlad Tepes (1431-1476), the figure on whom Dracula was based, makes Stoker's vampire, and all of his later cinematic incarnations, look like Mr. Rogers by comparison. (In the novel, Dracula recounts the story of Vlad's — i.e., HIS — life to Jonathan Harker, before Harker gets wise to him. He even makes an oblique reference to how his "unworthy brother", known to history as Radu the Handsome, sold his people out to the Turkish sultan). Vlad is estimated to have killed 100,000 people during his reign as Prince of Wallachia. My favorite story about him is that he supposedly laid a solid-gold goblet, richly ornamented with precious jewels and rock-crystal, on the grass next to a spring near a major crossroads in his realm, that was heavily used by merchants and travellers. He saw to it that word got around that anyone passing by was welcome to use the goblet to drink from the spring; but that, if the goblet were ever stolen, his extreme displeasure would make itself felt. Supposedly the goblet lay there on the grass, completely unguarded, for twenty-three years, until after Vlad's death. Now THAT'S a feared ruler!

  18. I love that there's no obnoxious music. Just let the backdrop and natural sounds speak for themselves. That's pretty cool.

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