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  1. You are the best! I love watching your videos as they not only show you how to make a card they are informative and educational. I would recommend everyone who wants to make cards to subscribe to your channel and spend every moment they can watching and learning. By the way I hate to iron too and my iron has way more dust on it than yours!

  2. Oh Jennifer!! I love the result using the stencils. These cards are just beautiful. I really enjoy watching your 'episodes' so keep them coming.

  3. Fantastic cards and video ! Thank you so much for all the work behind this new episode ! Once again, I've learned many tips and an awesome technique. 💕

  4. Do you never run out of ideas Jennifer? I’m so sad we can’t seem to get Simon Says stamps here in Australia because they are my favourites.

  5. Such an informative video. So many backgrounds and I love the concept of this double resist technique.
    Thanking you so very much.

  6. Beautiful cards and cool technique. Thanks again for all you do to share this info with us. I was wondering what you clean the microfiber clothes with after you’ve used them to wipe off the excess ink on the cards and clean up surfaces?

  7. wow Jennifer, that's a lot for me to take in ! I will be watching this again for sure. Beautiful cards, and your enthusiasm is so catching. Great video, thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Do you think a laminator will work in place of an iron? I really like the look of this technique. You are so creative and your videos are extremely well done.

  9. Stunningly beautiful cards…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you videos and having coffee with a JM episode-what a great way to start my day!! TFS, dear one!

  10. Thank you Jennifer for showing us all these techniques, truly amazing. I just wish we could purchase the Simon Says Stamp stamps here in the UK. Some of them, especially the backgrounds aare so lovely. Love the episodes, I make time for myself to sit, get comfy with a cuppa in hand and relax watching you work your magic.

  11. Loved the episode. I bet it was fun "playing" with all the colors and stamps and stencils. How did you think of this idea? Thanks for sharing

  12. Wow…just wow!! This is an awesome technique and will definitely be one that I try. Jennifer, i don’t know how you keep coming up with these ideas but I’m thankful that you were blessed with this gift. I’m always willing to try a new idea and you give me plenty. Thank you so much for your time and effort!

  13. I absolutely love this video! Thank you! I am wondering if the cricut easy press could be used instead of the iron… I am giving it a try 🙂

  14. Hi Jennifer, boy have I missed your techniques! Thank you for sharing all of these with us…they are so beautiful ❣️

  15. I love the long videos. I love your short videos. I love rewatching your past videos.

    Thank-you. Great tips and techniques. Great cards.

  16. This is so awesome!! Do you think it would work with a laminator? I kind of want to try since I know where that is …. And who knows where my iron is! 😂😂

  17. These are fantastic!! I am so inspired!! I was wondering though… why did you decide to use distress ink as opposed to oxide inks? Did it work better with the regular inks? Or did you just prefer the “non oxide” look?

  18. Outstanding tutorial Jennifer. Your are an incredible lady inspiring so many fellow crafters to try new techniques with such catching enthusiasm. Every video I watch I learn so many new techniques. And most importantly you teach us to have fun. Please keep your videos coming and please don't feel pressured to make them shorter. You can't learn anything if things are cutout or speed up. Happy crafting 🌻😊

  19. Hi, all! I just wanted to answer some common questions:
    – I did try this with a laminator. It didn't work for me.
    – I used the highest heat setting on my iron with no steam.
    – I am betting you could use oxide inks for this (try it!). I just grabbed my Distress Inks out of habit.
    – I said "blueprint sketch" as the blue color I used in this video. It was Salty Ocean. Sorry!
    Also, I need to be honest – I am frazzled. Our family is going through rough times right now, so my videos will be sporadic. thanks for understanding.

  20. Thank you for doing this video despite your family rough times. Prayers for all.
    This is just packed full of ideas and the "iron" industries should thank you foir reviving the use of this household 'antiquity'! i,too, know where it is but I am sure it is dusty. I'lll be trying this soon.

  21. Exquisite cards and an inspiring technique! I really like all of them!!! You do amazing work in these videos and with your instructions!!! Thank you again for sharing your times, talents, and gifting with all of us!!!

  22. I tried this several times and it really turned out great. Then I tried it with gold embossing powder, and it came out really cool too.

  23. Love and enjoy all your videos dear….but your family comes first…you need to be with them the videos can come later!!!! Unless of course art is therapy…but dont worry we all understand …all the prayers to you

  24. Great video with this iron off technique. You are amazingly creative. I was wondering why you don’t have pigment ink stamp pads anymore?

  25. This is great!!! Do you think you'd get the same results from running thru a laminator with a piece of cardstock and the embossed background?

  26. Yay for Jennifer Episodes!!! I am going to try this! First I have to clean off my craft taxable so I have enough room!😂😂 Love all the cards and the techniques!

  27. I guess I'm aging myself but this was an oldie but goodie with some sprucing up. Thanks so much for sharing the sprucing needed. Loved all of the cards.

  28. I sit at work and watch you create the most beautiful cards and can't wait to get home to try everything.  The only problem is, I want to buy everything you use.  I really have to find some self control..  I really love the SSS Stamp Leaves and Berries and what you created with it.  BTW, so glad you showed another "episode".  Love the long ones.  Thanks

  29. Wow, so gorgeous! And versatile! My weekend is going to be about card making and scrapbooking and this is definitely going to be a technique used! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!

  30. Does anyone have tricks for getting clear embossing melt with out melting it away? I can't see it well, and it either does not melt or I melt it away. HELP please.

  31. Love all the techniques. Learn a lot from your videos and save them. May God bless you and help you during your times of struggle, as well as day-to-day.

  32. This was a wonderful episode tutorial! I learn so much from how you create artistically! The techniques you used to make each card so awesome! Beautiful work! Thank you for the time you put into preparing this video for us! God bless!!!

  33. Jennifer, you are so honest to tell us you are frazzled because of rough times for your family. I pray that God helps your family!
    This was such a creative video.

  34. Love this technique Jennifer!!! All the cards are so beautiful!!! I’m so grateful that you shared this wonderful SSS release with us & please know you are in our prayers!!! Blessings & Hugs!!!

  35. I wonder why she doesn't use pigment inks anymore? Even for stamping on dark colored stock? Thanks for the nice long "episode"! Take care and be well, hope everything improves quickly for your family.

  36. Wishing you strength and sending warm thoughts of comfort and support. As many have said, take care of you and your family. Your crafty fans will be here. I appreciate your fabulous tutorials, beautiful cards, and kind spirit. 🙏🏻💖

  37. What a great result, I am going to have to try this sooner rather than later……thanks so much for teaching this wonderful technique!!

  38. What a fabulous tutorial, you always inspire me and I can’t wait to try these techniques. I really like the Simon Says products but unfortunately they are not so easy to get here in the UK. Thank you for sharing all your great techniques. xx

  39. I am trying to find information on Holiday cards for seniors. I participate every year, but haven't seen any info for this year. Is it still happening? Such a wonderful cause. Thanks

  40. I recently searched for an earlier video you did with similar techniques, and this one is even more exciting. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas!

  41. Take care Jennifer, care for your family and yourself. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. We will ALWAYS be here for you. You are so loved and appreciated.

  42. Each one of your techniques is worth an individual video–but I love the fact that I can save a long video and get a lot of info on one topic in one place. Thanks so much for all the tips.

  43. I LOVE this technique! Could a laminator work like an iron for this?? I really appreciate the ways you demonstrate how to get the very most out of your supplies – it opens the imagination to know you aren’t stuck with just a single purpose stamp/die/stencil. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas and creations!

  44. You once again show us new techniques with new supplies and also how we can use what we have on hand. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the Simon Says Pine Cone Stamp and what a classy beautiful card it made. Thank you for all you time and talent.

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